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Download  Recording   <a href=""></a> </div> <div> </div> <div>This site and radio broad cast are likely to also broad cast, shortly, the taped telephoned messages, I did not realise were being taken at the time, of me trying to get urgent messages out of Cardiff Prison to my friends, relations and fellow Mackenzie Friends. South Wales Police/MAPPA and opposing civil  solictiors, Dolmans, for the imminent three month damages trial, were assisting in my mail being diverted, in or out and or delayed while awaiting a couple of trials and further allegations re Restaining Order were being concocted.</div> <div> </div> <div>Anything to black mail me into confiding in a local Welsh lawyrer.</div> <div> </div> <div>Sometimes ten prisoners or more would be  queueing for one or two phones  that worked , mainly only available out of office hours with only 30 minutes or as much as an hour , some days, to reach the head of the queue.</div> <div> </div> <div><a href=""></a></div> <div> </div> <div>I resorted, often, to bribery with tobacco and chocolate saved for the purpose, to jump the que ue but it was rare to succeed as they were as frustrated as I was, especially the unconvicted doing their own case.  </div> <div> </div> <div>The next interview may cover the appallingt Chanel Islands and their obscene interpretation of Human Rights.</div> <div> </div> <div>I often dressed appropriately for Guernsey's magistrates wearing florescent orange socks, for example, that looked impressive when I was filmed by Channel Televion while arriving at court in Nazi uniform:</div> <div><strong><em></em></strong> </div> <div><strong><em>  + </em></strong><a href=""><strong><em></em></strong></a></div> <div> </div> <div><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a></div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <div>His Lordshp's missive in the post, this very Thursday morning, means my Nazi uniform needs an an airing at the Royal Courts of Justice very shortly. </div> <p><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a></p> <p>So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, </p> <p>You notice the defendant did not attend as a for gone conlusion, with the action  against one of those in HM Partnership</p> <p>I was not there because I had a medical note, as not fit, following my being recently knocked unconscious, I was told, in the street anf finishing up in hospital.</p> <p>Mr Justice Beatson not only ignored the medical certificate, appeared to lose his temper lost his temper, as neither party was present and struck out the application as totally wuithout merit.</p> <p> He, as with well over one hundred before him in the RCJ, I had witnessed  had done, had expedited it in nano seconds.</p> <p>Ah, but he linked his decision to my other JR outstanding application over the ridiculous harassment hearings and CPS fiddled Crown Court appeal.</p> <p> Thursday was spent running around the RCJ between Admin courts and Criminaal Court of Appeal slowly unravelling the conspiracy,still cooking, to have me and my helpersw eliminated.</p> <p>  </p> <p> Just what will the Principality consider next in order to protect their errant NHS forensic psychiatrists and thoroughly corrupt judiciary?</p> <p>A quick chat with my London Mentor, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, something that has become a bit of a ritual, over the years, before wasting any further of my time in that den of vice in The Strand.</p> <p><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href="[1].pdf">11 01 03 Machine Gun Case summary[1].pdf</a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href="">11 05 08 ECH MJK letter .pdf</a></p> <p>But hold it, Maurice, don't panic, don't panic. Lets wait for the judgments and transcripts, below, to arrive and put them also up on web site and ponder, again, the viewers' e-mail and posting of comments responses.</p> <p>Ist e-mail response:</p> <p><strong><font color="#0070c0" size="4">can i add this to the email below to send out? - it is ur call after u were beaten in Cardiff prison last year = pls reply asap. <br /></font></strong><br /><font color="#0070c0" size="4"><a href="" target="_blank"><strong></strong></a></font></p> <p><font color="#0070c0" size="4"></font> </p> <p><b><font size="5">Some Issues for RCJ</font></b></p> <p><b>Criminal Court of<br />Appeal Restraining Order/Harassment Conviction</b></p> <p>Restraining Order is dated 1<sup>st</sup> December<br />2011, (Magistrate's version) </p> <p>‘Breach of Restraining Order' is 4<sup>th</sup><br />December 2011, no evidence yet seen of it.</p> <p>‘Due Service' of Restraining Order was 23<sup>rd</sup><br />December 2011, pushed under police cell door </p> <p>Restraining Order, as Exhibit, dated 9<sup>th</sup><br />Dec 2012 (Crown Court's version) </p> <p>Drafting of the R/O audit trail clearly indicates<br />there was no such final document in existence at the ‘lunch time', as confirmed<br />by both court and custody logs, when clerk of the court hid in an empty adjacent<br />cell to ‘observe' security guard unlock and enter my cell to obtain my ‘opinion'<br />of a partly hand written document, seen by my gallery witnesses, being written<br />by the presiding judge and to be returned to the CPS with my comments. </p> <p><font size="3" face="Times New Roman"></font></p> <p>Meanwhile I will continue my near twenty year quest to find a lawyer I can trust and so conduct the interrogation of around one hundred South Wales policemen, in the bullying case, due to give evidence, for a few months, shortly after Christmas.....see downloads etc </p> <p>An e-mail, securing legal representation, at last, sent BEFORE my opening today's  18th October post </p> <div></div> <div>17th October 2012</div> <div></div> <div></div> <div>Dear ,,,,,,,,</div> <div></div> <div></div> <div><strong>Criminal Court of Appeal 201203241 D2 and JR CO/2012/ 6357</strong></div> <div><strong></strong></div> <div></div> <div><strong><u>Application to Join the above RCJ cases</u></strong></div> <div></div> <div>Further to your daughter confirming on the phone, yesterday, you have informed the RCJ you are acting for me in these two cases, I confirm I have not yet found a barrister but asked that you again approach the Midlands based Mr Spence? who spoke to me in the Oxford Crown Court.</div> <div></div> <div>The 2nd May 2012 ending jury trial GROUNDS [Breach of Restraining Order] carried almost identical 'grounds', with respects to ''abuse of process', as in the JR 'grounds' for the original magistrates' ending 1st December 2011 hearing [Harassment conviction] and appeaL ending on 2nd March 2012 .</div> <div></div> <div>Mr Justice MacDuff's helpful statement in single judgment indicates same </div> <div></div> <div>I ask , again, for confirmation in writing in order to stop ringing the RCJ daily</div> <div></div> <div>Thankyou</div> <div></div> <div>The judge Curren's <u>summing up</u> and witness, Lee Barker, transcripts will be available on or after 31st October</div> <div></div> <div>best regards,<span class="HOEnZb adL"><font color="#888888"><br /></font></span></div><span class="HOEnZb adL"><font color="#888888"> <div>Maurice J Kirk BVSc </div> <div>Puits aux Papillions</div> <div>   St Doha</div> <div>     22230 Merdrignac</div></font> <div> </div></span> <div></div> <div style="DISPLAY:none;" id=":ys" class="ii gt"> <div id=":yt"></div></div> <div class="hi"> </div> <div class="gA gt ac5"> <div class="gB"> <table style="WIDTH:143px;HEIGHT:24px;" id=":y8" class="cf gz ac3" cellpadding="0" class="cf gz ac3"> <tr> <td> <div class="cKWzSc mD"><img class="mL" alt="" src="" /></div></td> <td> <div class="K98VUe mD"> </div></td> <td> <div class="XymfBd mD"> </div></td> <td></td> <td class="io" class="io"> <div class="adA"> </div></td></tr></table> <div class="ip iq"> <div id=":xx"> <table class="cf FVrZGe" class="cf FVrZGe"> <tr> <td class="amq" class="amq"> <p>Tomorrow, Friday 19th Oct, a series of Bristol Community Radio 93.2 FM  interviews are to be broad cast with Tony Gosling.</p> <p>Please do not be misled by the first issue, by way of an introduction, comparing an English police, judicial system and HM prisons to the appalling situation in South Wales.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>2nd e-mail in today : </p> <p>"YOU WILL NEVER BEAT THEM, MAURICE"</p> <p>I give an example of just how right she might be: </p> <p>This e-mail stimulates me to  give a typical sample, I have personally encountered, of just how the Cardiff court's inherent culture, based on deceit and avarice, will continue to reign supreme while their immunity to prosecution rests with the South Wales Police.</p> <p>Any of my past IPCC complaints, for example, have always reverted back to the culprits to investigate themselves!  </p> <p> If any of you, in England, Scotland or Ireland, are contemplating crossing the Seven Bridge, as I did, to work , get married and settle down, assuming Wales is 'fit for purpose', then please stop and think.</p> <p> I didn't, making my mother cry and father very saddened by the news. </p> <p><a href="">10 10 29 Prison 50 000 summary (2).pdf</a></p> <p><a href="">10 9 1 MJK Prison Statement for County Judge Final.rtf</a></p> <p>And finally some extra light reading on the sinister world of HM Partnership and as to how they hold almost all the cards.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p> </p> <p>Subject: </p> <div style="FONT-FAMILY:arial black,sans-serif;FONT-SIZE:large;" class="gmail_quote">Signing up to 'I, Patrick Cullinane, will demonstrate outside the Royal Courts of In-Justice for FOUR days, starting Tue 1st October 2013, to RESTORE the Rule of Law and banish the Rule of JUDGES from the Kangaroo Courts in the UK' at<br /><br />Please click on the link below to confirm your signature on the<br />pledge at the bottom of this email.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#0066cc"></font><font color="#0066cc">BVyQLvFuTJTaBt79hA</font></a><br /><br />The pledge was created by Patrick Cullinane and reads:<br /><br />'I will I, Patrick Cullinane, will demonstrate outside the<br />Royal Courts of In-Justice for FOUR days, starting Tue 1st<br />October 2013, to RESTORE the Rule of Law and banish the Rule of<br />JUDGES from the Kangaroo Courts in the UK but only if 150 other<br />people from the UK will do the same. We the People in the UK<br />have been denied our GUARANTEED RIGHTS to due-process via the<br />Common Law Trial by Jury, which is the Law of the Land.'<br /><br />Yours,<br />the team</div> <div style="FONT-FAMILY:arial black,sans-serif;FONT-SIZE:large;" class="gmail_quote"></div> <div style="FONT-FAMILY:arial black,sans-serif;FONT-SIZE:large;" class="gmail_quote"> <div style="FONT-FAMILY:arial black,sans-serif;FONT-SIZE:large;" class="gmail_default">ends</div></div> <div class="gmail_quote"><br /></div></td></tr></table></div></div></div></div>NHS (Wales) Murders Whistleblower so Aung San Suu Kyi might Help?, 14 Jun 2012 20:20:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:2532Maurice<p><img align="left" src="" width="250" height="241" alt="" />Today's 10.30am Judicial Review Application at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, before Mr Justice Wyn Williams, should not be missed as a number of arrests are anticipated followed by private criminal prosecutions.</p> <p>(copy to <a href=""></a> )</p> <p>My tel is 0790 793 7953</p> <p><b><font size="4">After the Hearing</font></b></p> <p>Well, what a lot of predictable nonsense that JR Application, today, turned out to be!</p> <p><b><font size="4">It was a JR Application because Cardiff Crown Cabal kept blocking my right to apply for bail</font></b></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#efbc97">A Den of Evil - Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth in court 28/6/2011</font></a></p> <p>This government blocked private video, at the Royal; Courts of Justice, is one of my Criminal Court of Appeal proceedings taken without my knowledge or I would have, at least, combed my hair!</p> <p>This somewhat desperate conduct to some, by litigants, must remain unlawful, in order to safeguard the privacy within the well of the court amongst the parties but our patience is rapidly running out.</p> <p> When we witness blatent nefarious conduct so often, by so many,by  those entrusted to be employed on the tax payer's gravy train then there comes a time to take unilateral action.  </p> <p>Its content, however, is a classic example of the screaming need for radical reform in our adversarial system that,  at one time, served our country so well</p> <p>I have a library of Cardiff magistrates tape recordings which need to be officially published once it becomes law</p> <p>Then you will see <strong>'what actually goes on in our courts'</strong>  (1990s quote following Judges closing my  web site)</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p> </p> <p><img src="" alt="" /></p> <p>After 14 years things are no different</p> <p>The evil little buggars, this year, knew they would have to withdraw the 'complainant Dr' as a prosecution witness, if they were going to be able to stop the trial being ordered to be stopped, as the usual farce unfolded before the jury. That is why His Honour Judge Hughes QC had been 'wheeled in' to offer me bail, just before the trial, by officially removing the Dr from the case altogether!</p> <p>So if that was the only reason to lock me up all winter, as the CPS admitted to HHJ Hughes QC, should not this High Court judge, Mr Justice Wyn Williams, have done something about it? There will be a perfectly plausable legal argument in rebuttal by His Lordship, I am sure, but we never heard it and no order was made over the Crown Court's nefarious conduct because it was 'history'.</p> <p><i>Let's invite Aung San Suu Kyi to South Wales to help us give this Cardiff Cabal world publicity.</i></p> <p>The original 1st Dec 11 conviction of 'Harassment', under section 2 of the 1997 Act, would also collapse.</p> <p>So what do they do?  They compound their inexcusable conduct and bury my JRs, filed last year by not allowing them to be processed, having pocketed my court fees.   </p> <p>The ‘threat to shoot the Lord Mayor of Cardiff' allegation was dealt with as expected, had we known, in advance, what the JR was for. My transfer application to an English prison, in April, just before the trial, had clearly achieved the extra exposure of the ‘Cardiff Cabal' as intended. </p> <p>The significant outcome of this hearing was that His Lordship would not entertain any ‘comprehensive argument' as to whether or not I was ‘fit to stand trial' on anything at all since August  2009 when first registered by the doctor as lacking in 'capacity'. All  due to 'significant brain damage' and a 'paranoid dillusional disorder', apparantly, in believing that the police were persecuting me.....perish the thought.</p> <p> His Lordship was very helpful, throughout, indicating it should be re listed as another JR, my 62nd, as a 'Case Stated' Refusal by His honour Judge Hughes. </p> <p>Now diagnsed, by the same doctor, with the extra complication of a possible brain tumour, with an outstanding recommendation by the South Wales Police I be sectioned under the Act and incarcerated, for life, in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison, I may stilll be a MAPPA victim meaning I must get on with it pdq!</p> <p>So what is this, my twelfth Cardiff judge now, a High Court judge, having to clear up after an apparent spurious medical report?  At least he appears helpful while NHS (Wales) continues covering up their policy of playing the 'Gulag Card' for the police, a practice so likely now to infect England.</p> <p>Would he entertain my adjournment application and yet again order Dolmans, solicitors for the South Wales Police and Crown Prosecution Service, to comply to the previous Court Orders by both Their Honours, Judge Seys Llewellyn QC and John Cullan? NO. Would he order the police and CPS to disclose their jointly arranged June 2009 police complaint statement, that launched the police helicopter and armed response team, just to snatch me and my daughter who was ten years old at the time? No, of course he couldn't.</p> <p>Would he order CPS Barrister, David Garreth Evans, to hand over, to the Criminal Court of Appeal, the ‘actual' document, shown to me in the Magistrates' cells last December? Was it a ‘Restraining Order' as the jury had been so fooled in to believing it was? Of course it wasn't and of course he couldn't, Admin Court protocol did not allow it. Those ultimately responsible wriggle out of it again and stay lurking in the shadows. </p> <p>The partly hand written draft, by District Judge John Charles, no less, of a proposed ‘Restraining Order' Evans had admitted, in Crown court, in the absence of the May jury, was still in the CPS Merthyr Tydfil office! Curran had orders, of course, not to immediately stop the trial or their whole evil ‘pack of cards' would have fallen down. </p> <p>Remember, it was Dolmans, acting for MAPPA, Barbara Wilding's defence team, in my twenty year civil damages claim and the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales), to prosecute my ‘trading in machine guns and live ammunition'.</p> <p>So four of the K Team, who had seen Charles write the draft in the Magistrates' court, went straight round to Cardiff Central Police station where I had already been, this week, trying to lay complaint of this  ‘conspiracy to pervert the course of justice' only for ‘no police officer being available'!. Sure enough, as on previous occasions, to make witness statements of complaint over 'shoot to kill policy', last August, no one was available.</p> <p>This is yet another warning, to you local readers, whilst the ‘Cardiff cabal' mingle amongst the Whitehall mandarins  for an independent judiciary.</p> <p><a href=""></a>   </p>Current Court Action adjourned for Two Weeks => Lunch after demo at Welsh Assembly, 15 Oct 2010 16:29:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1643SabineKMcNeill<p><b>You don't know </b>whether you want to sigh with relief or have a fit of anger, when you're being told that the judge had "other unforeseen problems" and therefore had to adjourn... </p><p>But as far as hip pain, hip operation and the release of medical records are concerned, Maurice now addressed the following people: </p><ul><li>the managers of the courts in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport are presented with these <a href="">15 questions</a>  </li><li>which also went to the Health Ombudsman for Wales</li><li>and Alun Cairns MP, Edwina Hart AM, the Health Minister, and a lawyer.  </li></ul>Furthermore, Maurice is demonstrating outside the Welsh Assembly today and on Monday at 11am, when he'll buy lunch for everybody who will show up in his support.<br />