Mackenzie Friend obtains £1000 Costs

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Date Added : 05-06-2010

In my November 09 bail application, while posing as a barrister, Frank Werren waxes eloquant from the well of the court. We heard none of it, of course, due to the deliberate acoustics of Cardiff Crown Court. Neither the defendant in the dock nor the audience in the front stalls, both considered irrelevant to their 'HM Partnership' money making machine, are able to witness the usual sign language and general sculduggery metered out these days in UK courts.

The April transcript is of another Mackenzie Friend obtaining just some of Frank's out of pocket expenses. Frank could see me in the cells, below but no way was I allowed to interview my witnesses some of whom had travelled from abroad or from the other side of England. Anyway the judge had banned at least three from even being there!  



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