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Tim and Maurice enjoy an unplanned Boxing Day walk on the hill.
04-16-2009 96 Download
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A delightful French two seat all wood Jodel aircraft is saved from the bonfire.
04-16-2009 111 Download
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A sad day for a cub pilot and for what is logged on his cargo manifest.
04-16-2009 141 Download
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After a successful air display, two feet of wooden propeller suddenly parts from my aircraft over the sea!
04-16-2009 189 Download
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Flying the little girl for Hiroshima, across mountainous country ten mile east of KanaZawa City, the old donkey quits.....
04-21-2009 117 Download
File Size 17.9kB
Japan crash and mammoth task for Dwight Russel rebuild
04-16-2009 125 Download
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Low on fuel, 80 nautical miles from Bali, I spy a Marriner outboard motor on the back of a Javan fishing boat. Ah, 'motion lotion'!
04-16-2009 126 Download
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The auxilliary petrol pump jams, just a few hours out of Calcutta for Yanmar, Burma, but smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean
04-16-2009 193 Download
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I should have read the GPS Manual BEFORE I left Biggin Hill!
04-16-2009 122 Download
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Liberty Girl makes BCL flight over the Saudi Arabian Desert trying to beat the head wind and keep up with the air race
04-16-2009 137 Download
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