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Hawkes Bay Today, New Zealand press article covering Maurice and Liberty Girl's flight prep to Auckland New Zealand. 15th April 2004. A random sample from 200 press cuttings, yet to be published, to...
02-27-2008 512 Download
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Much confusion, it appears, in UK General Aviation on bi-annual licence validation done in the US
05-31-2008 488 Download
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Never arrested or charged!
06-12-2008 476 Download
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Covering February 1916 to Present Day. This is a digital transcript of a previously scanned, handwritten document posted some months ago on this site. Written by Maurice it provides a little DH2 warplane...
10-16-2009 406 Download
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Dear Sir, CRAZY AS A BOX OF FROGS R -v- T2009 7445 KIRK
09-28-2009 395 Download
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A mind boggling read. This document reveals the great effort (and cost) to which the CPS and South Wales Police are pursuing their case against Maurice Kirk. An investigation that began with something...
09-29-2009 374 Download
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Some background information written by Maurice concerning how he came to be arrested and remanded in custody at Cardiff Prision for charges related to the ownership of a firearm without a licence.
07-15-2009 339 Download
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Miscellaneous letters compressed in zip format. Files contained in archive are as follows: Alun Cairns AM 05_09_09.pdf Barry Magistrates Letter 27_08_09.pdf Court of Appeal Letter 05_09_09.pdf CPS Letter...
10-16-2009 339 Download
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MAURICE JOHN KIRK is charged as follows...
09-29-2009 325 Download
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IN THE CROWN COURT AT CARDIFF Indictment No T20097445 3rd September 2009 Before HIS HONOUR JUDGE VOSPER QC _____________________ REGINA -v- MAURICE KIRK _____________________ MR R TWOMLOW appeared on behalf...
09-14-2009 324 Download
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