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Nazis Never Left in '45 just Changed Uniforms


Guernsey Press Nazi Story Shortly



  • Posted By: Maurice Kirk
  • Posted : 02-03-2011
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SabineKMcNeill said:

Same circus, different clowns!...

For the central banksters who create money from thin air, sell it to governments (and others) at interest and manipulate currencies, are at the controlling helm.

Everybody else is just a pawn who benefits more or less, depending on your spine, guts and morals...

Maurice Kirk said:

I find it frightening, in this day and age that, with a UK warrant for my arrest I can step quietly onto a tax haven boat, financed by the the UK tax payer, with few realising it and leave the UK to a foriegn jurisdiction with not even needing to produce identity or questioning my Frederick F Bloggins name, on the ticket or what ever pseudonym I used on the day!

And I am trying to influence long overdue  reform in the judiciary!!!! what a joke


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