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County Court continues to allow me to process any court material by e-mail so it means I have 2 days less time to serve, following a court order or I travel to the court and post it in the letter, almost...
09-03-2010 154 Download
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A brief summary of 20 years of an English veterinary surgeon's life under the Tyranny of the South Wales Authorities now obtaining asylum in France
03-04-2011 117 Download
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Dr Tegwyn Williams refuses to clarify the significant brain damage and possible brain tumour in past patient.....see download
03-10-2011 98 Download
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Can anyone out there help, please?
01-03-2011 110 Download
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Para 1. In this magistrates case it was done by a local solicitor on the Applicant's behalf, he being in France recovering from major surgery The High Court judge was deliberately misled by HM Court...
06-23-2011 98 Download
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Had me locked up in cells below the court while part of the Cardiff cabal, with tape recorder deliberately switched off, tried to find a way of getting me jailed for life due to my civil proceedins against...
06-12-2011 86 Download
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A much fabricated false and misleading document written by South Wales Multi Agent collusion input following a favourable court application for disclosure of the monthly 2009 clandestine monthly meetings...
12-31-2010 194 Download
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Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Wood, both of South Wales, agreed to concoct a medical record on a remand prisoner, at the behest of South Wales Police in order to lock him away without trial. Anything...
01-05-2011 116 Download
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