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In a well thought out judgment the HM District judge, Master Phillips, ruled Maurice had lost his compensation and was to pay, instead, HM £2,200 in costs but, at least, 'stayed' proceedings for three months due to the claimant's medical problems. Problems that may continue, sine die, until HM hands over his medical records for surgeon and anaesthetist.</p> <p>2. The whole case had rested on HM Treasury Solicitor's barrister, today, stating no Particulars of Claim for damages, for his 2008 false imprisonment, were ever received by Cardiff prison from the HM Cardiff County Court manager, Neil Pring. Mr Pring is the very same one currently refusing Maurice the right to process his fourteen ongoing directly related court cases, at the public counter, whilst also deliberately bouncing any 'due process' via court e-mail addresses. Remember, Mr Pring, instigated by HM Attorney-General [see leaked HM internal memos], back in 2002/3, had gathered up, now under the HM Treasury Solicitor's specific orders, all of Maurice's past and present court files for Whitehall scrutiny, despite a success rate of 80% in the fifty odd cases. HM judges wanted to ban him from any civil court, either in England or Wales unless he was represented by a lawyer. A rare move purely to certify him as a <b>Vexatious Litigant</b>. Obtaining the services of a trustworthy lawyer had always been the heart of the problem.</p> <p>3. Maurice insisted he had paid HM, on 20th April 2009, for service on both Defendants, Ms West, the then Governor of Cardiff prison, just days before their 8th June, MAPPA meeting where her probation/prison representative(s) were then sitting around the table, at their cosy Bridgend police HQ with other MAPPA key players, such as senior police and NHS doctor, Tegwyn Williams and Social Services, Elizabeth Paul, both of special South Wales Police forensic unit, Caswell Psychiatric Prison. </p> <p>4. The 1st Defendant, in this, the 5th Action against police, was the Chief Constable. She had always admitted court service, on 20th April and had immediately proceeded with voluminous defence, by Dolman's solitors, both in court and directly to Maurice, now detained in HM Cardiff prison. He remained there until his 11th February 2010 acquittal for trading in 'prohibited weapons and ammunition' whilst attempting, Dolmans, solicitors, would say, by 'mutual exchange' of witness statements through their front window. Maurice was still a little upset, apparently, as to the way the Chief Constable had continued to deny, by sworn affidavit, any knowledge of some of his successful Barry magistrates cases and of her officers having broken into his surgery, all matters within some hundred or so incident numbered conflicts with the South Wales police.</p> <p>5. In June 09 Maurice had applied for a Default Judgment, by letter and had the completed HM form returned from prison to the court. Maurice also raised the whole issue before His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC, in July, following HM Prison having refused his presence at an earlier court and earlier, still, before HHJ N Cooke QC on a routine bail application. Both these judges would have known, of course, about Maurice's MAPPA terrorist level 3 status with HM prison monitoring all of Maurice's visitors, telephone calls and letters to and from the County Court and opening his solicitors.</p> <p>6. At the 8th June MAPPA meeting HM considered it likely that Maurice would be shot when next attempting to 'exchange' witness statements. It was now his seventeenth year in this long running civil action, repeatedly being refused a Trial by Jury originally promised, originating from when Barry police, on 27th November 1992, had first refused to apprehend or even interview the named likely arsonists who had burnt out his garage at his home in Barry.</p> <p>7. The garage had hangared his WW2 piper cub (not insured) and also full of his and his father's extensive collection of rare veterinary antique books and equipment (see exhibit, in 4th Action and ITV News video). Maurice was, instead, grilled at the police station by the officer in command, as if he had burnt out his cub to claim on insurance. Police harassment, originating from the 70s, in Somerset, was clearly, again, rearing its ugly head.</p> <p>8. This time, Maurice was not going to just 'move out of the area', as he had always done before, this time he was going to take a stand and fight them, legally represented, through the civil courts. </p> <p>9. In the 2009 MAPPA minutes, under the control of Nigel Rees, MAPPA Co-ordinator, reveal Maurice received a majority consent for 'special treatment' with Dr Tegwyn Williams allocated the task, by whatever means, to obtain Barbara Wilding's desire for a 'final solution', Maurice's Broadmoor imprisonment, of 'indeterminate length', IPP, having failed in her opportunity, when deliberately delaying Maurice's arrest for a few weeks, in having him shot. </p>10<b>. Quotes from 8th Oct 2010 County Court Judgment </b><b> </b><p><b>P 5 para 23</b> 'The evidence of the 2nd Defendant is that they have no record of having received any correspondence from the court for the period April until October 09 in relation to the proceedings issued by Mr Kirk'....... </p><b> </b><p><b>P5 para 26</b> 'I accept the evidence of Mr Booty (current HM Governor) that the prison had no record of the prison having received any correspondence from the court for the relevant period. I cannot accept that if the proceedings had been served they would simply have been ignored'. </p><b> </b><p><b>P 5 para 27 </b>'I do not suggest it is necessary (as Mr Kirk suggests) for there to be an affidavit sworn by the previous governor. He or she will simply repeat the procedures in place in dealing and processing of incoming mail at the prison and that aspect is dealt with in detail in Mr Booty's statement'. </p> <p>11. In around November 09, when Maurice received the £50,000 Judgment pushed under his prison cell door, immediately arranged, by application to HM Governor's representatives for the distribution of tobacco for all hundred odd inmates on his prison wing.</p> <p>12. While Maurice cannot commence Court of Appeal proceedings, owing to the Order to 'stay' proceedings, he was just been contacted by the court, mid English Channel, too far out to jump off and swim back to Brittany, where he had gone in search of ten year old police custody videos and tapes. These included the one of police smashing their way into his daughter's car to arrest him, whilst stuck in stationary Cardiff traffic and, later, knocking him about in the cell of the police station.</p> <p>13. Cardiff court told him that the anxiously awaited judgment, scheduled for Monday, 11th October, as to whether MAPPA meetings summaries will be disclosed or not, was now adjourned to possibly, Friday, 15th October.</p>Legal Submissions re MAPPA Reasons for NOT Striking Out any of the 30 odd Police Incidents for Trial, 04 Oct 2010 10:46:50 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1618Maurice<p>More later when I have finished this celibate week-end and celebratory bouteille de cidre de Bretagne!</p> <p>PROPORTIONALITY is what this wickedness is all about, an expression used in British courts to make judges take us seriously.</p>Leaked Police MAPPA Report from Welsh Psychiatric Prison, 02 Oct 2010 14:32:44 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1611Maurice<p><a href="">The first four pages</a> of a lengthy report revealing, for the first time to Maurice, just how close he was, last year to an early grave. </p><p>What consolation is it that the report includes the results of an intelligence test that puts him in the "very superior range" of the top 1% of the population? <br /></p>NO MAN SHOULD PROFIT FROM HIS OWN WRONG, 15 Sep 2010 09:53:23 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1516Maurice<p> Edwina Hart AM deligates request to NHS Supervisor, David Sissling, Chief Exec., but no answer, as yet, re Caswell Clinic.... Why not?......see follow up letter, today, on DOWNLOAD, as pain is getting worse even with morphine each day.</p>Caswell Clinic Continue to Withhold Falsified Medical Records, 04 Sep 2010 17:32:38 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1503Maurice<p>Fabricated medical records, used to obtain Maurice's incarceration in Bridgend psychiatric prison, still withheld despite Judge Cooke QC's Order. This Download, of Maurice's current GP records, indicates only too well, the insidious world of <b>HM Partnership</b> and their stranglehold on Drs Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Woods.</p>Schedule of Police Incidents and 120 odd Failed Criminal Prosecutions, 17 Jul 2010 10:52:02 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1450Maurice<p>Police and Cardiff judges continue to refuse <b>disclosure</b> of their 40 to 50 numbers of incidents identified in Oct 2008 letter to same. How many millions of pounds did that cost the tax payer? </p><p>DOWNLOAD SCHEDULE OF MOTORING INCIDENTS</p>South Wales Doctors Falsify Further Medical Records, 20 Jun 2010 10:49:43 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1439Maurice<p>Just the first page as a sample of a cleverly 4 page redacted and re-written 2010 letter, first written in September 2009, following Drs Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Wood's failure, on 2nd December 2009, when they presented, in the absence of Maurice, locked up below, their false account to His Honour Judge Bidder QC, as to Maurice's then current 'mental state' in a bid to lock him up in Ashworth High Security Prison, IPP, for an indeterminate length.</p> <p>If it had not been for someone switching on the court tape recorder, some 30 odd minutes into this typical HM Partnership conspiracy, hatched by Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable, Maurice would never have known that now the doctors were even suggesting that not only did Maurice have 'significant brain damage' he was likely to have 'cancer'. [see transcript on downloads].</p> <p>Maurice had to 'act the fool', a difficult manoevre at the best of times and storm Caswell Clinic, immediately from leaving prison, four times, in fact, simply to obtain this outrageous 'Psychiatric Report', only to be jailed, again, for 'attempted burglary', magistrates aquitted with CPS offering 'no evidence' and refusing, again, Maurice's costs. Then twice escorted off hospital grounds by police, Maurice being caught, 'banged to rights' with ladder, tent and megaphone, 'Rick on the Roof' style.</p> <p>Despite DP and FOI Oct 2009 applications and numerous pleas to Cardiff Judges to intervene, Maurice having read the original 18th Sept 2009 letter, within days of its creation, has confirmed public demonstrations are still the most effective way in dealing with this lot. The original letter referred to such things as Oliver Reed having assisted in Maurice's brain damage etc etc now, were either redacted BUT most importantly, new paragraphs as a complete reversal to the Professor's original opinion on his own ability to interpret the August 09 brain scans!</p> <p>Maurice applied for DISCLOSURE, in October 2008, for the 'progress' and identification of over 40 police incidents with his name on, served on the police, for clarity, using their own system of recording incidents. These included his numerous false imprisonments, loss of property (arson, thefts, burglaries etc), 120 odd failed police prosecutions etc, all clearly tracable on the relevant <b>incident/occurence number</b> allocated, each time an incident is recorded. </p><p>Failure to even reply led to Maurice's 'Abuse of Process' Application, in November 2008, to His Honour Nicholas Chambers QC  that subsequently led to the Chief Constable of  South Wales falsifing her 25th February 2009 affidavit, that full disclosure of police records had been done, denying knowledge of court cases even taking place!</p> <p>To prevent Maurice ever getting DISCLOSURE, for his 18 year running civil damages claim for police harassment and deliberate 'inactivity' into investigating crimes committed against him, the police needed the introduction of a Lewis Machine Gun and Dr Tegwyn Williams. </p> <p>Page1  What recent behaviour?</p> <p>           What history of heavy drinking?</p> <p>           The Chief Constable, in September 2009, had more than three months to run before retirement</p> <p>           Struck off following complaint and false evidence laid by the South Wales Police.</p> <p>Dr Ruth Bagshaw  Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist</p> <p>Caswell Clinic  Bridgend  CF31 4LN</p> <p>18. 6 10</p> <p>Dear Dr Bagshaw</p> <p>I am in receipt of further medical records obtained from Caswell Clinic. One document is dated 18.9.09 and addressed to you from a Professor Roger Wood. <br /></p> <p>I would be grateful if you could send me a signed copy of the letter you received last September from Professor Wood as there appear to be some anomalies that need to be addressed</p> <p>I urgently await a general anaesthetic and also require the information put before His Honour Judge Bidder QC, on 2nd December 09, by Dr Tegwyn Williams and others when he was attempting to have me sectioned under 41 of the 1983 Mental Health Act for Ashworth High Security Prison.</p> <p>My anaesthetist may contact you direct. </p> <p>Yours sincerely</p> <p>  </p>Lewis Machine Gun Trial Judge Refuses Witness Costs, 17 Jun 2010 08:21:40 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1438Maurice<p>Well, well, surprise, surprise! I have won, now, at least seven Cardiff Crown Court prosecutions and am yet to be awarded even my bus confirms it in writing. </p>4th Dr Tegwyn Williams Psychiatric Report 19th Oct 09, 15 May 2010 08:40:08 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1408Maurice<p>This recently obtained report (changing doctors) and his three previous 'interim' psychiatric reports, <b>on downloads,</b> must have all been before both CPS and His Honour Judge Bidder QC on 2nd and 17th Dec 09 when Williams told him, while the prisoner, unrepresented, is locked up below. </p><p>Kirk had indications of a brain tumour and was therefore dangerous and should be sectioned IPP under his continuing MAPPA level 3 category covert police surveillance order. Paragraph 29 of this report is an example of the numerous other medical reports (an estimated fifteen) that  are still being deliberately withheld from both the 'patient' and his anaesthesist, needed before his urgent hip replacement operation can be done. The GMC, meanwhile, sit and do nothing.</p>