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  • 'HM Partnership' in Challenge

    I have spent a life trying to sort out problems, for me and many others, but visiting the so called 'Supreme Court of England and Wales', this week, confirmed my worst fears and caused me to realise much precious time has been wasted. Please do not repeat my foot steps, Maurice 2

  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Damages Claim

    It is with great regret, after a life of immense enjoyment and satisfaction, watching, listening and learning from father, working as a veterinary surgeon and then, myself, revelling in his 'jack of all trades' vocation, as your typical West Country vet, I have to now prosecute, against all the...

  • “Her Majesty the Queen and All That”

    "Her Majesty the Queen and All That " [HM Partnership] Bob Lomas is absolutely right . The Queen has betrayed the nation, whether from cowardice or self-interest, I know not. Allowing the nation to be Shanghaied into Europe is not the only way in which she has violated her Coronation Oath....

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