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Judge quickly switches part heard MAPPA 'argument' in court, revelations becoming rather too embarrassing for the 'Welsh Authorities', to allow South Wales Police to 'strike out'...
09-17-2010 149 Download
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This privately obtained medical report, achieved from inside Cardiff prison, using the Vale of Glamorgan's past Member of Parliament, Walter Sweeney and lovely wife, Nuala, Consultant Radioligist,...
06-14-2010 156 Download
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...while I am rattling my cage below the court as these gentlemen, with the tape recorder deliberately switched off have waxed eloquent for half an hour or so, in their last ditch attempt to have me sent...
07-17-2010 167 Download
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Downloads shortly of evidence Thousands of WANTED posters, DEAD or ALIVE and proof will be scattered by aircraft across Wales and the South of England in the coming months Manager Cardiff County Court...
05-13-2011 149 Download
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OPINION 9. Maurice Kirk presents with symptoms entirely consistent with a mental illness namely paranoid delusional disorder (fixed false beliefs, unnameanable to reason). This involves the belief that...
07-17-2010 111 Download
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Just a current sample, to the uninitiated, on just how sinister our judiciary can be.
04-07-2010 180 Download
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Well, well, surprise, surprise! I have won, now, at least seven Cardiff Crown Court prosecutions and am yet to be awarded even my bus confirms it in writing.
06-17-2010 121 Download
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Williams obtains my USA records, but refuses to let me see them just part of my medical records needed for my anaesthesist for my much delayed hip replacement operation.
07-17-2010 118 Download
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Edwina Hart AM deligates request to NHS Supervisor, David Sissling, Chief Exec., but no answer, as yet, re Caswell Clinic.... Why not?......see follow up letter, today, on DOWNLOAD, as pain is getting...
09-15-2010 135 Download
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Chief of Police, Barbara Wilding, swears false affivit. Police refuse to take my written complaint. IPCC sit on my complaint. Reward for any information on South Wales Police incidents cited on this web...
05-12-2009 144 Download
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