Will there ever be any disclosure of the original 2001 RCVS investigation, to have my name removed from the veterinary register or release of the damming court transcripts and unique legal advice featuring Sir John Wood QC, the Royal College's Learned Legal Assessor?

From at least 2001 onwards and six times before the Judicial Committee of HM Privy Council, in Downing Street, the RCVS repeatedly refused to release information on just why, how, where and by whom the investigation was conducted and got away with it!. The RCVS had withheld evidence even from my own clients of Barry Veterinary Hospital and eye witnesses, including a Cardiff magistrate, a Ms Williams, present at the incident of 'two dogs over a cliff' that fuelled this war of attrition since my settling in Wales.

Or so I once thought.

Leakage now of HM Attorney General, HM Home Office, HM Privy Council and RCVS internal memos suggest a Ms Felicity Norton of Cardiff and others made the original complaint, as a plant, causing RCVS disciplinary proceedings to commence. The South Wales Police, with whom I have had not just a passing acquaintance, appear to feature in this now proved conspiracy.

My attempts through HM courts, to obtain disclosure of evidence, to which I am entitled, have been blocked by each successive HM representative. The HM Court of Appeal in 2002 refused me any defence witnesses at all, including Felicity Norton. Mr Justice Sullivan gave no reason other than Sir John Wood QC said so!

Then the RCVS, at the reconvened court, a few days later, produced a van load of policemen as my ‘defence witnesses' having served on me the magistrate's witness statement, Ms Williams had never even seen or later agreed with!

After seven tedious years of having to climb down into the gutter to argue, in the pursuit of facts, HM Partnership has now been carefully winkled out from ‘behind locked doors' for the tax payer to decide for themselves. Most ‘litigants in person' for years have been saying my case is yet another example of multimillion fraud in our courts reliant on the awesome umbrella of immunity, the 'HM gravy train'.

HM Attorney General, HM Treasury Solicitor, Data Protection Act Information Commissioner, RCVS external lawyers and in house lawyers all plead ‘legal professional privilege', all utter nonsense, in their desperate attempt to prevent further disclosure of evidence implicating the South Wales Police and others.

Please follow the tactics of HM Partnership on this web site as 2009 unfolds, while it continues to ridicule democratic ‘due process' and ‘rule of law'. The Court of Appeal, Royal Courts of Justice's Administrative Court, Cardiff County Court and RCVS tribunals will all feature, my having been refused now access to either HM Privy Council or the European Court of Human Rights courts.

Before I set off with a road trailer to pick up my old girl of 30 years ago, a 1943 built WW2 D-Day Piper Cub, registration G-KIRK, destined for a flight to Tibet, I enclose in this blog an extract of the 1967 RCVS Royal Charter. Had I read it in 2001, I would never have bothered to fight the string of deceits.

Had the college lawyers, a member of college council or any self respecting judge brought it to my attention that the Royal College is immune to prosecution due to its 1967 Royal Charter, then I would not be facing losses exceeding £500,000.

Because of their deliberate conduct, it is my intention to take all of them to the grave.