Clerk to the Disciplinary Committee
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
Horseferry Road
London SW1P 2AF

31st July 2007                            

Application to be restored to the Veterinary Register

Dear Madam,

Further to our meeting today with my seeking legal clarification regarding the forthcoming hearing, I am in reply to your letter of the 30th July 2007.

As I am unable to refer to previous hearings, I apply for reinstatement on the content of this letter alone in this, my 5th application, to practice veterinary surgery.

Should the committee require a reply regarding the list of questions [Disciplinary Committee 7th November 2005] they are as follows:

Answer 1.

The assurances given by the solicitor remain.

Answer 2.

By fulfilling the assurances as well as I possibly can.

Answer 3.

Yes, accepting the basic human rights to which a professional man (and everyone) is entitled.

Answer 4.

6 years record compiled by your client, the South Wales Police, is sufficient proof. I continue to try and uphold my civic responsibilities within the community, while the United Kingdom remains a signatory to the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. If further proof is required, I reluctantly draw the committee's attention to the fact that some convictions, previously before the 2002 disciplinary hearing, have now been found to have been erroneous.

Answer 5.

I fully intend to conduct myself in accordance with the ‘RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct'. I reserve my basic human right to freedom of speech.

Answer 6.

As answer 5 (see above).

Answer 7.

It has always been my intention to embark again on appropriate CPD courses. While in practice I attended (and greatly enjoyed) CPD. This was generally in excess of the minimum annual CPD encouraged by the college. I relish the opportunity to participate again. Since my removal from the register, I have continued to read veterinary literature and discuss both aspects of veterinary surgery and medicine with former colleagues. I understand my professional expertise has never been in question and refer to their Lordships' Judgment of the 19th January 2004.

Answer 8.

Again, I refer to their Lordships' Judgment.

Yours faithfully,


Maurice Kirk BVSc

Barry Animal Health Centre, South Wales CF628AZ

Violent public demonstrations outside the Royal College, law courts, House of Commons and maybe Buckingham Palace are forecast for later this year without notice. Demonstrations at your local courts are about to commence.