My flight to Australia is but one of 15 talks or so to be given in some sort of order over winter months to raise money for proposed cub flight to Cape Town and beyond. Machine Gun Case – Maurice J Kirk BVSc - Tel 07708586202 This is only a brief summary…… The proof is contained in South Wales Police download docs on both old websites,, and following their concocted June 2009 arrest by heavily armed officers for an almost eight month incarceration before an obvious acquittal. Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable, on foreseeing a failure in prosecution, had her victim sectioned MAPPA Level 3/Category 3 NHS (Wales) under Sect 35 of 1983 Mental Act instead using a similarly corrupt Caswell Clinic level 12 forensic psychiatrist now having fled the country. The whole purpose for this police conspiracy, originally hatched in Bridgend headquarters due to over one hundred acquittals, was to further frustrate and delay the harassed litigant in person (LiP) as he was unable to find legal representation. Despite his visiting and or writing to 104 law firms, throughout the UK, he has still had little if no success. Twenty three years of police harassment has caused damage and loss, his right to practice veterinary surgery, have a normal family life and has left him permanently mentally damaged. History 1. 1977: Five decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine guns, in Cornwall, were designated for various replica period aircraft including the DH2. Several are to be found in museums around the UK. 2. 1997: MJK purchased the DH2 and ‘gun’ from a private collection, in Dorset, with its log books and other CAA paperwork identifying the ‘gun’ as an integral part of the fuselage. 3. 1998: The 1968 Fire Arms Act was amended meaning that if the ‘gun’ remained as it had first been decommissioned, it was exempt from the new regulations. These included far more mutilation to make the weapon ‘safe’. This became the critical argument in the later trial. 4. 2000: The DH2 was flown at the Farnborough Air Show by personal invitation, but on the return flight to Wales suffered an emergency due to a possible ‘bird strike’ breaking the propeller. 5. 2006: The DH2 was moved to RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, for further repair and display. 6. 2008: The DH2 was handed out, by the RAF, to a Hampshire civilian for further repair and sold, by MJK, to another display pilot who took the aircraft to Lincolnshire for air shows. 7. 1st June 2009: South Wales Police convened a meeting to refer MJK to MAPPA 24/7 surveillance. 8. 8th June: MAPPA meeting categorised MJK as Level 3 (top 5% most dangerous) as ‘being in possession of the machine gun and ammunition’ based, the court was told, on photographs and sale adverts, all dating back to the year before and some as far back as 2001! 9. 18th June: MJK obtained entry to the offices of the Chief Constable, at Bridgend HQ, for the purposes of arresting her for falsifying her 25th Feb 09 sworn affidavit in the ongoing civil damages claim. Also the need for ‘mutual exchange’ of witness statements on a court deadline of 19th June at 4pm meant MJK took them directly to her office. Tin hatted armed police surrounded the building. 10. 19th June: Dolmans, solicitors for the police, also refused to ‘exchange’ and in turn made statement of complaint of ‘threat to commit criminal damage’ when MJK suggested they be delivered through their front window as the court order had only one hour left to run. 11. 21st June: A sizable armed police raid on MJK‘s home, with helicopter, was aborted only because, the court heard, MJK was at home and could only be arrested ‘when away from it’! 12. 22nd June: MJK arrested in his village for ‘possession of m/g, ammo and threats of damage’. The new owner was asked by CAA to deposit ‘gun’ with gun dealer where Welsh police later seized it. 13. 23rd June: Charged with ‘possession of machine gun’ and its resale (failed proceeds of crime). 14. 24th June: Barry Magistrates gave unconditional bail which was immediately appealed against. 15. 25th June: Remanded in custody by Cardiff Crown Court despite no evidence of ‘likely to abscond’, ‘reoffend’ or would ‘commit a crime’ (CPS quote “he has the ability to fly his aeroplane out of the country”). Up until the commencement of trial 10 Cardiff judges refused him bail with both CPS and judges altering their reasons, see transcripts, as each point was ‘shot down’. 16. 25th January 2010: Before and during trial MJK was, as usual, refused the relevant police disclosure A PATTERN ADOPTED EVER SINCE AUTUMN 1992, NOW IN CURRENT CIVIL PROCEEDINGS, when he was then accused by Barry police of arson of his own, police later found out, uninsured Piper Cub! 17. 9th Feb: Despite extremely restricted cross examination no defence evidence was ever needed. 18. Jury informed MJK their verdict was concluded after the very first day of evidence in a farcical two week trial and asked him why was the purchaser of the ‘gun‘ and seller thereof, both prosecution witnesses, not also with him in the dock ? Both the buyer and police had ‘modified’ her and the jury quickly realised that the police had made attempts to withhold that simple fact from them. 19. 2012 Lincolnshire aircraft engineers later stated the ‘gun’ had been painted back to black by the police to the colour on the 2007 You-Tube video (Maurice with gun) in order to fool the jury. 20. When their victim gave these statements to the police, by way of complaint, he was, instead, promptly arrested for ‘breaching a restraining order’ and gaoled ‘big time’ for a document that had never been served on him, in 2011, in the first place! (See forged magistrate’s clerk’s notes and log). 21. After the machine-gun acquittal MJK was released from prison with the trial judge refusing any costs except to an irrelevant 3rd party in order to deny their victim any civil damages claim. 22. Failed disclosure by her Chief Constable’s 25th Feb 09 fanciful affidavit and unlawful use of FTAC and MAPPA legislation, all shortly to be before the Court of Appeal is why she and police concocted both this whole gun story and had falsified the psychiatric evidence purely to obtain their victim’s imprisonment, indefinitely, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital without any trial. 23. DAMAGES are now sought for: malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, fraudulent sectioning and delaying the numerous other civil actions for damages, lodged before that date, citing police harassment, negligence, conspiracy, bullying but above all else, malicious prosecutions and years of false imprisonments by altering both police and court records. The continuing nefarious conduct of South Wales Police, apparently aided by a judiciary also seeking autonomy, is to be further exposed in a series of talks by their victim across the UK and elsewhere.