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I have thousands of pounds waiting for witnesses to come forwards Tel Brittany 0033296284741 UK 01446792108 Cell 07966523940
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Just a current sample, to the uninitiated, on just how sinister our judiciary can be.
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And this list is not exhaustive.
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Williams obtains my USA records, but refuses to let me see them just part of my medical records needed for my anaesthesist for my much delayed hip replacement operation.
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Police and Cardiff judges continue to refuse disclosure of their 40 to 50 numbers of incidents identified in Oct 2008 letter to same. How many millions of pounds did that cost the tax payer? DOWNLOAD SCHEDULE...
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This is the cross examination of PC Osborne at the RCVS enquiry in 2002, two years after the 'high speed' chase' through Cardiff. This document accompanies the police video currently on the...
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