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Criminal Cases Review Commission CCRC & Prison Release

Maurice's new mobile 07708586202 Jersey/Bristol interviews, re state of Welsh prisons, on NEW WEBSITE SHORTLY as cannot add any more data on this one or she 'falls over' !!¬!! Out of Pays des Galles and I am immediately...

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Escape Wales Incarceration for outside hospital

Another doctor , here in Jersey, pressured not to release ABMU Health Trust medical records. To her patient.......It really makes you wonder if the pigs in 1984 were not ahead of their time!

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Happy 70th Birthday from 12.3.45 to 12.3.15 - on £15.50 a week

Today Maurice was visited by a member of the Independent Monitoring Board. He was complaining that he should have had a rise in the amount of money he was allowed to access each week. Because of charges which were periodically recorded against him but...

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The history of malfeasance in the courts goes on

The Magistrates court has consistently refused to reveal the Clerk of the Court's notes regarding 1st Dec 2011 case ending the first harassment process against Maurice J Kirk despite several judges in higher courts asking for it to be done. As recently...

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In shock, with disgust at subhuman, injust, indecent and absolutely appalling behaviour of ALL 'officials' involved - to and from HMP Bristol

17th December 2014 Dear Mr Wiltshire, Re Maurice J KIRK A7306AT As Maurice's sister I have been appalled at the treatment metered out by the lower echelons of your staff. On 24th November he was manhandled by officers out of his wheeled chair and...

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How to sabotage a parole hearing

Here is the latest info on the situation in Swansea gaol from Maurice's sister; It is clear that the staff in Swansea Gaol have been given orders to completely ignore requests from Maurice Kirk. This will have been done by MAPPA via the 'governor'...

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Some rare news from Maurice

Since he was released from Cardiff prison in July and then imprisoned again for no good reason other than to keep him from revealing the truth about the Cardiff cabal, Maurice has been severely restricted in the information he can get out. Fortunately...

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Dear BBC, does MAGNA CARTA apply to Maurice J Kirk BVSc? Can you get him released?

One of Maurice's supporters wrote: Dear BBC You feature the Magna Carta and its anniversary date in your news programme. You tell us that enshrined in the Magna Carta is the right to a fair trial and that right is still relevant today. Tell that to...

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OPEN EMAIL 2 #HMPSwansea #Governor after visit by #Prison #Inspector Nick Hardwick #mauricekirk

Dear Governor OPEN EMAIL In the wake of Mr Nick Hardwick’s inspection of HMP Swansea, this is to ask what prevents you from ensuring that Mr Kirk 1. gets the medical attention he has been needing for weeks; 2. can telephone not only his sister but also...

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