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South Wales Police Conspiracy to Have me Shot


Adrian Oliver Masterminded Conspiracy

I invite you to read the heavy documents, to support this poster, sprinkled amongst the DOWNLOADS as an indication on just how tax payer's money is squandered and purloined amongst the cabal within the Welsh Judiciary, nearly all driven by avarice and self gratification.

It was clearly Adrian Oliver of Dolmans who masterminded the Chief Constable's false affidavit and supported the criminal damage threat/machine gun arrest as long as a Welsh judge had me sectioned, using rogue Dr Williams and any other unless forced legal representation, whilst I was incarcerated, could be achieved.
Oliver had 'chapter and verse', in my lever arch files of court cases and armed break-in into my surgery in 1993 or 94, denied by Barbara Wilding, served on him years before he drafted the false affivavit that was ordered by Judge Nicholas Chambers QC in 2008.


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  • Posted : 06-09-2011
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