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Hawkes Bay Today, New Zealand press article covering Maurice and Liberty Girl's flight prep to Auckland New Zealand. 15th April 2004.

A random sample from 200 press cuttings, yet to be published, to indicate the frightening power the press have to manipulate the facts (page 2, in particular) but will not lift a finger to publish anything that might harm the 'chosen'......hence the need of this web site to expose our disgusting judicial system driven purely by avarice.

I am English and constantly remind the Welsh of it having been peed on while on the east terrace of Cardiff Arms Park, back in the early 90s, when I ran my rattler [wearing English rugby shirt, top hat with red roses, St George flag waving and cheered when a balding welsh player managed 3 points on a kick in rain, way out on the touch line.......I deliberately failed to mention my mum was a Jenkins.



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