HM Court Service (Cardiff) continue their Dirty Work

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Para 1.

In this magistrates case it was done by a local solicitor on the Applicant's behalf, he being in France recovering from major surgery

The High Court  judge was deliberately misled by HM Court Service (Wales) one, when it was three different District Judges  that had sat on each of  the three hearings, making the JR refusal absolute nonsence...but who cares?

The judge was told I was legally represented in the original substantive hearing, the subject of appeal,  what a load of.nonsence. I employed no one to represent me,on 2nd november 2010 bed ridden in Brittany on daily morphine.

The district judge refusing a rehearing NEVER saw the five medical reports accepted by the earlier district judge, for an ajournment. Just another example of evil games played by HM Court Service (Wales) to mislead visiting judges from England.

Para 2.

How on earth do you appeal to Crown Court when you have not yet been sentanced?

You have little chance of winning an appeal in Cardiff Crown Court, if originally refused the earlier summary hearing. From someone who has won more than eight or nine Crown Court appeals, I know. Based on the simple premise that prosecution witnesses have difficulty in remembering how to lie twice, accurately, makes  the High Court judge's opinion open to debate.

Para 3. 


As to the suggestion of transfering the case to England the reader must be aware that the writer has attempted that for years!!!!

Maurice was  told all Judicial Review applications must first be filed in the Welsh system, like both Criminal and Civil appeals, lately. On applying you ask to have it heard outside such an incestuous environment. 

again, This year, he was  told, for all of his outstanding cases, from Royal Courts of Justice, Cardiff Civil Justice Centre and Cardiff Crown Courts, that his appeals have to be first filed in a Welsh court


Wales is frantic to have its own judiciary like Scotland so it is much easier to milk the tax payer!!!

I seriously wonder if this visiting English judge actually saw any of the appeal papers, by what is written on download judgment. Scribbled up, more likely, in some back office of Cardiff magistrates to prevent further exposure of Wales' diabolical short comings. 

 In this case it was done by a local solicitor on the Applicant's behalf, he being in France recovering from major surgery



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