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Read on......... </p> <p>South Wales Police launched 30+ men, many armed and with a helicopter, all at your expense just to snatch one ten year old child from our front garden on that sunny afternoon Sunday three years ago.</p> <p><a href="">9 6 SWP Dolmans app re Wit exchange.pdf</a></p> <p><a href="">9 6 22 SWP Machine gun Dolmans arrest.pdf</a></p> <p><a href="">09 06 19 SWP Witness Statement of Maurice John Kirk final.pdf</a></p> <p><u>BUT after three years of police CPS and Dolmans ignoring Cardiff Court Orders I finally get </u> my 'hot and sweaty' on still more proof of the machine gun / false psychiatric reports conspiracy IPCC continue to ignore and this only came in last week because I repeated the application in Bristol Crown Court, in ENGLAND..... <a href="">09 06 20 SWP Dolmans MG 11.pdf</a>, that their own solictors, Dolmans of Cardiff, gave advice relating to the FTAC/MAPPA conspiracy over an old WW1 Lewis Machine Gun, excellent for rabbiting, bolted on my aircaft in order to try and get me shot!</p> <p>And who still dares say '<a href="">HM Partnership</a>' is still not thriving in these evil Cardiff buildings?</p> <p>Will your family be next?</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>Three times in HM Cardiff Prison and three times, in row, assaulted by Prison Officer Myers, bigger than me, last time punching me in the face and stomach to then knocking me to the ground onto my had hip whilst returning to court in order to deny me my legal papers overnight.</p> <p><a href="">12 06 25 SWP Prison assault reply_0001.pdf</a><a href="">12 04 16 HMP reply to MP.pdf</a>  & this grossly inaccurate HM letter <a href="">12 04 16 HMP reply to MP.pdf</a> & refused bail application until a JR is file in court....outragios behavior <a href="">12 06 12 JR re refused bail applications.pdf</a> & Harassment State a Case JR .....shortly</p> <p> </p> <p><b><font size="5">THIS E-MAIL just came my way</font> but I do NOT vouch for all its content as, obviously, some of it was without my witnessing it as to what really happened.</b></p> <p><b>However, much of it I KNOW IS TRUE and therefore allowed on this and my other sites of mine should the judges close it down , as they have done in the past..... Hi </b><i>- we saw Chiwar yesterday and he said the following:<br /> <br />he was incensed that no statements, from those who had made them, went to the jury as the prosecution refused this and the judge backed it.<br /> <br />He also said Owusu's summing up statement was cut short by the judge - he had an 80 page statement and was given till 1 oclock to deliver it but was cut off at 12 oclock, thus not even finishing his summing up. Nobody ive spoken to has a good word to say about the defence team and i agree certain things shouldve been done properly wrongly.<br /></i></p> <p><i>Eg. - the witnesses. i know the 2 defence witnesses who spoke - Steve and Vicki.  Steve is a pastor and came to 1 hearing as a supporter at Gee St. court last June which was a closed hearing and i saw him twice at the Musas W Green Rd home when i was there. He would pray with the Musas and they would get into it and begin dancing as he would speak in tongues for 10 mins whilst praying with the Musas which ive never seen before from a supposed Christian pastor. I asked him later was this healthy and a correct thing to do given the circumstances and he said whatever he was saying was good and was confusing the devil who had no idea what he was saying. I pointed out that nobody else did either - not even him and he said it was of no consequence as whatever he was saying was good and was Gods message and will that it be said.<br /></i></p> <p><i>Anyway Steve wouldve witnessed Chiwar + Gloria acting responsibly at all times with their children which i guess was the point of him being called at all.<br /></i></p> <p><i>Musa was incensed that the witnesses for the defence who did not give evidence or were not asked for statements to be shown were:<br />Maurice Kirk<br />Kay Young<br />Paul Randle=Jolliffe<br />Cecilia Gibson<br />Moji Word<br />any of the intimidated witnesses who were affected by H'gey because of having dealings with H'gey / Adesida, often having children removed/threatened to have that. Those i met and spoke with were: </i></p> <p><i>Christine Danko, Janice, another Vicki, and 2 others i forget the names of. Gloria introduced me to these people last May and they all told outrageous tales.<br />Frank Gad<br />Janet Owugah<br />Peter Lee, from  H'gey child services<br />Dr. Adesida<br />Rosita Moise H'gey solicitor<br />Joyce Agekyum sw H'gey<br />Annie Walker  head sw H.gey<br />Sharon Fair<br />Alison Brooks<br /></i></p><p><i>Karen who lived downstairs, to answer questioning about ****** being locked in the garden as it is alleged.<br /> <br />- thats 21 people off the tops of Chiwars and mine and Helens heads who couldve given something specific eg. Kays interraction with H'gey sw's who she threatened so much with her knowledge of the law etc. that they hounded her for months after, and H'gey + connected employees who needed questioning about their roles in it all, especially Agekyum and the rest of the H'gey lot mentioned. Chiwar said Moise the H'gey lawyer was responsible for writing the statements so as they would be legally sound especially in court and this needed to be brought out.<br /> <br />Musa mentioned about ketamine being put  in a syringe. on the 28 june at st thomas's hospital. He knew it was that because he checked the discarded bottle after watching its contents - ketamine - being put in a syringe. I know a syringe with a liquid in was mentioned the other day. He asks was this given to the baby, and why was it set up in the 1st place and by whom, and hospital staff need to be asked about this.<br /> <br />An important point Chiwar mentioned was that even to date the contents of that 2000 page report that was handed to the defence team one morning early on in the trial still has not been properly discussed with the Musas - who still arent aware of some of its contents. Chiwar says a lot of the time Owusu doesnt see them before the days proceedings to discuss things, as theyre either late on getting to  court or Owusu + co simply dont go to see them before the day starts. One dreads what else hasnt been discussed with the Musas thats been received by the defence team at the last minute. He thinks SERCO deliberatly bring them late for this reason + other reasons.<br /> <br />Chiwar says the their DNA test results was not shown to the jury and shouldve been but was refused by the CPS + judge + should be sent in at once also for the jury to see, and the 85 page statement Gloria made for the family court last November should be given to the jury.<br /> <br />Apparently at the prison Chiwar was told by other prisoners that a prisoner who goes by the name of "Floky" was putting it about that the Musas were involved in trafficking 15 children, plus their own. Chiwar assumes this guy is connected to H'gey in some form and trying to get Chiwar beaten. The warders apparently moved Chiwar for a short while for his own safety but now it is ok he says. If you recall the warders at Holloway were allegedly responsible Gloria says for putting it about that she was insane and dangerous and everyone should avouid her and not befriend her. Of course very soon people could see the opposite, and also when other inmates would be murdered by prison staff as happened to the prisoner - long story.<br /> <br />At the hospital on the 28 June Musa says no way was he gone longer than 30 mins when he left - if even that - and no way was he gone 3 hours till midday as they claim.<br /></i></p> <p><i>He says cctv footage stills from his flat in W Green rd werent shown which showed the place very habitable - the opposite to what the cps claim., and he says other photos werent shown to the jury either.<br /> <br />Chiwars says the judge was asked if he wanted to recuse himself but he refused and also refused getting a new jury for various reasons when asked by Owusu.<br /> <br />In reply to my earlier message  Hi - the musa case - the prosecution has refused many witnesses giving evidence for musa and the judge is backing the prosecution so we are giving these 5/6 banned witnesses statements to the higher judge at the court on monday in writing and emailing them also to make sure the court and hopefully jury get them also Already owusu has asked the judge to recuse himself over things but he has refused also a new jury. If u can pls send ur witness statement so it can be given 1st thing monday a.m. to the chief judge lyons at the court along with other stuff then. Pls if u can send by email to me asap it can be printed off for monday - tks - {which i sent to those i had addresses of at the time} </i></p><p><i>*****replied:</i></p> <p><i>I've already given my statement to the court and I believe it went to the jury but wasn't read out. It is now too late for any more statements as all the barristers have finished their cases and now it's just for the judge to sum up and send the jury out on Monday. So if they are convicted these new statements can go towards the appeal, especially if they add anything to the medical issues or are from people who knew the older 5 children. Pity these witnesses suddenly appearing after the trial is over! But actually, I think it will come out OK as Owusu did a magnificent job on Friday and it will be very hard for the jury to find the Musas guilty after what he said to them. Fingers crossed! B<br /> <br />I disagree its too late - the point of getting the statements from the people where possible and sending them to the court after speaking with Chiwar was so the jury could see them and it isnt too late as the trial isnt finished yet. Waiting to give the statements at an "appeal" i disagree with as these statements could add good factors to Musas case before the jury retire and waiting maybe a year - a year for the Musas in prison too -  for an appeal is unacceptable in my opinion. I think they would drag an appeal date out so as the other children could be gone via adoption before an appeal hearing which would just add difficulties in sorting this entire child removal side of the case out.<br /> <br />Owusu may have done a "magnificent job" as is suggested but maybe being allowed to finish what he set out to do re: his summing up he mightve made an even better one, as well as doing other important things too, like discussing new bundles with the Musas amongst other things. After all, thats his job.<br /> <br />To my great sadness and frustration however im thinking now it is practically possible to get statements from those Chiwar wanted statements from to show to the jury by the time they could be delivered to judge Lyons on Monday morning as they simply will not be got and sent to Lyons in time, him being the head judge at Wood Green crown court. Obviously if they were given to Patrick they would be refused and i dont think theres any reason on earth why Lyons cant be given the statements except for the time limit - there is only a few hours to get them there physically in print on Monday morning. They could be sent by email of course but they need perhaps to be physically given to the court office so as Lyons can receive them and take action, so it fills me with sadness the negative option of perhaps showing these what might be important statements only at any "appeal hearing" in the distant future might be the only action taken for Chiwars request. <br /></i></p> <p><i>Anyhow if anybody can send their statement to me asap i will endeavour to email it to the court and send it 24 hour delivery on Monday morning so as the court + Lyons receives it on Tues hopefully which maybe wont be too late, or if anyone can think of a better alternative please let us know. <br /></i></p> <p><i>At the end of the day i think not having witnesses for the Musas, as good as Steve and Vicki are, is simply not good enough. The defence team are supposed to be doing the job of defending the Musas and surely witnesses are an important factor in their case. <br /> <br />Heather pointed out an expert toxicoligist shouldve been got as a witness by the defence, if possible. Only prosecution medical staff have been heard at all which is totally one-sided.<br /> <br />Also the person who was at the hospital on the 28 June - the person referred to as Gloria's "sister" when Gloria was asked who she was then by hospital or H'gey staff - shouldve given evidence as to what she heard and saw then - Chiwar maintains Gloria, for example, was not "laughing" at various times as was claimed and was was taking things with the seriousness they deserved throughout which this witness couldve confirmed.            <br /> <br />Ian Josephs points out things that shouldve been done too that werent - like asking the children in a certain way if they were coerced into saying things, and asking in a certain way about the alleged abuse on ****** = to ****** herself and Denise Bassett - in the event the abuse wasnt mentioned at all in the trial.</i><i>  </i></p> <p><i><a href=""></a></i></p><i> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>How to complain about your GP South Wales lot refusinging me a NHS (Wales) brain scan to eventually gaol the b*****d </p> <p> <a href=""></a></p> <p>Meanwhile all this takes its toll </p> <p><a href="">12 06 18 Section 8 JR Application 18th June 2012.pdf</a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p> And if the enemy wish to continue to cheat let us bring in the Big Guns</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p> </p></i> <p> </p><i></i>English Court Quashes 3 years of Welsh Orders Blocking My Right to Cross Examine South Wales Police and HM Partnership, 23 Jun 2012 07:17:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:2545Maurice<p><strong>Welsh Appeal moved to Bristol</strong> to hush things up!   </p> <p>To start on a somewhat sordid note, as warning for others choosing to seek redress in a Welsh court room, I bring to your notice, first, 20<sup>th</sup> June 2009 Dolmans, solicitors' witness statement, written for their then client, as they were also advising MAPPA meetings to having me shot, Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable for South Wales and Defendant for twenty years of police bullying, malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments.</p> <p>Its conspiratorial content explains why it took three years to get this released following countless ignored applications in both civil and criminal Cardiff Courts.</p> <p>With their desperate attempt to hide one of their malicious acts, a vicious assault carried out in the Cardiff Crown Court building, its outstanding appeal hearing was moved to Bristol Crown Court for burial only to allow my obtaining a repeat Court Order, for disclosure, the CPS (Bristol) not also being in bed with the enemy. </p> <p>It was only by repeat application in Bristol Crown Court, this month, that I obtained this successful disclosure of what had led to my incarceration in that notorious Welsh psychiatric prison.</p> <p><a href="">12 04 17 Court Order Dolman Wit Stmt.pdf</a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href="">12 06 23 MJK to Brstol Crn and CPS .pdf</a></p> <p>Ever since the 2009 ‘machine gun' conspiracy the Cardiff courts dared not allow a repeat of a similar trial with the cross examining of the South Wales Police by the accused instead of by a court controlled lawyer. Last time the Cardiff Crown Court jury witnessed the conspiracy, after the very first day they told us,, to have me sectioned, under the Mental Health Act, effectively jailing me for life.</p> <p><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a></p> <p> </p> <p>.  <a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a></p> <p>Barbara Wilding was the one who was reponsible for my MAPPA level 3 catagory registration and policy to get me shot and only mamged, so far, to incarcerate me for nearly eight months in a  prison or psychiatric clinic. Not only was she then the Chief Constable but also chair person for a huge charity that currently donates to a certain doctor's private interests. She was also the High Sheriff of Mid glamorgan until this April, being responsible for judges' conduct, no less! <a href=""></a></p> <p> Just how much more incestuous does this get?</p> <p><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>His Honour Judge Paul Thomas QC was the 'machine gun' judge where Cardiff's Cabal first used on me  the unofficial use of section 36  of Youth and Justice Criminal evidence Act 1999, refusing my right to cross examine.</p> <p>Could you make up such a story? And this is not Guernsey, its part of the UK currently grasping for its very own judiciary, ~God help the locals</p> <p>Yesterday, in Bristol, the Crown Prosecution Service asked His Honour Judge Lambert QC to, again, order a court controlled lawyer to cross examine the prosecution witnesses, all Cardiff Crown Court staff.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>Needless to say, the Cardiff cabal had originally prevented my cross examining any of them in Magistrates, in 2010, having now shipped this Appeal across the bridge to England only to avoid  their publicity of nafarious conduct. They need not have bothered as they control most of the media in the South Wales area in order to regularly behave as they do.</p> <p>The only witness I need, of course, is a doctor who will be served a witness summons, once we all have a date for the trial, to make him give evidence on oath. He has to confirm, in an English court, this time, as to my fitness or not to stand trial considering the outstanding medical reports he made, for the South Wales Police, CPS and nine Cardiff Crown court Judges, that I have ‘significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour.</p> <p>[ DATE of trial will be broadcast right across the West County hopefully by aircraft drop, banner tow and cyberspace]</p> <p><b>The 'Common Assault'  Incident</b></p> <p>In July 2010 a Derrick Hassan, HM court official and rumoured to be ex South Wales Police, refused to accept my handing him my ‘grounds',  relating to an appeal to be sent onto The  Royal Courts of Justice Criminal Court of Appeal.</p> <p> Some considered this to be contrary to statute law and a ‘contempt of court' but who, in the precincts of that building, really gave a damn?</p> <p>I therefore tucked the folded paper into his *** pocket only to violently shoved down the Crown Court steps, losing my stick and fracturing my ankle on the way.</p> <p> Albeit only a chip fracture and severe wrench the exostoses, from some thirty year old flying accident, further impaired my already slow recovery from my terrifying experiences, the previous year, in the psychiatric  clinic psychiatric prison, Bridgend. I, not the court official, was charged with ‘common assault'. </p> <p><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a></p> <p>That ill fated flight, off a Dorset coast cliff, had all the classic ingredients of ‘running out of speed, height and ideas', ‘all at the same time'! We had been out testing an experimental hang glider trying to strap a chain saw engine and propeller to it to be one of the very first microlites in the West Country.</p> <p>This machine gun was deliberately repainted back by the south Wales Police, as when I had it a year earlier, to try and fool the January 2010 Cardiff jury but then had to  paint it back to silver , in the wrong shade, once I was acquitted on all charges!  IPCC was pre warned of this, before it even happened, by me in 2009, from my psychiatric cell and still they fail to act. NO Wonder the organisation is a joke and needs abolishing.</p> <p><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a></p> <p>District Judge John Charles immediately enforced section 36 of Youth and Justice Criminal evidence Act 1999 to protect HM Partnership leading to a farce of a hearing in November 2010 with the court appointed lawyer correctly refusing to cross examine as he had received no instructions!</p> <p>The appeal date, in Bristol, is now to be fixed with the sentence having already been deliberately delayed for thirteen months. This was in order to maximise the effect of the conviction in refusing me bail and so release from Cardiff prison between 23<sup>rd</sup> September and 1<sup>st</sup> December 2011. </p> <p>THIS IS WHAT THEY WISH TO HIDE, THE POLICE LETTER TO THE IPCC BASED IN, OF ALL PLACES, CARDIFF!</p> <p>Meanwhile they swamp me with countless side issues and trivial court cases, anything to prejudice my 20 year running civil damages claim</p> <p><a href="">12 06 01 SWP MG IPCC Conclusion.pdf</a>    Police Report to IPCC</p> <p>I immediately return to Cardiff, to collect for the Criminal Court ofAppeal, the CPS promised 'draft part hand written District John Charles (wash your mouth out, Maurice), 'Restraining Order' admitted in the May jury trial to be still under the control of CPS barrister David Garreth Evans. To Late, he has been nobbled, someone has now, it  appears, to have mislaid it, shredded, possibly, due to last week's witness statement, no doubt, made by an eyw witness in that court, to the duty Cardiff police sergeant, G Brown. CPS will ignore so there is  preparation for a private prosecution as the CPS are sure to bury its audit trail via GEOamey Custodial Services, a joint defendant on the proposed indictment.</p> <p><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a> My new complaint, to another Sergeant, a Mr James, of this apparent loss of the very document actually shown to me in the cells on 1st December, never a 'restraining order', of Cardiff Magistrates,  Crown Court and CPS all now denying its existance indicates, at least, some one is rattled.</p> <p> Despite the trial judge, HHJ Curran, having ordered its recovery from Merthyr Tydfil CPS offices now this, typical of a days work in the Principality's capital.</p> <p><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></p> <p>Sergeants Brown and James</p> <p>Central Police Station</p> <p>Cardiff CF10</p> <p>23<sup>rd</sup> June 2012</p> <p> </p> <p>Dear Sirs</p> <p><b> <font size="3">Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice</font></b></p> <p>I have had to visit your station several times, this week, with my witnesses who have travelled from a long way for little purpose.</p> <p>Only one statement, so far, has been taken and I have seven witnesses still to go.  They saw the part hand written draft ‘restraining order', the only one that came into my cell, get passed around between the CPS barrister, now admitting he still has it, District Judge John Charles, wash your mouth out, Maurice, who scribbled all over it with his fountain pen. The Clerk of the Court, Michael Williams, who later lied before the jury saying he saw the final version given to me in the corridor of the cell block, quickly having the cctv wiped after five GEOamey apes physically through me out of the building with my crutches thrown on top.</p> <p>I have reason to believe the final restraining order was not even printed until the following day and you can prove it. The rough version, briefly shown to me, bares no relationship to the final version.</p> <p>I came again on Friday to tell you this and that the CPS has now ‘mislaid it', knowing it being essential for the Criminal Court of Appeal. I told you I had just been to the Magistrates, yet again, who also deny having any record of the various drafts that were being bandied around the court while I was in the cell.</p> <p>Are you going to examine, before further evidence is destroyed, the computers of David Gareth Evans, those of the clerk of the court and offices where, Exhibit One in the jury trial was date stamped 9<sup>th</sup> December and palmed off a certified true copy?</p> <p>I enclose yet another version they are trying to palm me off with and ask for an immediate investigation or else.</p> <p><a href="">12 06 22 Restraining Order.pdf</a></p> <p>Maurice J Kirk BVSc</p> <p>Copy to Bristol Crown Court</p> <p> </p>