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This privately obtained medical report, achieved from inside Cardiff prison, using the Vale of Glamorgan's past Member of Parliament, Walter Sweeney and lovely wife, Nuala, Consultant Radioligist,...
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This recently obtained report (changing doctors) and his three previous 'interim' psychiatric reports, on downloads, must have all been before both CPS and His Honour Judge Bidder QC on 2nd and...
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Well, this is all an eye opener to me! Current research on my e-mails, of like minds, I find that the majority of Ligants in Person (LIPs) are "enraged women battling against NHS sharp practice"...
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And this list is not exhaustive.
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Well, well, surprise, surprise! I have won, now, at least seven Cardiff Crown Court prosecutions and am yet to be awarded even my bus confirms it in writing.
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In my November 09 bail application, while posing as a barrister, Frank Werren waxes eloquant from the well of the court. We heard none of it, of course, due to the deliberate acoustics of Cardiff Crown...
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This chronology of events is an example of just what goes on in The Principality when HM Partnership are allowed to play their silly games at the tax payers expense
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'Report' from a Mrs. Pat Braybrooks to Dr. Tegwyn Williams, the forensic psychiatrist tasked with finding Maurice insane.
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Dear Roger Thank God, at last, you have got away from Glanrhydd Hospital's Caswell Clinic and that deceitful regime within our judicial process...
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As Maurice told the judge,quoting the Poet Laureate, Dryden, circa 1700, "There is a pleasure sure in being mad that none but madmen know". 'I am one of the few that got away'.......well...
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