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1931 Morris Minor


Classic Rare 4 Seater £10,000

Original engine that became the M Type MG.Curently dimantled for engine rebuild due to low compressions....will exchange ou a debattre


  • Posted By: Maurice Kirk
  • Posted : 04-11-2009
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Rev Pamela M. Kilbourne said:

<p>Love the car, love the cottage and love you.  Dave and I are holding the light here for you and the best possible outcome on Monday for you and all your family.  We are just heart sick that you have been treated with such disrespect.  The Truth shall be known as the word is spread of this travesty of justice.

Blesses for your freedom to fly, to serve and to BE.

</p><p>Pamela, it was truly and honor to have you in our home.</p>


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