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When I'm 64 there must be a Kirk Family Party!  Bastille Week in Brittany ,,,,,,,

There will be ‘knees up' for old friends, wives and children, known and unknown, of the last 60 odd years.

Come, all of you  and relax in France, eat Breton oysters and sip a good french Chablis or a clilled Gros Plant and sing the Beatles song...... those of Mountlands School (1948-51), Taunton School, (1951-63), those I met canoeing down Danube, Rhine and across English Channel (1963), Bristol University (1963-1969) [I am eligible for 3 years of annual graduation parties], the vet's first peddle car team, Royal Air Force, Bristol University Air Squadron (1963.... to infinity), those I met hitching around 9000 miles of USA and Canada on £5  (1964), around Australia, New Guinea and NZ in '67, parachuting friends across Europe, mountaineering comrades in Snowden, Lake District and French Alps.

 Bridport, Dorset, clients and friends  (1969-70), Taunton, Somerset, clients and family friends  (1937- to infinity), pilots on my CPL  course at Kidlington, Oxford (1977),  flying instructor's course, Goodwood, (1977), ATPL course, London (1978), shooting,  fox hunting, duck shooting and flying friends of Eire and Northern Ireland especially Michael's friends, from all over France while I was buying ‘real aircraft' (1970- until now), friends  from seven British prisons, Alderney, the whole island is invited, especially those who helped me load all those brandy bottles on Town Beach into my rotting £65  Shearwater 111 cat  and my special friends and voters of Guernsey who stuck with me for those 10 miserable years.

South old clients and those who backed me, pilot friends and the honest few I met in court and police there, frilly knickers, helmets and all!

My friends between Haverford West, West Wales and Sydney, Australia in the 2001 London to Sydney Air Race to that ‘coat hanger' bridge where those police helicopters surrounded me for, for some reason?

 AND those I met in around New Zealand Air Race, ‘flyabout' around Aussie, from Darwin, Australia to Japan1 Oh, special memories of Saba Flying Club, Borneo, Taiwan Flying Club, South Korea and magic people of Hokkaido, Japan while I waited for a 30 knot tail wind at 12,000ft for tghec 20 hour flight to Alaska...please all welcome, not forgetting a special chap from Japan's CAA {CAB}.

USA boys and girls!  Florida, Maine!  Too many to count....And all those I met on flight from Sun ‘n Fun to New Orleans jazz {"Steamboat Willie BE THERE"} and on around Texas with Jo in NW with tool box!

  And especially that lovely Deputy Police Officer who drove me in handcuffs, around 100 miles, from Waco Prison to Texas State Lunatic Asylum for there, family and all.   And let us not forget my friends of St Vran et environs de Bretagne.


Bastille Week 09....  11th July to 19th July (or until the wine runs out) at ‘Le Puits aux Papillons', St Doha, Merdrignac, Brittany 22230, France. (Runway big enough for a real aircraft). see you tube clips

ILS on 36R 200m, "going, good to soft", 60 ft trees both ends and suggest ask the famer, Pierre Marie, to move the cows first if multi engine or jet propelled aircraft are being considered.

I will sort Customs, military Mirage Aircraft v low fly zone and the local 'chasse les sangliers'.....too early pour les fugis mais sera, peut-etre, les autres pour fume. .


 ..... Hotels, B and Bs, caravan, a boat,  4 cottages  in various states of disrepair, a house, tents or ‘a' la belle etoille'!


Flights to Dinard, St Brieuc and Rennes, vessels to Roscoff and St Malo, trains to St Malo or Rennes....I will organise pick up by bike, motor bike, sailing boat or aircraft.... even a car!



Just bring a tooth brush!   RSVP 


 UK: Tel +441446792109  UK Fax +441446796828   Brittany: tel +33296284741  Cell +447966523940