Edwina Hart AM delegates NHS Official to also try and get the release of Cardiff Crown Court medical records, Maurice is yet to see, to allow his total hip replacement operation to be expedited.

Sample from Maurice's one hundred letters on the subject


Mr David Sissling,

Chief Executive of Abertawe Morgannwg University Local Health Board

South Wales

15th September 2010

Dear Sir,

Redacted Medical Records and Caswell Clinic Psychiatric Prison

Dr Ruth Bagshaw

This lady is yet to disclose any record, whatsoever, of her involvement with me in Caswell Clinic

Psychiatric Prison last year. She has failed even to send to me a signed certified true copy of her letters

to and from Professor Roger Wood, purportedly reporting on my 'significant brain damage' and 'possible

brain tumour' later to be referred to by Dr Tegwyn Williams and the South Wales Police MAPPA and

Crown Prosecution Service when successfully opposing my release from Cardiff Prison over seven


Judge Bidder QC states in his 13th inst. e-mail that Judge Cooke QC, on 1st October 09, ruled I was 'fit to

plead' meaning the trial should have gone ahead in mid November, NOT LATE JANUARY 2010.

I request copy of all the medical evidence, as the patient, procured for MAPPA meetings and in

particular just who employed Williams to attend 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court and divulge

my personal details to CPS police barrister, Thomolow when I was no longer under his appalling so called


Information requested in my December 09 solicitor's letter to the MAPPA police HQ Co-ordinator was

blocked by Barbara Wilding and again by Peter Vaughan, the current Chief Constable of South Wales


The South Wales Police even blocked the trial commencing and arranged for Dr Williams to address

Judge Bidder, supported by Wood's report, as an 'expert' on interpreting brain scans and that he

considered I had 'significant brain damage' and possible cancer and far too dangerous to start defending

the 'machine gun trial'. Dr Tegwyn Williams' earlier psychiatric report recommended I be sectioned and

sent to Ashworth High Security Prison, IPP, for a term of imprisonment, whilst unconvicted, of an

'indeterminate length'.

Dr Gaynor Jones

This lady attended MAPPA meetings prior to my arrest in June 09, as disclosed in the Executive Summary

of seven monthly meetings, some of which having been disclosed, this late, by the Order of His Honour

Judge Seys Llewelyn QC, yesterday. HM Prison Cardiff attended these meetings but as with other

authorities running away as with Barbara Wilding, refusing to answer to my witness summons, in order

to withhold incriminating evidence relating to this MAPPA scandal.

MAPPA was set up by the then Chief Constable purely to defend herself, at tax payer's expense, in an

ongoing civil action for numerous malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments.

The HM prison, today, deny any aspect of their involvement of my MAPPA surveillance between June 09

to December 09 because they are currently using HM Treasury Solicitor, again at vast tax payer's

expense, trying to overturn a £50,000 judgment, in my favour, on the pretext 'no one' in the prison ever

received the Particulars of Claim, in April 09, put before MAPPA meetings or receive my 'Application for

Judgment', around July 09 and dealt with by this current trial judge.

The fact I was in prison for all of July 09 and the trial judge ordered 'specific disclosure' of prison and

Justice Ministry record of their respective 'audit trails', eventually to Whitehall, which has been refused,

is but a small sample of the wide spread deceit I and my family have suffered under since my 1992

arrival to live in the Principality.

It all stinks, doesn
t it, but who cares? Do you?

Dr Jones attended prison to examine me and received my copy letters to Drs Bagshaw, Joseph Sylvester

and Tegwyn Williams to disclose that to which I am entitled, under the law, having paid my £30, last

summer, with my FOI Act application, repeated an application around January2010 and redacted, again,

this week, despite the 10th September 2010 letter of request by trial judge this week.

None of the above doctors, no hospital, no NHS department, no prison has released any matter

identifying or supporting the alarming material 'walk on water Williams' laid before Judge Bidder QC so,

please, where is it?

Try looking in the MAPPA filing cabinet first, I suggest, as it was discussed at length in October,

November and December MAPPA monthly meetings chaired by senior police officers and, no doubt NHS

MAPPA representative Dr Ruth Bagshaw and/or Dr Williams, both of Bridgend Gulag.

Trusting no one, any more, in Cardiff courts I took the precaution of obtaining three specific

independent medical reports from outside Wales, but Dolmans have been 'lying through their back

teeth', all week,, trying to fool the judge they are 'unable' to trace their 'true identity', meaning 'veracity'

or 'whereabouts' of two of the three doctors, unless they wish to blame their client, the Chief Constable

for failing to disclose?

All three doctors, a Consultant Radiologist, Psychiatrist and Occupational Health Physician featured

heavily in MAPPA shared information during my unlawful incarceration, last year.

Many others, blogging on my web site from all around the world, were equally appalled at the 'ring

fence' mentality, here in South Wales, not just within your highly lucrative 'judicial industry' but in their

own chosen vocation, the medical profession.

Dolmans, police solicitors, today, are again dipping into their bottomless pockets of government

resources frantic to 'sting it all out', this irritating issue of a prisoner's welfare. A swift conclusion, on

these urgent medical issues, would mean the immediate cessation of easy cash, of course, for their

entourage of bewigged attorneys knowing, as with their client, they are all immune to any form of

criminal prosecution, whilst under the protection of 'Her Majesty's Prerogative' as 'HM officers of the

court' outdated by the 1998 Human Rights Act and 1948 European Convention of Human Rights and

Fundamental Freedoms.

My total hip replacement operation will not go ahead, until I have had more disclosure of relevant

medical evidence, needed by my surgical team, under the responsibility of you, Alun Cairns MP, Edwina

Hart AM, Jane Hutt AM and the South Wales Police, the latter having hatched the idea of my 'trading in

machine guns', in the first place, for my eventual resting place in Broadmoor, to prevent incriminating

evidence ever being disclosed.


Yours sincerely


Mr David Sissling,

Chief Executive of Abertawe Morgannwg University Local Health Board

South Wales

18th September 2010

Dear Sir,

Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Wood Falsified Medical Records

This week the trial judge adjourned the evidence from being heard from a near hundred police

officers for about six months, in order that I may have my hip replacement and suggested I had

another brain scan, thus avoiding the criminal weighted proof of NHS and private doctors having

to disclose their incriminating evidence.

The considerable expense, thus incurred, was due to the NHS not overriding the false medical

evidence that blocked my planned July operation to have been carried out in order that I might be

ready for ten weeks of very enjoyable cross examination of those that caused my name being

removed from the veterinary register, effectively, for life.

The learned judge was informed that my new Barry GP, my Cowbridge lot, for eighteen years,

refusing to lift a finger to help, could not obtain a brain scan appointment for his patient as the

Hospital maintained there was 'no evidence' I needed one.

Both Dr Williams and Professor Wood, witnessed, in total, by around sixteen psychiatrists and

psychologists, called in to examine me and /or my medical records, following the September 09

findings by SPECT scan, decided I had 'significant brain damage' and a paranoid delusional

disorder, the latter based on my fixated belief I was suffering persecution by his joint employers,

with the NHS, the South Wales Police.

South Wales Police Forensic Psychiatric Service, in early September 09, required I had a second

scan after three months that they have now quietly 'buried'. Why, because my expensive but

privately arranged 1
st December 09 Dr Kemp report, via lawyer 'extraordinaire', Mr Walter

Sweeney and Consultant radiologist wife, Nuala.

Dr Kemp's report castigated the quite unnecessary intrusive procedure, an infusion of radioactive

nuclear isotopes into my brain, ordered by Williams insisting the prisoner, under his personally

concocted three month incarceration in his 'Gulag style' laboratory, reliant on CPS inspired

Section 35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act, writing his 3
rd August psychiatric report without even

a physical examination!

Today I have caused further disclosure of, as yet, withheld medical records, some of which I

enclose, further giving support that a police investigation take place from outside South Wales.

If you do not expedite your duties to allow me my operation to go ahead, in safety, very soon, to

relieve both pain and avoid the obvious side effects of morphine that could now affect my flying

licences, I may be forced to take the law into my own hands, once again witnessing tyranny in

our midst and to personally obtain those records from the named culprits, records under YOUR

CONTROL, used on 2
nd December 2009 in the CPS/police last ditch attempt to stop both the

'machine gun trial' and my seventeen year running damages trial against them from going ahead.

Yours faithfully,