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I have thousands of pounds waiting for witnesses to come forwards Tel Brittany 0033296284741 UK 01446792108 Cell 07966523940
05-20-2009 278 Download
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This privately obtained medical report, achieved from inside Cardiff prison, using the Vale of Glamorgan's past Member of Parliament, Walter Sweeney and lovely wife, Nuala, Consultant Radioligist,...
06-14-2010 156 Download
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This document contains Dr. Tegwyn Williams psychiatric report dated the 3rd August 2009. It forms the basis of the judge's decision of the 7th August to section Maurice under the Mental Health Act...
08-07-2009 743 Download
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Covering February 1916 to Present Day. This is a digital transcript of a previously scanned, handwritten document posted some months ago on this site. Written by Maurice it provides a little DH2 warplane...
10-16-2009 406 Download
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08-31-2009 155 Download
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08-31-2009 172 Download
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IN THE CROWN COURT AT CARDIFF Indictment No T20097445 3rd September 2009 Before HIS HONOUR JUDGE VOSPER QC _____________________ REGINA -v- MAURICE KIRK _____________________ MR R TWOMLOW appeared on behalf...
09-14-2009 322 Download
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IN THE CROWN COURT AT CARDIFF Indictment No B20090055 25th June 2009 Before HIS HONOUR JUDGE HUGHES _____________________ REGINA -v- MAURICE KIRK _____________________ MR R ACE appeared on behalf of the...
09-14-2009 218 Download
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