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DOWNLOAD press cutting is of this apparent member of the 3rd Reich who did not stay, not just winning the court case he was attending that day, in St Peter Port, Guernsey, (prosecuted for housing British...
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A brief summary of 20 years of an English veterinary surgeon's life under the Tyranny of the South Wales Authorities now obtaining asylum in France
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Just out of police custody for the 2nd time in 4 days on trumped up charges. Released only because the police admit, on custody record, no lawyer in the South Wales cartel will attend my interrogation...
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Para 1. In this magistrates case it was done by a local solicitor on the Applicant's behalf, he being in France recovering from major surgery The High Court judge was deliberately misled by HM Court...
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Maurice appealed today, in his 45% pass O level French, against the French Authorites, OPFRA, refusing to extend his 5 months protection from the Welsh Authorites including HM Partnership and the police...
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These 13 points and questions refer to three legal actions that are currently before the Cardiff Court.
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