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THE STATE OF OUR LAW COURTS In the 90's I visited your surgery with my secretary and complained of covert police surveillance, known now as MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protections Arrangements), when...
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...while I am rattling my cage below the court as these gentlemen, with the tape recorder deliberately switched off have waxed eloquent for half an hour or so, in their last ditch attempt to have me sent...
07-17-2010 167 Download
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A brief summary of 20 years of an English veterinary surgeon's life under the Tyranny of the South Wales Authorities now obtaining asylum in France
03-04-2011 117 Download
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An interesting and revealing examination of Maurice Kirk's character. Maurice himself was engrossed in this account of himself. His main complaint in terms of its content concerns the forensic list...
09-29-2009 271 Download
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The conclusion of this psychiatric report seems to suggest that Maurice Kirk is fit to plead but not fit to defend himself due to brain injury.
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This recently obtained report (changing doctors) and his three previous 'interim' psychiatric reports, on downloads, must have all been before both CPS and His Honour Judge Bidder QC on 2nd and...
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Maurice Kirk's clinical psychology report presented in early September 2009. After reading this Maurice said: "It was like having my soul laid bare, albeit a bloody good read".
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Covering February 1916 to Present Day. This is a digital transcript of a previously scanned, handwritten document posted some months ago on this site. Written by Maurice it provides a little DH2 warplane...
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