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"Her Majesty the Queen and All That " [HM Partnership] Bob Lomas is absolutely right . The Queen has betrayed the nation, whether from cowardice or self-interest, I know not. Allowing the nation...
12-27-2008 482 Download
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An example of day to day life in a typical tax haven where the 'rule of law' is based on money.
01-02-2011 529 Download
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Refused to allow my appeal to go before Their Lordships and FULL Grounds are being denied on this new fangled contraption of downloads, by the gremlins, while my web master has buggered off to some secluded...
07-20-2010 388 Download
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I have spent a life trying to sort out problems, for me and many others, but visiting the so called 'Supreme Court of England and Wales', this week, confirmed my worst fears and caused me to realise...
06-05-2010 433 Download
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Many of the members of the veterinary profession and lawyers, across the world, also knowing all the circumstances, were confident that this extreme and unusual conduct by the Royal College of Veterinary...
01-23-2011 411 Download
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Paragraph 33 of Kirk v RCVS 19th Jan 2004 Privy Council Judgment indicates this must also apply to other professions. PC judgment is now compounded by being included in the Dec 2007 RCVS Guidance to forthcoming...
07-19-2008 394 Download
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RCVS insisting, again, the clerk of a court decides the verdict without a hearing...... Oh memories of Guernsey!
08-09-2010 354 Download
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Now if you or I even attempted such a thing we would have been arrested under the 2006 Fraud Act. So much for HM Partnership and Royal Charter immunity
04-25-2010 354 Download
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It is with great regret, after a life of immense enjoyment and satisfaction, watching, listening and learning from father, working as a veterinary surgeon and then, myself, revelling in his 'jack of...
06-03-2010 526 Download
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