7 March 1990

The Clerk of the Court of Appeal
Royal Court House
St Peter Port

Dear Sir

The Channel Islands' prosperity was founded on piracy and in particular against English merchantmen.  After the war, Sir Winston Churchill swore never to set foot on this island, because of the collaboration of the island administration with the enemy.  The UK tax-payers subsidise the Channel Islands for millions of pounds every year unbeknown to either. The indigenous section of the Guernsey community has suffered appalling injustices under an oligarchy driven by avarice, the control of which is held by just a few interbred families who will stop at nothing to retain the local people as serfs and exploit other British subjects who choose to come and live on this British Island.

HM Government, ultimately responsible for the administration of the Channel Islands, allows the banks of multinational companies to use the islands for tax avoidance if not evasion, in return for their support, with no benefit, to either the UK taxpayer or Guernsey resident not with the ‘chosen few'.  The judicial system in Guernsey and possibly Jersey, is incestuously inter-twined with the executive in both the UK and Channel Islands to maintain the status quo.

As an Englishman perusing my right through the court for what is lawfully mine, I specifically asked that my partnership swindle, instigated by corrupt local lawyers, who ran a cartel, go before an impartial tribunal (as per Article 6 of the European Charter for Human Rights) but what have you done?

You tell me today you have handed my applications to the Court of Appeal concerning my partnership swindle to the only Court of Appeal judge residing this week who has strong Channel Island ‘connections'.

My letter to you of 1 March 1990 stated that even though visiting Court of Appeal judges are subjected to the disgusting track record this island has of corruption and that they have to keep their mouths shut because that are on some form of penance with the promises of promotion later in the real world, I ask that you remove the papers immediately from Sir Godfrey Le Quesne and place them before an apparent independent visiting QC (QC meaning Queens Council not Quaintly Corrupt) as is the meaning of the letters of the reject attorneys De Vic Carey and Day, the prosecution of Guernsey who help vote on the permanent jury.

Yours faithfully

Maurice J Kirk