Likely to be Shot if Maurice returns to South Wales

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Date Added : 04-21-2011

Maurice appealed today, in his 45% pass O level French,  against the French Authorites, OPFRA, refusing to extend his 5 months protection from the Welsh Authorites including HM Partnership and the police..

 Leaked 8th June 2009 MAPPA minutes from a meeting in Barry police station revealed Maurice was being set up for a 'lawful killing by police snipers while he was attempting to 'exchange witness statements' with Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable of the South Wales Police, as part of the 19 year running civil action for 10 years of bullying and malicious prosecutions.

 Download is the 30th March 2011 French refusal reliant on Maurice's 'own courts' to give him 'protection' under Union law.....oh what a joke! To think, 10 Cardiff judges refused him bail and one them, The Recorder of Cardiff, .Nicholas Cooke, refused three times damned well knowing that the medical reports by Dr Tewgwyn Williams, that Maurice must be locked up due to 'significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour, were fabricated at the behest of the HM Crown Prosecution Service to further delay the civil action for malicious prosecutions..

Cour Nationale du Droit d'Asile
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01 48 18 40 00 de 9h à 17h.
21st April 2011 Monsieur, Je cherche mon appel de la 30th Mars 2011 lettre d’OPFRA attaché de cette lettre.Ma vie est a risque par ce que les Gendarmes de Pays de Galle ont assayes ma tuer.MerciMaurice J Kirk BVSc      Puits aux Papillions       St Doha            22230 Merdrignac            Brittany 0033296258451     mobile  0624571548



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