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Remarkable Brain Damage Reversal

G-KURK in a farmer's field near Dartmoor Well, this week, the CAA finally allowed my Class 2 medical flying licence renewal despite my 4th South Wales GP practice having also just refused me as a patient! As with its similarly spineless South Wales...

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Another Frustrating Day in our Parliament Building

Busy day for me, yesterday, in Parliament committee rooms- First there was 'child abuse' meeting and then 'whistle blower' almost a riot of over a hundred fearful followers and victims as persecuted 'whistle blowers'. Then, if...

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Shortly, patience, down boyo. Now going to Brittany to try and find my stolen ULM Spineless Greedy Little Buggers This week my 4 th South Wales GP medical practice, this time Ely...

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North Weald Air Show ---Today &Tomorrow

G-KURK WW2 D-Day Piper Cub proposed arrival time 2-3pm Shopping for any radios (fixed & hand-held), transponders, gps suitable gadget for Cape Town Falklands Andes...wind-generator, headsets, maps of Africa, older the better so I can just fly between...

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RADIO TONIGHT Criminal Cases Review Commission also appear to defy Court Directions for Court Records the Jury had asked for

Listen to Bristol's Dialect Radio Wed night, 17th June, with Tony Gosling.......Police deliberately hold me up at every UK and foreign border crossing, Magna Carta, Waterloo/Code Napoleon for UK and the wee D-Day cub, Liberty Girl 2, is almost fit...

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Medical Negligence by CCRC Mind Change v Flight to South Africa PART 6

Watch the Cardiff Cabal's continuing wickedness unfold to block my dream 1. Cardiff's Dark Forces 15 06 05 Dark Forces Update.pdf 2. South Wales Police Medical Negligence 15 04 30 Endoscopy report extract & summary.pdf 15 04 30 Endoscopy photos...

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Criminal Cases Review Commission Change Their Mind PART 5

15 06 03 blog.doc 15 06 03 Various Subjects for Legal Representation.pdf 15 05 25 CAA Med clarification req R.pdf I wonder if the arrogant little Bstd even bothers to think

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Criminal Cases Review Commission Change Their Mind PART 4

15 02 27 BS CCRC Dilks.pdf CCRC obtained court file BEFORE my last jury (3rd) Kirkgate R.pdf

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CAA Medical Examiner Refuses to Conduct Examination for Licence Re-Validation

And refuses to say why! 15 05 25 CAA Med clarification req R2.pdf NO, this photo is not upside is the Crown Court clerk's sticker that is upside down..... retreived after being acquitted from an interesting if not unusual CAA prosecution...

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