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Bristol University Air Sqadron 1966


P2 in Front Seat of a DH Chipmunk without Bone Dome

12 shillings and sixpense old money, a day, I was paid, to get very bored and summer holidays were worse! They let me loose in a Shakleton four engined, Merlin powered, flying machine, reminiscent of the beautiful Avro Lancester. Imagine, 19 years old, 200 ft for 6 hours, looking for  NATO submarines, dropping Sonar and  after, just for pudding, a RAF Chivenor, Mark 7 Hawker Hunter, oh, what beauty! ...."Try a ", the CO, of Number One Squadron said,  "all you do is keep an eye on the G meter and ,slow rolls ,....this NOT a Chipmunk ....just 'imagine, through your flat feet,  a bit of top rudder, as you roll out", None of the "full top rudder"  for a tired old trainer for the RAF ,in the late 50's..When we landed, if they had the paperwork, they did not, I would have sighned on the dotted line, there and then, for life!


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