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Referendum Should be Cancelled

Too few in this country understand the consequences that should, sadly, be left to HM Parliament. Media bias for self gratification?

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English Police asked to Investigate South Wales Police Irregularities

1. After 23 years police are being asked if Barbara Wilding's finger prints are on tampered interview tape 2, South Wales Police dangerous helicopter antics with Avon & Somerset Police See face book &

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Chief Constable admits Criminal Negligence

Criminal negligence when police helicopter endangered WW2 cub - see mauricejohnkirk.wordpress,com site facebook

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16th May London Litigant in Person Demo

See face book and His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s 6th May 2016 Judgment....Priority need for legal representation as it is clearly a politically designed ‘hatchet job’ to cover up the current......

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Police Find My 23 Year Old Interview Tape

The judge has asked to explain why where and how when promised 23 years ago to me by Mrs Griffiths over the telephone....See & face book

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My Legal Web sites are Blocked by Whom?

This will only take one line and cannot update so will now try face book!

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South Wales Police 15th April 2016 12.30pm Hearing

Fresh Evidence see & facebook & twitter

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