Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Damages Claim

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Date Added : 06-03-2010

It is with great regret, after a life of immense enjoyment and satisfaction, watching, listening and learning from father, working as a veterinary surgeon and then, myself, revelling in his 'jack of all trades' vocation, as your typical West Country vet, I have to now prosecute, against all the odds of a Royal Charter, a bunch of villains in a final attempt to, once again, practice veterinary surgery.

In my life there would often have been urgent descisions to be made for animal welfare. Whether it was the cat's broken leg, from a car accident or the dog's itchy skin, the old cow's womb out or the child's pony with colic, whatever it was, it was it was always exciting and above all, mentally stimulating, but never quite quenching enough for that inherited trait, the thirst for knowledge.

I now have to lay information before a court of law due to the unscrupulous few I have encountered, in my short life, in the British legal industry, milking their positions of privilege for all they are worth, reliant on the bias of both Royal Charter and the 'Memorandum of Understanding' of 'HM Partnership'..



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