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The K-Team Brings Home the Bacon (hopefully)! Questions Asked in House of Lords

The picture was taken when the 4 bundles were ready to go to the Court of Appeal in London, a day after the rugby win of England over France - hence the St. George's flag but on 6th March Maurice receives a High Court letter saying the Appeal must...

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HM Court Service v Maurice Kirk at Cardiff Magistrates at 10am on Tuesday 22nd February

Outcome of Tuesday Hearing The district judge said he would not interfere with the previous district judge's 2nd November decision, in ignoring the medical evidence from my GP, that my current state of health plus medication, accepted by four other...

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Are You a Man or a Mouse, Doctor? Cardiff Magistrates 22nd Feb 10am

After a particularly bad night as each time I roll over, my hip wakes me up with the pain, I tried yet again for my Barry GP to obtain clarification from Dr Tegwyn Williams. But it is obvious the 'taffia' are at work, even in a GP's surgery...

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First Petition to Parliament on Behalf of Victims of White Collar Crime

The following Petition has been submitted to our new MP for the Vale of Glamorgan, Alun Cairns MP, following a very lively debate at our 25th January 2011 House of Commons meeting with both Members of the House of Lords and House of Commons in attendance...

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Do Our Welsh Courts Behave any Worse than Those in England?

I pose a question for the discerning twenty odd % of our Principality’s electorate that bothered to get off their butt, that day, to vote against devolution. Considering the serious situation the UK is now in, suffering from post Blair and his collateral...

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Hip Operation Cancelled Again as yet Another Cardiff Court Refuses HM Prison Medical Records Disclosure & Complaint to Police Authority

MR MAURICE KIRK 1st Claimant DR TEGWYN WILLIAMS 1st Defendant Ref TWH.448470.48 Before District Judge T M Phillips sitting at Cardiff County Court, Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, 2 Park Street, Cardiff, CF10 1ET. Upon hearing Mr M Bowen for the claimant...

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2011 Welcome to My Website

I am currently in asylum in Brittany, France due to the proven South Wales Welsh Police threat on my life , leaked from a MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement) meeting and a real risk of my being returned to a psychiatric prison, should I...

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In Support of Victims of Financial Exploitation and Legal Oppression

Hello and Happy New 2011! No matter whether you, like Lewis Nicholson with his "Victim of Judicial Fraud" shirt, have come to any of our meetings in Westminster before, you are invited to join us on Tuesday, January 25th! Under the auspices...

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Welsh Assembly Elections draw Near, Edwina Hart AM, Jane Hutt AM

Subject: ATTENTION: DAVID SISSLING - WALES NHS Dear Mr. Sissling MAURICE KIRK I am a Canadian writer who has been following the story of Mr. Maurice Kirk very closely, and I wondered if you would kindly confirm that: (a) Mr. Kirk, his Member of Parliament...

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A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

And may we bless our enemies in a time of reflection Good luck for next year.....

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