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1946 Auster 6 (Bleriot Modified)

Back in 1971, whilst flying down to Bodmin aerodrome, Cornwall, for a service, older brother, Michael, had flown on down to pick Maurice up, mentioning a  rare breed, a 'Bleriot Auster' was due any time overhead which left Mike Robertson's staff somewhat bemused.

 The week before Maurice had flown over to Jotchams slaughter house, in Langport, Somerset, to do a post mortum on a freisian cow. He was too knee deep in the carcuss, cutting organs open for inspection  to notice some steers, in an adjacent field, had push through a gap in the hedge, out of curisity and were setting about eating his lovely STOL aircraft. Temporary loss of licence meant she was his only transport to visit his farm clients around the Vale of Taunton..

For some reason it appeared difficult for an observer to identify this aircraft, meaning owner, whilst she was flying......a far too long a story for photo gallery.

and for the week-end pilots please note my left hand is not in the arc of the prop 


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