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JerseyEveningPost 11th Dec 2010


Asylum application in Alderney

The Guernsey police appeared to overlook an outstanding arrest warrantand prison sentance when Maurice paid them a visit this week. He had to hit the surveillance camera with his walking stick, realy quite hard, to raise any attention, at all. "Come on out", he exclaimed, as he was kept waiting in the foyer of the Guernsey police HQ. Eventually, a PC (name withheld) ventured out into the cameras and said, "Yes, Maurice , what can I do for you?"  His refusal to take the statement of complaint on his Guernsey police statement form that the South Wales Police were attempting to kill me was already re hearsed since my earlier visit that afternoon to the Queen's representitive on the island. you have take your complaint to the Independant Police Complaints Committee!  what a joke.....been there, bought the Tshirt, even seen the movie....but the nice young chap was only acting 'under orders'. 


  • Posted By: Maurice Kirk
  • Posted : 12-15-2010
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