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Maurice will use this letter on Monday at 11am when he'll be demonstrating at the Welsh Assembly.
10-17-2010 181 Download
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Dr Tegwyn Williams refuses to clarify the significant brain damage and possible brain tumour in past patient.....see download
03-10-2011 98 Download
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Can anyone out there help, please?
01-03-2011 110 Download
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A much fabricated false and misleading document written by South Wales Multi Agent collusion input following a favourable court application for disclosure of the monthly 2009 clandestine monthly meetings...
12-31-2010 194 Download
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Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Wood, both of South Wales, agreed to concoct a medical record on a remand prisoner, at the behest of South Wales Police in order to lock him away without trial. Anything...
01-05-2011 116 Download
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•1. Lord Laird (Crossbench) To ask Her Majesty's Government whether they will investigate the procedures and management of the South Wales Police Authority and its chief executive; and whether they...
03-09-2011 66 Download
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Anarchy is just around the corner. Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion... in private self-defense. John Adams And what did Lord Denning say? “ Whoever may be guilty of abuse...
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