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This document contains Dr. Tegwyn Williams psychiatric report dated the 3rd August 2009. It forms the basis of the judge's decision of the 7th August to section Maurice under the Mental Health Act...
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A brief summary of 20 years of an English veterinary surgeon's life under the Tyranny of the South Wales Authorities now obtaining asylum in France
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This recently obtained report (changing doctors) and his three previous 'interim' psychiatric reports, on downloads, must have all been before both CPS and His Honour Judge Bidder QC on 2nd and...
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Fabricated medical records, used to obtain Maurice's incarceration in Bridgend psychiatric prison, still withheld despite Judge Cooke QC's Order. This Download, of Maurice's current GP records...
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Well, this is all an eye opener to me! Current research on my e-mails, of like minds, I find that the majority of Ligants in Person (LIPs) are "enraged women battling against NHS sharp practice"...
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IN THE CROWN COURT AT CARDIFF Indictment No T20097445 3rd September 2009 Before HIS HONOUR JUDGE VOSPER QC _____________________ REGINA -v- MAURICE KIRK _____________________ MR R TWOMLOW appeared on behalf...
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IN THE CROWN COURT AT CARDIFF Indictment No B20090055 25th June 2009 Before HIS HONOUR JUDGE HUGHES _____________________ REGINA -v- MAURICE KIRK _____________________ MR R ACE appeared on behalf of the...
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Dr Tegwyn Williams refuses to clarify the significant brain damage and possible brain tumour in past patient.....see download
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Just a current sample, to the uninitiated, on just how sinister our judiciary can be.
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Para 1. In this magistrates case it was done by a local solicitor on the Applicant's behalf, he being in France recovering from major surgery The High Court judge was deliberately misled by HM Court...
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