Due in Barry Magistrates 24th Feb to face a changed 'attempted burglary' charge to a Section 5 Public Order (UK Sus Law) and 'obstruction' charge whilst asking again for my FOA and DP Acts paid for medical records.

Caswell Clinic, despite attempting with the aid of the Dr Tegwyn Williams' Report, which was created with the sole intention of obtaining an indefinite prison sentence in Broadmoor, continue to withhold Professor Roger Wood's report, for December Cardiff Crown Court, saying I had 'brain damage' as a 'drinking companion of Oliver Read', 'crashed in the Caribbean in Liberty Girl' and 'flew to Australia without a map'! Could Enid Blyton have done better? Also witheld are reports from Dr Sylvester, Dr Ruth Bagshaw and many more in the South Wales Mental Health Laboratory operated by the cabal consisting of Cardiff University, Swansea University, MAPPA, Cardiff prison, South Wales police.


Enjoying peace in France having, at least, rescued my car that had been left on the quay for eight months...After changing the flat tyre, removing the Gendarme stickers I waved down the next motorist off the boat. Guess what, he spoke English as I connected my jump leads to his battery."Were you the chap who landed in a stubble field, 30 years ago near Taunton, to find a light for your cigar?". Tim had remembered the farmer's eighty year old mother's birthday , lighting my cigar and a quick flip around the Vale with me in my C172.

I quietly told Tim I had just this week, met the same press photographer who had taken that photo for the Somerset County Gazette. This time he was taking post prison snaps for the Sunday Telegraph! Oh and another coincidence on the ferry, whilst talking to a couple over breakfast, who had just bought a property in France, she remembered my borrowing her husband's horse, from the Royal Core of Transport stables, for a days hunting, again at least 35 years ago!

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