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Professor Rodger Wood Deliberately Falsified My Caswell Clinic Bridgend NHS (Wales) Medical Records

The Swansea University idiot Falsified for the glory and the cash--submitted erroneous data to Dr Tegwyn Williams to assist in trying for my successful Ashworth incarceration for life.....see face book & tel +447708586202

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4th of 10 Actions Against the South Wales Police Immune to Prosecution when Tried in Their Own Controlled Welsh Courts

See the Cardiff intregue in docs on facebook and while waiting for new site if I have the time?

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Sabine McNeil now released from Custody or Breach hearing

See as to 'what really goes on in our Uk law courts' the tax payer must never know about.


Dam it - We are Far Too Late for Brexit

Two world wars fighting for principles has almost bancrupted us and now a bunch of lies and we have 47% of our community distraught for the long term future


WANTED - Pilots and Passengers needed for both WW2 D-Day Piper Cubs to Cape Town

Hurry, hurry 80 days left , I think , before departure...Workers wanted to finish G-KERK in time!!!!! tel 07708586202 see

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2nd Piper Cub to Cape Town

Someone this w/e from South Africa tried to contact me by email?, now lost it, to fly my second cub......send again, please, someway

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