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Is Maurice's Stolen Money Claim deliberately being delayed by Bristol County Court ? (Part Four)

13th JULY 2015 OUTSIDE THE COURT Delay is unexplained as in all civil litigation in Wales? 28th July 2015 I will camp outside court on Monday if I can get tent pegs...

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Dialect Radio Bristol 12 Noon Tuesday 4th Aug - Judge Denyer QC (Part Three)

15 07 29 Fraud Complaint on line.docx I have reluctantly ordered the transcript in order for the world to see just who is lying and deceiving the court all instigated by the South Wales Police. Chief Constable.docx NEARLY SHOT I am on radio some time...

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South Wales Armed Police continuing Harassment Questioning Pilot's Sanity

We have reason to believe you are not 'fit to fly' (Straight from South Wales Police) Armed Anti-Terrorist Squad nonsense again! This time at ex war time Wellington Coastal Command aerodrome in West Wales this week end. "Oh, just doing their...

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Judge Denyer QC 'convicts' Maurice of Lying after 'Proceeds of Crime' Allegation by South Wales Police Informant (Part Two)

15 07 21 BS615159 15 07 17 15 07 17 J Matthews GroundsofAppeal F.pdf Amended Matthews Particulars of Claim.pdf F.pdf 15 06 03 Various Subjects for Legal Representation.pdf more shortly

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Even some South Wales Divorce Lawyers are part of Cardiff's Cabal

15 07 17 Notaire brief.docx Does anyone wish to have their names? To be posted also on twitter and facebook if not expedited 1st response: Dear Mr Kirk Thank you for your email that was addressed to Glamorgan Law. I am the Notary Public. I regret to say...

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Judge Denyer QC 'convicts' Maurice after 'Proceeds of Crime' Allegation by South Wales Police Informant (Part One)

15 07 12 blog (2).docx 15-7-10 Mathew's witness statement.pdf 15 06 13 J Mattews post 1st hearing.docx 15 07 11 Police Informer.docx FreezeOrder.pdf

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D-Day Piper Cub to Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn

But before G-KURK flies south there are outstanding South Wales Police issues including: The “Black Cab Rapist” – Court of Appeal rules on Article 3 investigative duty Commissioner of the Police for the Metropolis v DSD and NBV and Alio Koraou v Chief...

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Into Africa G-KURK Flies!

Teething problems sorted, post PFA renewal and so quickly into an airfield to study latest equipment on offer for 'kirkifications' needed for Cape Town

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Sabine McNeill & Secrecy of our Family Courts v=VNvQFlFy9Cs Infringement Notice 15 07 07 Alun Cairns MP.docx See Face Book,You Tube & petitions......BUT study the facts yourself

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Brittany Cottages for Sale to Finance Flight to South Africa and Cape Horn

All within 5K of each other and one hour from St Malo Portsmouth ferry: Two semi-detached houses for 40,000 pounds, the lot, with large garden and a barn for the Rolls Two bed modernised village cottage/large garden/roof space for ensuite third bedroom...

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