Dr Tegwyn Williams Pays the £6000+++ or The Tax Payer ??????

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Date Added : 01-19-2011

I have to sign the Download Consent Order to avoid the fraudulantly inflated £6,000 bill of costs drummed up by Morgan Cole., solicitors,. Cardiff. if I am satisfied Dr Williams pays the bill and not the TAX PAYER.

The petty debt action, tomorrow, the cost of me, fresh from prison, visiting Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, following the Clinic, promising, in front of me, as I waited in My GP waiting room , in Barry, that if I arrived my medical records were waiting for me at thje porter's lodge.

I went four times, arrested, jailed,  charges dropped, went again with ladder and provisions for a month, to camp on top of the problem, in short, did what I could  BUT still the NHS are protecting thisl man. at tax payer's expense.

Professor Roger Wood, his mate from Swansea University, also falsified  medical records. His September 09 report, 1st page on Download, once I escaped prison altered specific paragraghs of his original Sept 09 document to Dr Ruth Bagshaw, of Caswell Clinic,once he realised I had escaped a life sentance by getting out on the 9th Feb 2010.

Read his first page, as an example, of his Sept 09 report conspired with Williams and CPS to get a section 41, imprisonment without trial.

 Note on page one, paragraph one ...(.EX)  Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, on 18th Sept 09 had not yet retired!!!!!. Wood frantically had retracted his work, as an expert, in the re written doc, knowing the information on my medical records of 2nd December 09 were false






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