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If not, is this an oversight, or have you been away on vacation with nobody to act in your place when you are absent? Is there a policy for staff to handle correspondence in your absence, or do they wait for your return?<br /> <br />(e)   Are you aware that it is also human rights issue to deny someone medical care, directly or indirectly, and that human rights activists around the world are monitoring Mr. Kirk's story?<br /> <br />(f)     Would you say that you will be in a position to respond to the letters sent to you by Mr. Kirk, his Member of Parliament, and the Minister of Health Edwina Hart by November 3, 2010? If not, could you explain please? <br /> <br />(g)   Are you aware that withholding medical treatment, either directly or indirectly, is not only Elder Abuse, but much worse? <br /> <br />(h)   Is this standard practice in the UK, or is it simply an oversight?<br /> <br />(i)     Is there a policy in the UK to prevent the elderly from expensive surgery or hospital stays, due to a drain on the healthcare system? Would this be a reason to deny Maurice Kirk's request?<br /> <br />(j)      Is there a shortage of doctors and healthcare providers, as there is in Canada, and would this be a reason to deny Mr. Kirk treatment? <br /> <br />(k)   Now that you are aware of the urgent need for Mr. Kirk's file, will you be able to deliver it please, or afford the MP, Minister of Health and Mr. Kirk the courtesy of a reply to their letters? <br /> <br />(l)      Would you be able to send it via express courier, or is there an NHS policy not to use couriers in your country?<br /> <br />(m)     Do you need to be supplied with extra copies of the letters that were sent to you? Have they been lost?<br /> <br />I very much look forward to hearing from you, as Canadians are puzzled as to why Mr. Kirk's files have not been sent. In Canada, his request would come under the Freedom of Information Act, and you would have only 30 days to respond to the request, so we are watching the outcome with great interest.<br /> <br />Thank you so much for your co-operation. <br /> <br />Yours sincerely,<br /> <br />Anonymous</p> <p> </p> <p>Ms Kate Bloomfield,<br />Deputy Head of Redress and Investigations,<br />National Health Service<br />Port Talbot<br />South Wales<br /> <br />26th December 2010<br /> <br /><b><font size="4">NHS Withheld Falsified Medical Records of Maurice John Kirk<br /></font></b> <br /><u>It is over a year now</u> since a Dr Tegwyn Williams and a Professor Roger Wood agreed to submit apparently erroneous medical evidence to the 2nd December 09 Cardiff Crown Court hearing with HHJ Bidder QC. They recommended I be sectioned to HM Broadmoor, IPP, Imprisonment for Public Protection. <br /> <br />I understand the Crown Prosecutor heard Dr Williams tell the court I may have a brain tumour along with the joint diagnosed opinion, of the two named doctors, that I had 'significant brain damage'. See <a href="">here</a> for request of information by HH Judge Seys Llewellyn QC and transcript of hearing. <br /> <br />1. HM Court Service refuse to disclose the evidence given to the judge either by my access to tape, transcript or court log, all public documents from a court of so called record.<br /> <br />2. No NHS doctor or South Wales NHS department, with that information, will respond to my request for that urgent record to be disclosed.<br /> <br />3. The GMC also appear to ignore my complaints on the matter which is, of course, of no surprise.<br /> <br />4. Lawyers, Morgan Cole, employed by you, have also failed to inform me of any reasoning as to why either my GP or myself are not entitled to that information, especially in the light of both my orthopaedic surgeon and anaesthetist, for my now long overdue operation, having also asked for it.<br /> <br />5. Various dubiously safe but unnecessary brain scans, taken in September 09, to recommend my further incarceration in NHS Caswell Clinic Prison were referred to in the 2nd December 09 evidence as significant. These scans were recommended, by both doctors, to be repeated within six months. No mention of this has since been made to me and despite my requests, both in custody and since my acquittal in February 09 of all charges, I am being refused any follow up scan or appropriate clinical examination.<br /> <br />6. HM Crown Prosecution Service, Cardiff, have also received the record used in that 2nd December 09 hearing. CPS, Wales, also refuse to disclose any of the proceedings, held in my absence, it having been dependent on this collusion with your NHS in order to avoid the January 2010 scheduled trial of scandalous indictments levelled against me, each carrying a five year prison sentence.<br /> <br />7. Your department's conduct in this matter, for well over a one year period, clearly points to criminal conduct by just too many in positions of privilege, the very reason for this widespread cover up. <br /> <br />8. So I wish to know for just how much longer you and others in the South Wales NHS intend to continue covering up this incident? Will you eventually break ranks or pretend I and my many supporters have just crawled back under a large stone?<br /> <br />9. In other words: <br />a.what prevents you from disclosing and releasing the specific documents in question?<br />b. why have Morgan Cole not written to me as you had announced?<br />c. why didn't you follow up by email when you wrote you wanted to deliver documents by mail? <br />d. if you think those documents satisfy my doctors' requirements, include the 2nd December 09 material, you can still send them to me at my address in France where I am in political asylum due to South Wales Police persecution and threat on my life: Puits aux Papillons, St. Doha, 22230 Merdrignac, Brittany.<br /> <br /> <br />Looking forward to hearing from you in due course, </p> <p>Copy to Alun Cairns MP, Edwina Hart AM</p>