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My County Cork, Southern Ireland, Mentor


Oliver Reed Flying Lesson


'Words are not enough' or , if you have experienced that incestuous world of South Wales Police's Gulag prison, Caswell Clinic, you may already understand.

Psychiatric report from that hell hole stated I had perminent brain damage blamed for the occasional whiskey with Ollie after being called to attended one of the family's four legged friends....the 'The General', a scruffy old mongrel, some waif and stray rescued in the Med, I particularly remember......oh what happy memories, Josephine!

I am now nearly four months down the road since hip relplacement surgery was booked under urgent private medical care at the Vale Hospital.

I am now prescibed morphine sulphate and diclorfenac and using up previous local anaesthetic impregnated suppositories due to the side affects of medication and the 2001 surgical interferance needed following my twenty eight day flight to Australia sitting on a hard life raft in my WW2 cub!

Nausea is hindering my preparation for the ten week trial that is now imminent.

While my GP is struggling to find another medical opinion, in South Wales, Cardiff judges continue to refuse ordering Dr Tegwyn Williams of Caswell Clinic and the Crown Prosecution Service in disclosing their joint evidence, to His Honour Judge Bidder QC on 2nd December 2009, used when pleading I was far too dangerous to be let lose from Cardiff Prison and that I must be transfered to a high security psychiatric prison for an indeterminate prison sentance.

Can any one out there help me ,please?


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  • Posted : 08-16-2010
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