Search results matching tags 'Cardiff County Court' and 'Cardiff Prison',Cardiff+Prison&orTags=0Search results matching tags 'Cardiff County Court' and 'Cardiff Prison'en-USCommunityServer 2007 SP2 (Build: 20611.960) Police MAPPA Conspiracy to have me Shot, well, I have just bought a Firearm to Defend Myself which means Anarchy and Blood Spilt on Streets of Cardiff & Bradford, 13 Jul 2011 21:55:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:2059Maurice<p><font size="6"> Court of Appeal sent</font></p> <p><font size="6"> Notice that Friday 29th July Hearing </font></p> <p><font size="6">Cancelled </font><font size="6">and adjourned to</font></p> <p><font size="6"> 9.45am 28th September 2011</font></p> <p>Apologies for all those who had planned to come. However, the Dr Tegwyn William's case is still at 2pm 29th July where he will attempt to get the case struck out! Any one needing copy of Particulars of Claim/false psychiatric reportsetc  please e-mail me <a href=""></a></p> <p>But as to why, we will hear about later .</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>‘Pass the Parcel' or ‘Rivers of Blood'?</strong></p> <p>Yesterday, as I was leaving Cardiff County Court, I was accosted by two plain clothed policemen in the foyer who asked me if the current blog on my website, <a href=""></a>, meant ‘I had bought a shot gun' and could I explain, ‘blood on the streets of Cardiff and Bradford'?</p> <p>I asked, before I could answer, that I needed to be reminded of the exact wording. The two police were unable to repeat the exact words or provide a copy of the blog article. I was then asked what form of transport I was using. Was there was any legal obligation, on my part, to answer that question either, I asked? I did not wait for their answers and left.</p> <p>Deja Vu, Maurice? Are they sure it wasn't another machine gun I had just bought?</p> <p>So, somewhat perplexed, I went to the Central police station to try and establish just why I had not been set up to be shot, like last time, as a level 3 MAPPA most dangerous, now roaming the streets of the UK?</p> <p>Why, then, was I not arrested and remanded in custody again, for nearly eight months or, at least, cautioned and interrogated for days?</p> <p> On the previous occasion, in June 2009, police attention related to an advertisement for the sale a dilapidated decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine gun, attached to the nose of my DH2 replica fighter aircraft. She was used for air displays, including the Farnborough Air show and the gun advert had been currently running in aviation magazines, including a CAA one and had been on my web site for over eight years! </p> <p>The aircraft and antique Lewis had been sold well over a year before to a display team in England. The new owner, an ex RAF armourer had managed to get her working but as the jury commented, why was he not, with the original owner who sold her to me, also in the dock?</p> <p>During cross examination it was established the Welsh police, English police not touching the incident with the proverbial ‘barge pole', convert her back to looking like when I was the owner. </p> <p>The CAA's handling of this was, in particular, interesting and in the way they ordered all other four ‘guns' to be rapidly removed from the RAF Hendon museum and elsewhere.</p> <p>The jury particularly noted how the Welsh trial judge repeatedly intervened each time I wished to examine the exhibit for traces of the new owner' paint, I could see from the dock, left in the cracks of the magazine.</p> <p> The jury, after the first day of cross examination, also commented of the obvious gap in the audit trail, in the two thousand mile journey around the UK, whilst police, often driving alone, took a prohibited weapon to the South Wales Police forensic unit for their ‘modifications'.</p> <p>It stinks doesn't it?</p> <p> </p> <p>So, at least, there was no armed police response unit this time, exceeding twenty five officers in the dawn raid and an armed police helicopter overhead directing operations.</p> <p><b><u> Well, there must have been MAPPA involvement again?</u></b></p> <p>Multi Agency Public Protection arrangements  or IAG (Independent Advisory Group) with senior police must have occurred with another type ‘Operation Chalice' or Operation Orchid military agenda.</p> <p>[<b>This coming Friday's hearing includes my appeal for further disclosure of 2009 MAPPA minutes, some already leaked. This must now be expanded for the latest 20011 records kept in Police HQ, Bridgend, including the air brushing out of all my involvement with MAPPA at the 4pm 17<sup>th</sup> December 2009 Caswell Clinic meeting , chaired by Dr Tegwyn Williams in the presence of the Defendant (Respondent), the South Wales Police ]</b></p> <p> The latter ‘operation' was the code name, last time,  to snatch our then ten year old daughter by Welsh Social Services, terrifying my then wife, almost witless, the Chief Constable stating our home was far too dangerous for Genevieve's safety.</p> <p>Disappointingly, at the front desk of Cardiff Central, I was told the police inspector, ‘in charge' of this new fire arms case, was ‘unavailable' and ‘no one else could help'!</p> <p> So I took the opportunity to finding out what progress there was, at least, following my two years of detailed complaint on the 'machine gun' incident that lead to my incarceration where, once locked up, I was falsely sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act with repeated police applications to Cardiff Crown Court that I must be sent to Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, before or after the trial, effectively for life. </p> <p>No progress for me, apparently, which was of no great surprise, bearing in mind both previous and current Chief Constables of South Wales Police, Dolmans, their lawyers defending my nineteen year running damages claim against them and Dr Tegwyn Williams, following new evidence, all featured in the advice from Bristol magistrates that I direct the serious indictable allegations back at the Recorder of Cardiff.</p> <p>Within ten days, despite the new evidence, including part of some of the leaked MAPPA minutes, the Chief Executive for the South Wales Police Authority, a Mr Fry, stated in his 19th July 20011 letter:</p> <p><em><b>'I do not intend to investigate your case further</b></em> '. </p> <p>But hang on a moment, what, if at all, has he examined, in such a short space of time??????</p> <p>No one has come back to me or to my named witnesses, for further and better information.</p> <p>But, hang on a moment, was it not, in June 2009, Judge Cooke QC, the Recorder of Cardiff, who attempted to close down my website for the second time, while I was in prison, the judge being caught on tape, scheming with the CPS over manipulated Texas State Psychiatric Prison records, also denied me, when deliberately excluding me from the hearing.</p> <p>But hang on a moment, was it not, on 2<sup>nd</sup> December 2009, the police CPS prosecutor and rogue doctor, Tegwyn Williams with Judge Bidder QC were also caught scheming on the tape, for the police to obtain my imprisonment for life and so avoid the imminent civil also refusing me bail after hearing the most bizarre of arguments?</p> <p> Who cares, in these days of judicial and policing meltdown in Cardiff?</p> <p> Remember twelve or so  Cardiff police now currently facing an ongoing trial for another case of 'bullying' witnesses, just to send innocent to jail, 'The Cardiff Four'.</p> <p>But there is a Crown Court procedure, Norman reminds me, to deal directly with serious criminal offences that occurred in their own courts!</p> <p>Bullying, in the South Wales Police? Perish the thought!</p> <p>I left Cardiff Central Police Station and went straight to the Crown Court, next door, to establish why judge Cooke's delay, following my handing in to him, on 5<sup>th</sup> July, a list of criminal allegations, some as 'private prosecutions' to finally bust their corrupt judicial money making game and possibly, their ‘Achilles Heel'. </p> <p>Charges included ‘shoot to kill', ‘attempted murder', ‘perversion of justice', ‘false imprisonment' and ‘falsification of medical records' to pervert the course of justice', all implicating the South Wales Police , their lawyers and, of course, Dr Tegwyn Williams of South Wales Police Forensic Unit, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend.</p> <p>I was refused entry to the Crown Court building...."You are not allowed in".  "Is that a promise?", I asked</p> <p>The Cardiff Crown court manager told me the learned judge had directed them to Cardiff Magistrates, of all places!</p> <p>But was that not the same place as District Judge Brown had ruled earlier on similar but different charges to Bristol? He had said each private prosecution was laid from a man appearing to be suffering from a 'paranoid delusional disorder' in that he believed he was being persecuted by the South Wales Police.</p> <p>I refused to leave the Crown Court, wishing to be a member of the public to watch the allegedly corrupt South Wales police officers under cross examination in the ongoing 'Cardiff Four' alleged falsified police evidence, those many years ago.</p> <p>"We will call the police", said the manager, "and they will arrest you". So I waited and waited for the 75 yard journey from the police station, opposite to be traversed by armed police men.</p> <p> I had even asked two in a squad car, right outside the court front door, to stay a minute as there was about to be a possible 'breach of the peace' and would need their assistance (in an arrest) as I ‘forced entry' into the court building. Eventually it was established the police had refused to attend so I promptly left.</p> <p>Just another indication of just how serious things have become, here, in South Wales, leaving little alternative for many, to take to the streets in order for the ‘thinking section' of our politicians to restore law and order.   </p> <p>So, on leaving the court building, off I trot to the magistrates, next to Cardiff prison, only to be told no one knew anything about the case coming from the Recorder. It took just under forty minutes, there being no intention of my leaving the building, following the threat I was going to be forcefully evicted.</p> <p> Eventually the court clerk admitted the ‘possible' file was locked up in the court filing cabinet but no one, available, had a key!</p> <p>Enid Blyton could not have done better.   </p> <p><strong>Let us see what Mr Justice, from the Royal Courts of Justice, thinks about all this on Friday, 29<sup>th</sup> July, at 10am, in Cardiff Justice Centre.</strong></p> <p> </p> <p><strong>MAPPA minutes conspiracy, of 'shoot to kill' by South Wales Police in June 2009 and when that failed, Welsh Social Services storming our home, protected by armed police,dogs and helicopter, should I resist their snatch attempt of our 10 year old daughter.</strong></p> <p><b> All this was pre planned and  agreed and recorded by South Wales Police, Welsh Social Services, Probation and Dr Tegwyn Williams' Caswell Clinic Psychiatric prison. Police were  desperate to kill me off or delay me, as a Claimant, from prosecuting 20 years of police bullying, malicious prosecutions and false imprisonment.</b></p> <p><strong>Some Caswell Clinic staff, unbeknown to the Director, Dr Tegwyn William, also attending 2009 MAPPA monthly  meetins, during my incarceration, have now leaked their official record to confirm the above.....see downloads for documents etc. </strong></p> <p><b>Prolonged imprisonment had nothing what ever to do with ten Cardiff judges who, ever since, simply rubber stamped a Section 35  Mental Health Act Order or refuse bail as I was considered in the top 5% most dangerous.</b></p> <p><b>So, when I won the machine gun trial, on 9th february 2010 why was I released without explanation?  To fool the tax payer and general public my farcical trial and nearly eight monrths imprisonment was lawful?</b></p> <p><strong>And what about the Dr Williams' numerous false medical reports, to keep me locked up, stating I had 'significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour/</strong></p> <p><strong>No one in Wales has ever told me about my percieved malady.... Not without trying mind you.  I am unable to retain a GP, for the politics implicated or even get a brain scan!</strong></p> <p><strong>I had to go to France to get one.</strong></p> <p><strong> It took quick action by my kid sister, Celia, in Jersey, to obtain a transcript account of 2nd December 2009 clandestine hearing, with Dr Williams , CPS barrister, Richard Thomlow and equally evil, Judge Neil Bidder QC, all huddled mumbling together in some corner of a Cardiff Crown Court unaware someone had, inadvertently, switched the tape recorder on!</strong></p> <p><strong> Me, not allowed out of my cell, this incestuous cabal of what is now so sick in our UK law courts discussed whether the three of them had, at last, enough to have me locked away for life, possibly, in Ashworth t high security psychiatric prison.  </strong></p> <p><strong>29th July Court of Appeal hearing will reveal more about the deceit riddled Welsh police protected by their cosy relationship with its very own, they hope, wicked judiciary.</strong></p> <p><strong></strong> </p> <p><strong>Achilles Heel</strong></p> <p><b>NOW Cardiff judges are blocking my  Private Criminal Prosecutions, re Dr Tegwyn Williams, Barbara Wilding and Adrian Oliver,which  will also be  before 29th July Court of Appeal Hearing 10 am at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. A mere few nanoseconds, on each issue, I am informed, is the order of the day.</b></p> <p><strong>There is going to be trouble, big time.....</strong></p> <p><b>But it is a people's court, isnt it, needing a jury to decide. </b></p> <p><strong>Imagine, if you can, the police, represented in court for the  past around sixteen years, have offered no opposition to disclosure of the MAPPA minutes to me, under PII (Public Interest Immunity).</strong></p> <p><strong>The judge, HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, striking out the politically sensitive incidents of 35 ot so, in my first three of six actions for damages, has read the minutes also!!!!</strong></p> <p><strong>His Honour told the court no names of the agencies or secretary, making seven monthly  minutes, appear on the copy given to him by the MAPPA Co ordinator, Nigel Rees!!!</strong> </p> <p><strong>IS IT NOT LONG OVERDUE FOR LAWFULL REBELLION in OUR LAW COURTS?</strong></p> <p><strong>And where better to start than Cardiff? Bradford?</strong></p> <p><strong></strong> </p> <p><b><u>Cockeyed Cardiff Court Conspiracies, as predicted</u> </b></p> <p>The Cardiff Court, hearing, last week,  was to consider the disclosure of MAPPA minutes, created following seven clandestine monthly meetings in police stations or Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, commencing on the 1st and 8th June 09 with South Wales Police, Probation, psychiatric staff and/or  prison personnel etc. They all sat around a table conspiring to <a href="">have me shot</a>.</p> <p>Caswell Clinic staff, at the first meeting included social worker Elizabeth Paul and TG, [substantial reward for TG identification], are identified in <a href="">leaked memo</a>.</p> <p><a href=""><img align="left" src="" width="200" height="290" alt="" /></a>Yesterday, realising I knew Elizabeth Paul and Dr Tegwyn Willliams had attended my MAPPA meetings  with high ranking police officers, the proposed trial judge ruled I could not, during the substantive trial, next year?, from around one hundred witnesses or so, call any of those at each MAPPA meeting, revealed by cross examination.</p> <p>[ Do they just make up this Enyd Blyton stuff, as the mood fancies?] </p> <p>Again a substantial reward is offered for the names of each government or Welsh Assembly employee who were at one or more of the seven, at least, clandestine MAPPA meetings. The police continue to be allowed to hide identity of police at incidents, court documents and even incident numbers!!!!</p> <p>The 29th July Court of Appeal at 10am is destined for another absolute farce, to cover up the wide spread corruption in Cardiff courts.</p> <p>When  failing to getting me shot, leaving my arrest for several weeks, I am imprisoned for trading in an antique decommissioned machine gun, attached to my replica WW1 display aircraft!  Sold a year earlier, the remaining six MAPPA meetings diverted to achieve my extended imprisonment under the 1983 Mental Health Act, all present looking for an IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection).</p> <p> </p> <p><a href=""><img align="left" src="" width="200" height="282" alt="" /></a>Judge Nicholas Cooke QC, in July 09, asking in court,i my being refused right to attend, if my web site had been closed down yet? This rogue then  quickly employed another local villain, the Welsh psychiatrist Dr Tegwyn Williams and almost managed my permanent imprisonment with the doctor submitting a string of false reports to at least six judges.All must have known, only too well, his evidence was most likely false, he not even bothering to examine me for his first 3rd August 09 report!</p> <p>As to whether he was qualified to interpret a specialist brain scan, is obvioushe as he was vrelying on a psychologist mate from Swansea University with, apparently, no medical qualifications whatsoever! </p> <p>This Professor Roger Wood, co-defendant in 29th july at 2pm hearing lied in his September 09 'medical report' of me, written to Dr Ruth Bagshaw, another witness, shortly to be heard on oath. When I won my Feb 10 'machine gun' case, he quickly re-wrote the report, promised my incarceration for life, back dating it to the same 09 letter to Dr Ruth Bagshaw of Caswell Clinic, but refering to a retired chief of police, Barbara Wilding who did not in fact retire until 31st Dec 09!</p> <p>These are just a few  examples of the games they regularly play in  the Welsh law courts with the ‘Taffia' and their priority 'gravy train', desperate for an independent judiciary, almost like Scotland, no longer answerable to the English tax payer. </p> <p>But you have heard nothing yet!</p> <p>His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC went on to say that he  took the 'slim file' of MAPPA minutes from the police staff, a Mr Nigel Rees and read it, only to promptly return it to police HQ, Bridgend, refusing even to take a copy or indicate the minutes' content, neither identifying the author or just who was present...</p> <p>Police lawyers argued the file was not ‘police property' and only consisted of Agencies' notes under the control of the Probation Service! More porky pies.</p> <p>No one would tell me, in court, as in prison, just which agencies were at the meeting's discussing my likely demise or permanent incarceration.</p> <p>Why? to prevent my court disclosure applications to the High Court judge, next week, he being sent down from London by the notorious HM Court Service (Wales), to go through the motions of why the main incidents have been ‘struck out' in my nineteen year quest for so called justice. </p> <p>Spurious non sensicle  arguement is their regular game now in our law courts,licenced to print money and anwerable to no one.</p> <p><b>On 29<sup>th</sup>July at 10 am at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, before Mr Justice Kitchin or Beatson, possibly,</b> and, again in the afternoon with Dr Tegwyn Williams' 'perverting the course of justice' case about to start, also funded by the NHS (Wales) ie the English tax payer, fighting now for his liberty, at 2pm........should be a bit of sport, free candy floss and sticky buns, at the interval, for all who come.</p> <p>As with the machine gun damages claim lawyers for Williams will be applying for years of delay, all waiting for me to die.</p> <p>Things then appeared to became even more farcical yesterday, when the judge stated the MAPPA ‘minutes', some already leaked to me, stating I was 'likely to get shot if I approached the Chief Constable', could not be found in Mr Nigel Rees's 'slim(e)' pile.  Why not? Apparently each agency have their own notes and someone writes the minutes but who checks them as agreed?</p> <p>The judge, when asked, my needing the names of those present, to give evidence, shortly, in the ‘machine gun' one million pound damages claim said,<i> <b>'there are no names recorded in the </b></i><i><b>minutes'.</b></i>. </p> <p>The police lawyers were quick to add they had not seen the ‘minutes'!  Laughable, if it was not so deadly serious.</p> <p>The QC then attempted to persuade the judge the ‘minutes' were not under the ‘control' of the South Wales Police! I was, of course, refused the information as to just who did have overall control? the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales)?</p> <p>Clearly the purported papers, before the judge, were highly unlikely to be the original and I said so, as with the ‘executive summary' of all seven months meetings, released by police HQ at Christmas, following my application, clearly having been frantically rewritten by the police, following the  specific Court Order for disclosure.</p> <p>Eventually the judge bent a little more by ordering a copy of the purported ‘minutes' to be secured by the court,after all, in a ‘sealed envelope', to be signed by him on each page, following my allegations that the ‘original' minutes could not have been disclosed, if there were no names on it and a vote recorded being taken, each month, as to  a true and fair account of the previous proceedings!</p> <p>Due to the manner in which I had been registered, by Cardiff's capricious cabal, as top level 3 MAPPA, in the top 5% most dangerous 'at large', set up for a few weeks to be shot by police marksmen, is it not  the makings of an amusing new board game or class action at the Court of Human Rights? </p> <p>The MAPPA last purported meeting was in Caswell Clinic, on the 17<sup>th</sup> December 2009, with me in 'solitary', in Cardiff prison, just before the ridiculous ‘machine gun' trial. </p> <p>Now, with Dr Tegwyn Williams obviously being made to withdraw his scandalous allegations of my brain tumour and permanent brain damage, by the Princess of Wales only brain scan, in August 09, being leaked by yet another well wisher or old veterinary client, just what will they try next?</p> <p>Would I have loved to have been a ‘fly on the wall' in that meeting, only for my MAPPA encounter to be 'air brushed out' of the MAPPA records like Austin State Psychiatric Hospital did in Texas, USA, following my lawful landing in a farmer's field over four miles away from President Bush's ranch.</p> <p>Re "anarchy" by <a href="">Sabine K McNeill</a>: it should be noted that Tony Farrell, Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police, was dismissed after he concluded that the "enemy from within", aka state terrorism, and the complete breakdown of confidence in Government, presents a far greater risk for violence than any other outside foe. </p> <p>See <a href="">Terror threat is in UK Government (video interview)</a> or <a href="">British Police Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell: 9/11 and 7/7 are Acts of Internal Tyranny</a>. </p> <p>You could also take the risk of reading about that a 'false flag attack' was planned to take place in Berlin. But, thanks to two lawyers who submitted a 400-page document and another very different report to the highest official authorities and a LOT that happened on the net, especially <a href=""></a>, the operation was cancelled. More on <a href="">First we bomb Manhatten, the we nuke Berlin: 26-06-2011, 7:17pm</a>   </p> <p> </p> <p><b>In the Court of Appeal                                             Appeal Nos. CF029/2011a & CF030/2011a </b></p> <p> </p> <p align="center"><b>Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, Cardiff, South Wales at 10am 29<sup>th</sup> July 2011</b></p> <p align="center"> </p> <p align="center"><b>Maurice John Kirk v South Wales Police (6 Actions)</b></p> <p align="center"> </p> <p>Appellant <b>applies to court to:</b></p> <ul> <li>1. Uphold the Bristol District Judge's 4<sup>th</sup> July 2011 decision that Appellant's private criminal prosecutions are dealt with by the Cardiff Crown Court where most of these criminal offences took place.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>2. Examine Dr Tegwyn Williams falsified numerous court reports, between 7th August and 17th December 2009 inclusive, for the Chief Constable, CPSand agencies within MAPPA, disclosed in leaked MAPPA minutes, to keep the Appellant locked up in prison and so prejudice these and other civil damages claims against the South Wales Police and order the NHS (Wales)m to carry out a follow up brain scan.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>3. Overturn the 29<sup>th</sup> June 2011Cardiff District Judge decision and issue summonses for these private prosecutions also to be dealt with by Cardiff Crown Court as English judge has already advised.</li></ul> <p>Cardiff Magistrate's decision, not to issue summonses against Barbara Wilding, Adrian Oliver and Dr Tegwyn Williams, was conveyed thus:</p> <p>Dear Mr Kirk,</p> <p><i>Your application to state a case, received on 5<sup>th</sup> July 2011, has been considered by District Judge Brown.  District Judge Brown deems the application to be frivolous, and in accordance with Section 111(5) Magistrates' Courts Act 1980, has refused to state a case.</i></p> <p>Yours sincerely,</p> <p>Sally Lewis<br />Legal Manager<br />Cardiff Magistrates' Court</p> <ul> <li>4. Order current proceedings in the County Court be stayed pending the outcome of criminal proceedings in both Cardiff Crown Court and England's High Court.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>5. Order current proceedings in the County Court to be stayed for a response from the Professional Standards Department, South Wales Police HQ, IPCC and an external police force, Gloucestershire, all of whom have had service of the relevant facts for an independent enquiry.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>6. Order disclosure of original versions of ‘laid information' of ‘Breach of the Peace' allegation, every one different served or not served on Barry magistrates by Crown Prosecution Service solicitor, Jackie Seal in ‘struck out' incident at Vale of Glamorgan Show. Order the next version, handed to the Appellant, this time during Recorder of Cardiff's Crown Court hearing and final version handed to Bridgend magistrate's clerk also different to any other, causing allegation of BOP to be withdrawn for fear the Appellant would refuse a ‘bind over' and so go to prison.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>7. Order witness summons to be served on Ms Jackie Seal, to attend with full records of the incident.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>8. Order original overhead video of police, caught beating up Appellant in Newport Road, Cardiff, <u>before being redacted</u> of the police breaking into his car, thereby giving evidence of the full extent of the violent police assault, be disclosed the Court of Appeal judge</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>9. Order redacted overhead video of police, caught beating up Maurice Kirk in Newport Road, Cardiff, [see website videos],another ‘struck out incident' subject to appeal, released only after a year of appellant's refused applications to police, CPS, magistrates and Crown Courts.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>10. Order summonses to be served to attend on those handling that video record of the incident.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>11. Order original custody videos from Rumney and Roath Cardiff police stations, where Appellant was further beaten up by South Wales Police.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>12. Order witness summons to be served on whoever recorded the videos and who had control of them only to be <u>redacted</u> from waist level upwards so as a court could not identify the assaulting police officers.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>13. Order disclosure of Dr Metters' hand written notes, used at 8th June 2009 MAPPA meeting in Barry police station, to register the Appellant MAPPA level 3, top 5% most dangerous.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>14. Order witness summonses to be served on social worker, Elizabeth Paul and disclose her original notes to identify, TG (? Dr Tegwyn Williams) and mental health nurse, also from Caswell Clinic, who attended the 8<sup>th</sup> June 2009 Barry police station MAPPA meeting.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>15. Order witness summons to be served on Dr Tegwyn Williams to attend with Appellant's medical notes created that caused his reports to be written and submitted to 7<sup>th</sup> August, September, October, November and 2<sup>nd</sup> and 17<sup>th</sup> December 2009 Crown Court hearings, to oppose bail, seeking the Appellant be transferred to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison for an indeterminate period.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>16. Order a witness summons to be served on Nigel Rees, of South Wales Police HQ, Bridgend, to attend and confirm, from MAPPA agency records, the adjournment of the 2010 pre planned ten week civil trial, following Appellant's false imprisonment by police using false Dr Tegwyn Williams court reports to oppose bail, prolonged not just imprisonment but the date for the machine gun criminal trial thus preventing the Appellant from having surgery, in Wales, for a total hip replacement.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>17. Order Nigel Rees to attend with a copy of the purported MAPPA minutes supplied to and signed by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC and a true copy identifying those who attended seven meetings to obtain the Appellant's continued imprisonment.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>18. Order a witness summons to be served on Chief Inspector J Dave of South Wales Police to attend and explain why, at 4pm, on 17<sup>th</sup> December 2009, immediately after the Appellant's refused bail application, in Newport Crown Court, all MAPPA dealings with the Appellant were quashed without explanation ever since.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>19. Order witness summonses to be served on both Chief Constable and Adrian Oliver to attend and disclose evidence, in their control, confirming the appellant was in possession of a prohibited weapon, contrary to the 1968 Fire Arms Act and was a mental health risk to both his youngest son and youngest daughter. None of this was disclosed before the criminal trial or offered in evidence.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>20. Order Adrian Oliver to attend with full particulars of his complaint, re ‘<i>threat to commit criminal damage</i>' causing the Appellant's arrest and custody, on 22<sup>nd</sup> June 2009, having repeatedly refused previous Court Orders to so disclose.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>21. Order HM Court Service (Wales), following HHJ Nicholas Cooke QC's order for the Appellant to have free court transcripts of 2009,T20097445 Machine Gun Case, to reimburse the Appellant.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>22. Order HM Court Service (Wales), following HHJ Nicholas Cooke QC order to disclose Dr Tegwyn Williams' records of the Appellant, his patient, referring to his significant brain damage and suspected brain tumour, retained by the Cardiff Court following the 2<sup>nd</sup> December 2009 hearing.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>23. Order the Defendant to release the names and addresses of witnesses, for trial, in each of the hundred or so, police incidents, many witnesses traced from the South Wales Police Pension Fund available to the Defendant but not to the Claimant.</li></ul> <p>Does the Claimant have to resort to employing ex-News of the World reporters, to find witnesses already known to the defence?</p> <p> A £10,000 reward, so far, for the whereabouts of some vital witnesses, known by the police, is not enough, apparently, to fight locally entrenched deceit denying the Claimant speedy remedy and a ‘level playing field'.</p> <p> </p> <ul> <li>24. Order the consolidation of the Appellant's machine gun Action with two or more of previous Actions.</li></ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>25. Order a criminal investigation to be expedited following the fresh evidence from the above named witnesses and information recently given to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC of the continuing<b><i> mindset</i></b> of the Defendant with a string of furher false imprisonments, bullying, malicious prosecutions and harassment since the Appellant's 9<sup>th</sup> February 2010 Crown Court acquittal and immediate release from prison.</li></ul> <p> </p> <p> His Honour was told eleven of the jury volunteered the fact their verdict was decided on the very first day of police evidence.</p> <ul> <li>26. The Applicant appeals the MAPPA Orders 1, 2 and 3 of 12<sup>th</sup> July 2011 Cardiff County Court, refusing disclosure or criminal investigation, to be transferred out of this incestuous environment of South Wales. </li></ul> <p> </p> <p> This list is not exhaustive due to the continuing conduct of both the South Wales Police and HM Court Service (Wales). </p> <p> </p> <p>BEWARE, TAFFIA, , I AM OFF THE MORPHINE</p> <p> </p>Magna Carta Day,15th June, Public Demonstation, Leeds County Court -- 'Right to Private Prosecutions' Meeting 12 Noon, 11 Jun 2011 07:08:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1985Maurice<p align="center"><b><img align="left" src="" width="200" height="282" alt="" />Adrian Oliver of Dolmans Solicitors</b> has been the Solicitor of South Wales Police and is the MasterMind behind "defending" all bullying incidents, the cumulative harassment and the multi-organisational collusion under the label MAPPA.</p> <p align="center">See <strong>'HM Conspiratorial Partnership'</strong> in Cardiff magistes courts as an example of blocking Private Prosecutions here:<a href=""><font color="#efbc97">this document</font></a>.  </p> <p align="center"> <b>"Whoever may be guilty of abuse of power, be it Government, State, Employer, Trade Union or whoever, the law must provide a speedy remedy.  Otherwise the victims will find their own remedy.  There will be anarchy."</b>  </p> <p align="center">Lord Denning: 1982</p> <p align="center">WANTED</p> <p align="center">(Picture on gallery or Downloads)</p> <p align="center">Following posters, shortly,on gallery</p> <p align="center">Judge T M Hughes QC</p> <p align="center">Judge Morris</p> <p align="center">Judge Vosper</p> <p align="center">Judge Llewellyn Jones</p> <p align="center">Judge Elleri Rees</p> <p align="center">Judge Gareth Jones</p> <p align="center">Judge Neil Bidder QC</p> <p align="center">More Cardiff Judges to come</p> <p> <span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;"><font face="Times New Roman"><span style="mso-spacerun:yes;"> </span><b>IN THE CARDIFF COURT </b></font></span></p><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;"><font face="Times New Roman"><b></b></font></span><span style="FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><font face="Times New Roman">                                 </font></span><font face="Times New Roman"><b><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;">Maurice Kirk</span></b></font><b><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;"><font face="Times New Roman"><span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">  </span>Appellant</font></span></b><b><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;"><font face="Times New Roman"> </font></span></b> <p><b><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;"><font face="Times New Roman">                                                </font></span></b><b><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;"><font face="Times New Roman">V</font></span></b><b><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;"></span></b><font face="Times New Roman"><b><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;">        </span></b></font></p><font face="Times New Roman"><b><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;">       Chief Constable of South Wales Police </span></b><span style="FONT-SIZE:11pt;"></span></font><b><font size="3"><font face="Calibri"><span style="mso-spacerun:yes;"> </span></font></font></b><b><font size="3"><font face="Calibri">Respondent </font></font></b> <p><b><font size="3"><font face="Calibri">Particulars of Claim</font></font></b> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>1.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;">The </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Defendant </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;">is </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10.5pt;">and was </span><font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">at </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:12pt;">all </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">material times the </span></font><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:12.5pt;">chief officer </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;">of </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">the </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;">South </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Wales</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span> </span>C</span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">onstabulary and the police officers hereinafter referred to were at all material times</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span> </span>acting under the direction and control of the Defendant in the performance or purported</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span>  </span>performance of their functions.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>2.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><font size="3"><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">1977: </span></b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">Five decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine guns were designated for various replica period aircraft.</span></font><font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></font><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;">3.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><font size="3"><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">1997: </span></b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">MJK purchased the DH2 aeroplane and ‘gun' from a private collection with its log books and other Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) paperwork identifying the ‘gun' as an integral part of the fuselage. </span></font> </p><font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></font><font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></font><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;">4.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><font size="3"><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">1998: </span></b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">The 1968 Fire Arms Act was amended meaning that if the ‘gun' remained as it had first been decommissioned, it remained exempt from the new regulations. This became the critical argument in the trial.</span></font><font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></font><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;">5.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><font size="3"><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">2000: </span></b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">The DH2 with the same Lewis antique was flown by the Claimant at the Farnborough Air Show by invitation of Captain Brian Trubshaw of 002 Concorde fame. </span></font> </p><font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></font><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>6.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><font size="3"><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">2006: </span></b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">The DH2 was moved to RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, for repair and display with the ‘gun' dismounted.</span></font> <font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></font><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>7.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><font size="3"><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">2007: </span></b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">The DH2 and ‘gun' was handed out, by the RAF, to a civilian for further repair in Hampshire.</span></font> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></font><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span></span></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span></span></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>8.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><font size="3"><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><span></span>2008 </span></b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">MJK sold the aircraft and gun to another display pilot who modified the gun for his own purposes.</span></font><font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></font><font face="Calibri"><span style="FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span> </span></span></font> <font face="Calibri"><span style="FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span></font><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>9.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On <b>25<sup>th</sup> February 2009</b> the Defendant signed a sworn affidavit knowing it to be or ought to have known it to be, false in that paragraphs, between14 to 21, contained erroneous information, namely, incidents, involving both the Defendant and Claimant, had occurred</font></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>10.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Following the 2008 Court Order by His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, for the Defendant to sign an affidavit that full disclosure of evidence, under her control, had been disclosed to the Claimant, the latter entered the Defendants solicitors offices, on or about the 25<sup>th</sup> February 2009 complaining the court order had not been carried out.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>11.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The Claimant, upon receipt of a copy of the Defendant’s affidavit entered Barry Police Station and was both videoed and interviewed at length following his complaint that the Chief Constable had knowingly signed a false affidavit to avoid disclosure of evidence relevant to the nineteen year running civil action for damages, CF101741 + three others..</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span></span></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>12.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On <b>1<sup>st</sup> June 2009</b> the Defendant caused the Claimant to be subjected to Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) enquiry following a meeting, at the South Wales Police Head Quarters, Bridgend, by the Independent Advisory Group.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>13.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On<b> 8<sup>th</sup> June 2009,</b> at Barry police station MAPPA meeting, police informed the agencies that the Claimant was to be arrested and taken into custody for being in possession of a prohibited weapon.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p> <p>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;">14.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The police also informed the agencies that should the Claimant approach the Chief Constable then he was likely to be shot.</font></span></p> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>15.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On <b>15<sup>th</sup> June 2009</b> the Claimant brought further civil proceedings, in the Administrative Court, London, against the Defendant </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">when police were called to be in attendance.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>16.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On <b>18<sup>th</sup> June 2009 </b>the Claimant again laid the complaint, this time at the offices of the Defendant in her Bridgend head quarters .and again, refused mutual exchange of witness statements.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>17.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On <b>19<sup>th</sup> June 2009</b> the Defendant again refused to exchange witness statements when her solicitors were contacted by the Claimant despite the court order having given until 4pm.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>18.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span> </span>On<b> 20<sup>th</sup> June 2009</b> the Defendant’s solicitors laid complaint against the Claimant to be arrested for threat of criminal damage.</font></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>19.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On <b>21<sup>st</sup> June 2009</b> police Operations, ‘Orchid’ and ‘Chalice, caused’ a sizeable force of police officers to surround the Claimant’s home, in St Donats, Vale of Glamorgan, requiring an armed response unit, a police helicopter and both forensic psychiatrists<span>  </span>and a lay advisor for the Claimant to be in attendance. The operation was aborted once the Claimant was seen drinking tea with his family in their front garden.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>20.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The <b>English police</b> refused to ‘touch it with a barge pole, once they became aware that the Welsh police had persuaded the Civil Aviation Authority to telephone the new owner, in England, to dismount the Lewis antique and alone drive it across Lincolnshire and beyond to find a licenced arms dealer where it would be collected by the Defendant.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;">21.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The Welsh police then hawked the Lewis antique nearly two thousand miles around the UK, contrary to Home Office Regulations during which time had it modified, to be illegal, contrary to the 1968 Fire Arms Act at their special laboratory in South Wales.</font></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>22.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On<b> 22<sup>nd</sup> June 2009</b> police returned to the Claimant’s home and arrested him in the road outside his property, cautioning him that he had been arrested for:</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><span><font size="3">a.</font><span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Threat of committing criminal damage</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><span><font size="3">b.</font><span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Being in possession of a prohibited weapon </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><span><font size="3">c.</font><span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">    </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Being in possession of prohibited ammunition.</font></span> <p> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>23.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The Claimant was never charged with the first arrest allegation and despite court orders from His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC to reveal the evidence and statements by Dolmans, solicitors, falsified to assist their client, the then Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Ms Barbara Wilding.</font></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>24.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Between 22<sup>nd</sup> and 23<sup>rd</sup> June 2009 the police removed the Claimant’s lawfully held shot guns, ammunition and court files relating to the Claimant’s ongoing Claims of bullying, harassment and false imprisonment none of which have been returned to the Claimant.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>25.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On <b>24<sup>th</sup> June 2009</b> a police officer or officers laid an <span> </span>information against the Claimant at Barry Magistrates court alleging that that the Claimant had been in possession of a prohibited weapon, one 1916 Lewis machine gun and had sold the gun, both contrary to the 1968 Fire Arms Act.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;">26.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span>Upon reading the Claimant’s June 2009 64 page Defense statement the Barry Magistrates court, following legal advice, allowed the Claimant unconditional bail.</p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>27.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On<b> 25<sup>th</sup> June 2009</b> the police appealed the court order lying to HHJ Hughes causing the Claimant to be detained in custody in Cardiff prison.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>28.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Lies by the Defendant were used, eventually, before ten Cardiff Crown Court judges, no less, refusing the Claimant disclosure of evidence, under their control, that would have cleared the Claimant’s name. </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;">29.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">In <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight:normal;">July 2009</b> the Defendant brought a third indictment namely, ‘income from crime’.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;">30.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight:normal;">3<sup>rd</sup> August </b>2009 Dr Tegwyn Williams, forensic psychiatrist and Director of Caswell Clinic, South Wales Police forensic Unit, at Bridgend signed a psychiatric report recommending the Claimant be sectioned and further remanded to his medium secure psychiatric unit, Caswell Clinic, under Section 35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act.</font></span></p> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>31.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">In <b>September 2009 </b>when it was<b> </b>clear the Claimant was not going to employ a lawyer sworn to the Welsh courts Dr Tegwyn Williams recommended that the Claimant be transferred to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison, IPP, imprisonment for Public Protection. </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><b></b></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>32.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On or about the <b>24<sup>th</sup> October 2009</b> the Claimant was further remanded in custody in Cardiff Prison reliant on a further Dr Tegwyn Williams psychiatric report the Defendant knew or ought to have known was false. </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;">33.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">On <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight:normal;">9<sup>th</sup> February 2010</b>, at Cardiff Crown Court, the Defendant having earlier withdrawn the third indictment, was found not guilty on all remaining indictments and was released from custody. </font></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>34.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">No defence evidence or summing up was needed from the Claimant with further confirmation by nine members of the jury confirming to him that their decision of ‘Not Guilty’ was already concluded by eleven of the jury after the first day of evidence was given and cross examined.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p> <p> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>35.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The jury also made the Claimant aware, immediately after the hearing, that they questioned why both the original seller to the Claimant, of the Lewis antique and the current owner were not both also in the dock as defendants. </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>36.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The Claimant’s complaints to the relevant police authorities, to investigate the conduct within South Wales Police before and after his arrest and nearly eight months in custody, have been swept aside in a perfunctory manner to which the Claimant is accustomed since first settling in south Wales in 1992.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>37.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span> </span>The arrest and detention of the Claimant were unlawful.</font></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:11.0pt;"><span style="mso-list:Ignore;"></span></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>38.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">There were no reasonable grounds to believe that the Claimant was probably guiltv of the offence for which he was arrested.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>39.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The decisions to arrest and detain the Claimant were such as no reasonable police officer would have reached.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>40.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The Claimant was detained for longer than was reasonably necessary and in breach of the provisions of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.</font></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>41.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Further, the actions of police officers set out above constitute harassment within meaning of section 1 of the Protection from Hara</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">ssment Act 1997 and misfeasance in public office.</font></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span></b><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></b>  <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span></b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>42.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">Unless restrained by the Court police officers will continue to harass the Claimant.</font></span></b><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span></b><span style="LINE-HEIGHT:115%;FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:16.5pt;"> </span><span style="LINE-HEIGHT:115%;FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:16.5pt;"></span>  <br /><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>43.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:16.5pt;"><span> </span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">By reason of the matters aforesaid, the Claimant has suffered loss, damage, distress, anxiety, damage to his reputation and was deprived of his liberty. He has been subjected to bullying, malicious prosecution and harassment, false imprisonment and contrary to the 1998 Human Rights Act.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>44.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><font size="3"><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">The </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:12pt;">Plaintiff </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">therefore </span></font><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;">claims </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:12.5pt;">of </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">the Defendant:-</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span> </span>Damages</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span> </span>Exemplary damages </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span> </span>Special Damages.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span> </span></font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"><span> </span>Costs.<span>  </span>In pursuant of Sections of the County Court Act 1984.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"></span>  <p> </p> <span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:11.5pt;"><span>45.<span style="FONT:7pt 'Times New Roman';">  </span></span></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3">The Claimant retains his right for a lawyer to amend this Claim.</font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';"><font size="3"> </font></span><font size="3" face="Calibri"> </font> <p align="center"> </p>Dr Tegwyn Williams, Prof Roger Wood and South Wales NHS sued for a Million Pound + Fraud, 03 Jun 2011 14:05:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1975Maurice<p>Dear Sir Norman Scarth, Rear Admiral Rtd.,</p> <p>Further to your kind invitation to attend <b>Leeds County Court on Magna Carta Day, 15th June, [NOT BEFORE NOON],</b> with Battle Bus, megaphones, etc [details at bottom of this post] please consider 10,000 pamphlets, floating downwards, on the day, just for starters.</p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;">More than a year has gone by since I was incarcerated in prison due to a rogue psychiatrist falsifying medical records just to help a police woman in a spot of bother. "trouble at mill", as my Barry Veterinary hospital secretary used to say, back in the 90s.</span>  <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;">Barbara Wilding, as Chief Constable and controller of millions of charity cash, enquiry will find, had a 'cosy relationship' with Tegwyn, a NHS Clinical Director needing handouts, fast and plentiful.</span></p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;">Whilst I was locked up in the shear hell of Casswell Clinic, I noticed other patients being quietly recommended release, by Williams, alone, to one of his own private psychiatric units, in Cardiff and elsewhere, cleverly in partnership with other key NHS people controlling the flow of UK tax payers' money to the private medical sector.</span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;"></span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;">I have deliberately kept quiet, until now, Norman, on this aspect of the 2008 conspiracy hatched, <i><b><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';">machine gun arrest / Barbara as Defendant / Williams to falsify records,</span></b></i> just to see what wicked Tegwyn Williams / South Wales Police and HM Partnership and their cabal might do next, now that I am temporarily at large and still breathing. </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;"></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;">An outside authority should easily follow the audit trail of purloined tax payers' cash, in South Wales, despite having their local courts sewn up<i> 'as tight as a mackerels'</i>, as our old gardener, Ernie Gratton, would say.</span> </p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;"></span> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;">Is there a link beween the multiple Bridgend suicides of late and Caswell Clinic policy, many are asking?</span> </p> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;">Neither NHS nor Welsh Assembly have any intention in helping me get my medical records clarified or corrected. So, once again, I have to face the utter stench of a Welsh law court for a few more years. .A Cardiff Court action against Williams came to an interesting conclusion, today, when the Cardiff judge refused my application for clarification, correction or release of my medical records.....</span></p> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;">Those proceedings now concluded, but with Williams still not yet behind bars, it has set the stage, beautifully for the start of both civil and <u>criminal proceedings.</u> Norman, guess where?  In Cardiff!</span></p> <p><span style="FONT-FAMILY:'Arial','sans-serif';FONT-SIZE:10pt;">IN THE CARDIFF </span>COUNTY COURT                       Claim No</p> <p>                                             MAURICE JOHN KIRK                           Claimant</p> <p>                                                          V</p> <p>                                             Dr Tegwyn Williams                           1st Defendant</p> <p>                                           Professor Roger Wood                         2<sup>nd</sup> Defendant</p> <p>                           Paul Williams Chief Executive NHS Wales             3<sup>rd</sup> Defendant</p> <p>                       The Secretary of State to the Ministry of Justice          4<sup>th</sup> Defendant</p> <p> </p> <p>PARTICULARS OF CLAIM</p> <p>1. The 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant was at all material times the Clinical Director of the South Wales Constabulary's Forensic Unit, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend and  the staff of the medium secure psychiatric hospital, hereinafter referred to, were at all material times acting under the direction and control of the Defendant in the performance or  purported performance of their functions. </p> <p>2. The 2<sup>nd</sup> Defendant was at all material times a psychology professor at Swansea University, South Wales. </p> <p>3. The 3<sup>rd</sup> Defendant was the regional director responsible for the conduct of the South Wales NHS staff and safety of the general public when in its care. </p> <p>4. On or before 1<sup>st</sup> June 2009,<sup> </sup>following meetings at South Wales Police HQ, by senior police officers, the 1st Defendant was made aware that ‘Operation Orchid' had been conceived following the attempts by the Claimant to sue the South Wales Police relating to over one hundred incidents and was claiming malicious intent, bullying and false imprisonment by them. </p> <p>5. His newest complaint, that being the Chief Constable's February 2009 falsely signed sworn affidavit, relating to years of covert police surveillance of the Claimant, led to meetings of the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) and Multi Agency Public Protection arrangements (MAPPA) in order prevent disclosure of the truth.</p> <p>6. Repeatedly, police refused to properly investigate crime committed against his property and person. Well over one hundred allegations of criminal conduct were laid, as a counter measure, only to be withdrawn by the HM Crown Prosecution Service or ignominiously dismissed in the criminal courts despite where HM Partnership had some special relationships with each other in the Principality.</p> <p>7. The 1<sup>st </sup>and 3<sup>rd</sup> Defendant knew that police ‘Operation Orchid' was devised on spurious medical grounds with a real risk of damaging the Claimant by either being a party to causing his 10 year old daughter being taken into care, allegedly for her own safety, by South Wales Social Services.</p> <p> 8. The 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant, on 8<sup>th</sup> June 2009, caused members of his staff to attend Barry police station for a MAPPA meeting that led to his knowledge that the Claimant was to be arrested, remanded in custody and should the Claimant ‘approach the Chief Constable of South Wales', on the pretext of ‘mutual exchange of witness statements', in a civil action, ‘he was likely to be shot' by an armed police unit.</p> <p>9. At no time, to this day, did any of the four Defendants inform the Claimant of the risk to his life, from the South Wales Police nor the existence and possible consequences of ‘Operation Orchid' causing damage to both the Claimant and his family.</p> <p>10. In early and mid June 2009 the Claimant attended various South Wales police stations, in Cardiff, Cowbridge and Barry, lodging further complaints of being refused police investigations concerning crimes committed against him. </p> <p>11. On 18<sup>th</sup> June 2009, in frustration, the Claimant visited and complained at the Chief Constable's office in Bridgend HQ where he was soon surrounded by a heavily armed police sporting flak jackets and tin hats with an array of gas cylinders clipped on their belts.</p> <p>12. The Chief constable refused ‘exchange of witness statements', despite a court dead line by the following day, and ordered the Claimant be escorted off the premises but not before a thorough search of his car, for any fire arms or explosives and bringing in a road patrol officer off the Motorway who failed to find any defect in the Claimant's old car.</p> <p>13. The Claimant put the finishing touches to his 64 page witness statement, for court later, having just ‘gone public', on YouTube and on his own web site, <a href=""></a>, of his knowing, all the time, of the 18 years of expensive covert police surveillance on both his veterinary hospital and home. </p> <p>14. On 21<sup>st</sup> June 2009 the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant was notified of ‘Operation Chalice', arranged by the Chief Constable, for a formidable armed police unit amassed to take the Claimant into custody.</p> <p>15. The operation was, however, aborted despite the Claimant being in full view of the twenty odd surveillance team, crowded in the road and crouched behind the hedges with police helicopter hovering overhead.</p> <p>16. On the 22<sup>nd</sup> June 2009 the Claimant was arrested on fire arms charges, fabricated by the Chief Constable but examined by a police psychiatrist who found no relevant medical abnormality with her patient to require detention or treatment. </p> <p>17. To the contrary, the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant wrote his 3<sup>rd</sup> August 2009 psychiatric report , without even examining the Claimant, recommending the Claimant serve a further prison sentence, whilst unconvicted but in his experimental unit, Caswell Clinic, thereby further delaying the machine gun allegations coming to trial</p> <p>18. The 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant wrongly stated his patient suffered a ‘paranoid delusional disorder', requiring further detention in custody, due to ‘false fixed beliefs' in that the Claimant believed he was being persecuted by the South Wales Police</p> <p>19. On 7<sup>th</sup> August 2009, upon giving a Cardiff Crown Court judge false information, the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant recommended and obtained a Section 35 under the 1983 Mental Health Act.</p> <p>20. The 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant knew or should have known that an appropriately qualified police doctor, HM Prison Cardiff psychiatrists and his own doctors, at Caswell Clinic had already very recently physically examined the Claimant and had found no mental health abnormality requiring further incarceration or treatment</p> <p>21. The 1<sup>st </sup>Defendant, on or about 28<sup>th</sup> August 2009, maliciously and/or negligently, caused the Claimant to undergo an unnecessary but intrusive procedure of a SPEC scan requiring the infusion of radioactive isotopes into the Claimant's brain.</p> <p>22. The 1st Defendant informed the South Wales Police, HM Crown Prosecution Service, Uncle Tom Cobley and all that Princess of Wales Hospital brain scans revealed ‘significant brain damage' and likely to be irreversible..</p> <p>23. The 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant had no appropriate medical qualifications to come to that conclusion especially with the prior knowledge that an expert in the field of brain scans had already written a report stating there was no sign of relevant abnormality or suggestion of any space invading lesion in the Claimant's brain. </p> <p>24. Following significant but immediate alarming sides effects on the ‘patient' the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant repeatedly refused the right for the Claimant to be examined, either privately funded or funded by the 3<sup>rd</sup> Defendant, by his own general practitioner of some seventeen years standing or independent source from outside South Wales. </p> <p>25. The Claimant has suffered these apparent medical complications ever since.</p> <p>26. The 1st Defendant caused the 2<sup>nd </sup>Defendant to be also enticed into the conspiracy, to pervert the course of justice, hatched originally by senior police officers of South Wales in the hope of a few chances in having the chronic litigant ‘lawfully' shot. </p> <p>27. Professor Wood, the 2<sup>nd</sup> Defendant, interviewed the Claimant under the pretence he was a doctor of medicine and when he had no appropriate qualifications to write such content in his original report to Dr Ruth Bagshaw of Caswell Clinic. </p> <p>28. The 2nd Defendant's report, read by the Claimant on or around 13<sup>th</sup> October 2009, stated apart from other untruths, the following:</p> <p><b>a</b>. He was an expert in the field of interpreting brain scans and the very purpose of his being called in by the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant. He agreed with the doctor's findings, that of irreversible ‘significant brain damage'.</p> <p><b>b</b>. Damage was attributed to the effects of excessive alcohol consumption having been an old drinking partner of the late actor, Oliver Reed Esq.</p> <p><b>c.</b> Damage was attributed to the effects of ‘previous flying accidents' and the Claimant's recently ditching into the Caribbean in his WW2 light aircraft during an attempted circum navigation of the world. </p> <p><b>d.</b> Damage confirmed by the 2<sup>nd</sup> Defendant's belief that the Claimant had flown his aircraft from West Wales to Australia ‘without a map'.</p> <p>29. 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant caused further psychiatric reports to be written containing the following:</p> <p><i><b><font size="4">Maurice Kirk presents with symptoms entirely consistent with a mental illness namely</font></b></i></p> <p><i><b><font size="4">paranoid delusional disorder (fixed false beliefs un ameanable to reason)</font></b></i></p> <p align="left"><i><b><font size="4">Maurice Kirk has evidence of significant brain damage to an area of his brain specifically</font></b></i></p> <p align="left"><i><b><font size="4">related to self-awareness, judgement, decision making, self regulation of behaviour and</font></b></i></p> <p><i><b><font size="4">control of emotions</font></b></i></p> <p>30. More 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant psychiatric reports caused the Claimant to be further detained in custody, in fear of his life throughout, for the maximum period allowed, under the 1983 law, that of twelve weeks.</p> <p>31. The 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant, despite repeated objections by the Claimant each time a new report was written, refused to correct his forensic history of his patient. It included, along with other false information to countless bail judges, that the Claimant, in 1982, had been convicted of ‘Actual Bodily Harm'</p> <p>32. Following the Claimant's applications under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts, the 3<sup>rd</sup> Defendant, the NHS, refused to disclose the full relevant medical records caused by the Claimant's detention in Caswell Clinic and in particular including any records of 2<sup>nd</sup> Defendant or from those of the doctor in his presence at time of his insulting interview. </p> <p>33. The 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant then recommended, under a Section 41 or similar, to numerous judges that the Claimant be retained in a psychiatric hospital. He particularly asked his patient be transferred to Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, following consultation with the South Wales Police and MAPPA recommending he be imprisoned IPP, imprisonment for public protection and without access to a jury, for an indeterminate period.</p> <p>34. On the Claimant being returned to HM Prison Cardiff, in late October 2009, the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant was now in possession of other doctor's opinions, exceeding eighteen, that the Claimant revealed no relevant mental disorder to have caused his detention in his Caswell Clinic or for any treatment other than obtain independent legal representation, significantly unavailable in South Wales. </p> <p>35. On 2nd December 2009, before the prospective trial judge in the rapidly approaching criminal proceedings, with the Claimant now indicted on ‘being in possession of a machine gun', ‘selling it' and ‘making financial gain', the 1st Defendant caused some of those present, without ever informing the Claimant, to this day, that the latter now had a brain tumour and was far too dangerous to be released on bail. </p> <p>36. These further serious attempts to pervert the course of justice, by HM Crown Prosecution Service, the Chief Constable of South Wales Police and Dr Tegwyn Williams, were MAPPA's last ditch attempt to avoid a farcical and publicly watched criminal trial in the capital of Wales.</p> <p>37. During the 2<sup>nd</sup> December 2009 Crown Court hearing, in the absence of the unrepresented Claimant, locked up below, two English independent medical reports were considered by the court. The 1st, from HM Prison Ashworth, found no apparent mental disorder while the 2<sup>nd</sup>, likewise, from a leading specialist in nuclear medicine, went so far as to castigating the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant for the unnecessary use of a SPEC scan when a non intrusive scan was all that was needed. The Claimant was again refused bail.</p> <p>38. On or about 17<sup>th</sup> December 2009 MAPPA, conducted in Caswell Clinic would you believe, removed the Claimant from their top level 5% category 3 list of most dangerous persons to the general public.</p> <p>39. MAPPA or their agents, including 1<sup>st</sup>, 3<sup>rd</sup> and 4<sup>th</sup> Defendant have failed to notify the Claimant, to this day, as to when and why was he on MAPPA register at all?</p> <p>40. Why, now, he was no longer considered a public threat just days before a trail carrying possible convictions with a mandatory ten year prison sentence?</p> <p>41. On 9<sup>th</sup> February 2010 the Claimant was cleared of all charges, despite offering no defense BUT<u> only due to the timely intervention of a jury</u> made up of no lawyers and only one police ‘plant'.</p> <p>42. Upon release from prison all four Defendants caused the Cowbridge Health Centre to refuse the Claimant as a continuing patient or disclose what confidential medical information of their patient it had revealed to FTAC, MAPPA or any of the Defendants before or during his custody period.</p> <p>43. On 10<sup>th</sup> February 2010, in Bridgend police station, a police psychiatrist and social workers examined the Claimant, yet again, in relation to ‘Operation </p> <p>Orchid', still ongoing and again, found no relevant mental disorder to warrant the custody or medical treatment of the Claimant or being continued refusal to get access to his own daughter.</p> <p>44  The 3<sup>rd</sup> Defendant refused to disclose the full medical records, yet again, under a repeated Claimant Application, under the aforesaid Acts but included, by mistake a back dated falsified copy, again signed by the 2<sup>nd</sup> Defendant, as if to be a copy of the original one seen by the Claimant handed to him, during his custody, by a Caswell Clinic doctor to read.</p> <p>45. Only when the good doctor perceived the Claimant was likely to assault him, if need be, did he hand over the erroneous document to read</p> <p>46. This report was clearly designed, as with the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant's psychiatric reports, to injure the Claimant's reputation and good name in the Vale of Glamorgan where he had, for many years, successfully practiced veterinary medicine.</p> <p>47. Continued refusal by all four Defendants,<u> to clarify and correct the Claimant's medical records,</u> caused the Civil Aviation Authority to refuse his renewal for his pilot's licences until further examined by two of their most senior psychiatrists.</p> <p>48. The Claimant had to travel to the CAA at Gatwick airport to find two doctors who stated, in so many words, that there was no indication of any medical condition that prevented the Claimant from holding a permit to be allowed to lawfully ‘break the bonds of earth' in UK airspace. </p> <p>49. In June 2009 surgeons refused to operate on the Claimant, for an urgently needed total hip replacement, due to confusion caused by the all four Defendants, refusing to clarify whether or not the Claimant had cancer and ‘significant brain damage'.</p> <p>50. The 3<sup>rd</sup> Defendant refused to carry out another brain scan, via his new GP in Barry, causing serious delay with the Claimant having to travel to a foreign country for one. Only then did the Claimant obtain his much overdue operation, in Brittany once no abnormality was found in the Claimant's brain.</p> <p>51. In or around July 2010 the 4<sup>th</sup> Defendant refused to disclose Claimant's medical records relevant in these Particulars of Claim and denied knowledge, despite attending, of MAPPA monthly meetings during the 2009 Claimant's custody.</p> <p>52. The 4<sup>th</sup> Defendant would not even allow the Claimant to have his walking sticks returned suggesting malicious intent and part of the conspiracy.</p> <p>53. All four Defendants caused unnecessary pain and suffering and mental anguish with the seriously debilitating effect of prolonged mind enhancing drugs such as morphine sulphate and Tremadol for nearly ten months.</p> <p>54. The Claimant's medication and severe pain caused complete havoc and huge expense to the Claimant for numerous court proceedings, both civil and criminal, since June 2010 to around eight weeks after his 25<sup>th</sup> March 2011 operation, a period for recuperation.</p> <p>55. Parties in both civil and criminal courts, between June 2010 to date, have taken unfair advantage of the Claimant either ignoring countless monthly medical updates from specialist doctors from both sides of the English Channel.</p> <p>56. One Cardiff law firm, defending a client for monies owed, actually quoted from the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant's false information contained in his psychiatric reports pleading the Claimant was, in effect, insane. </p> <p>57. The 4<sup>th</sup> Defendant also caused about a week's false imprisonment, in or about January 2008, when refusing to take from his prisoner, from within prison, his cash, his cheque, supply a credit card machine, to draw the cash or take from his wife, dutifully waiting at the prison gate, the outstanding amount in ‘readies'.</p> <p>58. The Barry magistrates had promised the Claimant he could pay the outstanding CPS costs and court costs at any time during prison custody. The remaining amount from the original £11,000 owed being around £3,500, <u>in lieu of imprisonment</u>.</p> <p> 59. In summary, the Claimant has suffered from all four Defendants' misfeasance in public office and failure of duty of care to their patient and/or prisoner needing the latter to obtain protection from this abuse by temporary asylum in France, now subject to appeal and shortly to be heard, in open court, in Paris. </p> <p>60. And in particular, the failure by the 1<sup>st</sup> Defendant to correct and clarify the Claimant's medical records is gross professional misconduct which has caused defamation of the Claimant's name and good character, falsification of medical documents, false imprisonment, serious prolonged unnecessary bullying, pain and mental suffering to cause damages, special damages and/or exemplary damages with punitive damages, his conduct needing a long overdue criminal investigation.</p> <p>61. And in particular, the 2nd Defendant's negligence has caused defamation of the Claimant's name and good character by falsified medical records causing false imprisonment and unnecessary pain and mental suffering requiring damages, exemplary and/special damages with punitive damages, his conduct also needing a long overdue criminal investigation.</p> <p>62. And in particular, the 3<sup>rd</sup> Defendant has caused defamation of the Claimant's name and good character, continues to withhold proper NHS services from the Claimant and relevant medical records that has led to unnecessary pain and mental suffering for the Claimant requiring this claim for damages, exemplary and/or special damages</p> <p>63. And in particular, the 4<sup>th</sup> Defendant has caused negligence, unnecessary pain and mental suffering and false imprisonment requiring damages, exemplary and/special damages.</p> <p>64. And the Claimant claims costs. </p> <p><b>Unless restrained by a competent court this rogue psychologist and rogue psychiatrist are likely to repeat their action again, there currently being little or no proper outside independent supervision of what really goes on in the Principality.</b></p> <p>The Claimant retains his right for <u>trial by jury</u> and for a lawyer to read and amend this Claim. </p> <p>Maurice J Kirk BVSc</p> <p>2<sup>nd</sup> June 2011</p> <p>Puits aux Papillons<br />St Doha<br />22230 Merdrignac<br />Brittany </p> <p><a href=""></a> </p> <p>Copy to:  Court of Appeal, Criminal Division, Royal Courts of Justice</p> <p>                Cardiff Court of Appeal</p> <p>                Cardiff County Court</p> <p>                The French Immigration Authorities</p> <p> </p> <p><font size="3"><b>My Judicial Review Application (Case CO/601/2011, The Queen (on the application of Norman Scarth), versus Leeds Magistrates' Court & others.)</b></font> <b><font size="3">is to be heard in Leeds Combined Court Centre on Wednesday 15th June 2011, listed as 'NOT BEFORE</font> 12 NOON'.</b></p> <p><b><br /></b>Please forgive my 'delusions of grandeur', but I do believe it warrants an attendance comparable to Birkenhead on 7th March. <br />Directions.  The Courthouse (LS1 3BG) is just off Westgate, which is a continuation of The Headrow.  It is the plain red brick building close by the Town Hall (a large imposing building with a massive domed tower).  A free bus runs from Leeds Railway station.  Get off at the Town Hall. <br /> You know my belief that one way we may break the stranglehold which the Legal Mafia has on 'The Law' (& return something pertaining to 'Justice' to Britain) is to use Private Prosecutions.  That they use all their dirty tricks to block us shows that they realise this.  This Application for Judicial Review is my attempt to overcome their blocking tactics & break that stranglehold.  As indicated below, 30 minutes SHOULD be enough for the judge to grant 'Permission to make the Application' (which is the convoluted way they do things), but the presence of numbers such as at Birkenhead on 7th March could ensure s/he does so.  I understand the judge is likely to be HH Judge Mark Gosnell who lives at Newchurch in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire.  Surprisingly (to me) he is a guitarist in a rock band & is 'a stalwart of evening gigs at the Jolly Sailor, Spring Terrace, White Lion & other ritzy Valley venues with his band WASTED'.   You younger people must tell me if this means he is more likely to obey his Judicial Oath?   See below for my comments about a Circuit Judge being put in a position to overrule a High Court Judge.  <br />Please ring me on 01274 541 213 if you wish.  (see lower down for my contention that this matter being in the High Court at all is extortion of money from the public to go into the pockets of the legal professionals.)    <br /> Norman Scarth.</p> <p>To Sergeant Mrs. Kate Roberts. <br />Dear Mrs. Roberts,<br />Yes please, in spite of the fact I would do better to complain to Father Christmas, Elvis Presley or Lord Lucan, I DO ask that you treat this as an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT (much good it will do me!)  See my comments, inserted below in red, for easy recognition.<br /> N.Scarth.<br />- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -<br />> Subject: Complaint Against Police PSD 11/ - [Restricted]<br />> To:<br />> From:<br />> Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 15:55:33 +0100<br />> <br />> Dear Mr. Scarth,<br />> A complaint against police has been recorded as you wrote to the Wirral<br />> Magistrates and raised your concerns regarding the way in which you were<br />> treated by both court staff and members of Merseyside Police. Your e-mail<br />> was forwarded to Merseyside Police. As a result of the allegations made in<br />> your e-mail, a complaint against police has been recorded.<br />> <br />> If you wish to withdraw this complaint, please let me know.<br />> <br />> However if you would like me to look into how you were dealt with by<br />> Merseyside Police officers on the date you state you were refused entry to<br />> Wirral Magistrates, I will do so.  <br />'Refused entry'?  That is a eupheism if ever there was one!  I was NOT 'refused entry', but had barely got through the door before I was dragged off by ignorant thugs in uniform who acted just like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, then stuck in a 2'6" square cage in the back of a police van in a police station yard for nearly three hours!  SEE ATTACHMENT.  <br />> <br />> It would help if I could discuss your complaint, in order that I may be<br />> able to obtain further details from you and in order to explain the<br />> complaints process. I am available on the telephone number below. If you<br />> do not get an answer I would be grateful if you would leave a contact<br />> number so I can return your call.  <br />I am well aware of the 'Complaints Procedures' & know only too well that ALL such 'Procedures' are designed & used to send the victim running round in circles until his brain becomes addled, he becomes exhausted, or gives up in disgust!   Why on earth do you want to speak on the telephone?   Is it because you are anxious that there should be no record?   I prefer that all communication between us to be by email, & thus ON record.   (More in red lower down)<br />> <br />> I look forward to hearing from you.<br />> Regards,<br />> Kate Roberts<br />> Wirral Complaints Liaison Officer.    0151 777 2086</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>       </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>Hip Operation Cancelled Again as yet Another Cardiff Court Refuses HM Prison Medical Records Disclosure & Complaint to Police Authority, 19 Jan 2011 21:42:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1869Maurice<p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font size="3"><font face="Calibri"><b>MR MAURICE KIRK</b> 1st Claimant</font></font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font size="3"><font face="Calibri"><b>DR TEGWYN WILLIAMS</b> 1st Defendant</font></font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">Ref TWH.448470.48</font></p><b><font size="3"><font face="Calibri">Before District Judge T M Phillips sitting at Cardiff County Court, Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, 2 Park Street,</font></font></b><b><font size="3"><font face="Calibri">Cardiff, CF10 1ET.</font></font></b> <br /><p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"> </p><p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">Upon hearing Mr M Bowen for the claimant and Counsel for the defendant</font></p><b><font size="3"><font face="Calibri">IT IS ORDERED THAT</font></font></b> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">1. The hearing of the defendants application dated 16 September 2010 to strike out the claim and to consider whether a civil restraint order is appropriate be further adjourned to 15 March 2011 at 11:00 (EHT 3 hours).</font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">2. At the next hearing there will also be considered by the court the claimants applications dated 7th January 2011 and 18 January 2011 (yet to be listed).</font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">3. The claimant may attend the hearing via video link (he being responsible for making the necessary arrangements well before the hearing).</font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">4. a) in the event of the claimant being unable to attend the next hearing due to his medical condition, then he must send to the court and to the defendants solicitors at least 3 working days prior to the hearing a letter from a medical practitioner setting out the position and confirming in the Doctors opinion the inability of Mr Kirk to attend via video link.</font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">b) In the event of the claimant's surgery being outstanding due to alleged non disclosure of medical records or documents, the Doctor do also specify in his letter:</font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">(i) the medical records or documentation outstanding,</font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">(ii) why any relevant tests or investigation cannot be undertaken by the French medical Profession so that the surgery can proceed.</font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">5. Costs of today be costs in the application.</font></p> <p style="margin:0pt 0pt 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font face="Calibri" size="3">-</font></p> <p><b><font size="3">Disproportionate legal costs </font></b>Lawyers, Morgan Cole, Cardiff,  have threatened me with a £6000 bill if I do not withdraw, following my £40 Application, in a British court of law, just to make Dr Tegwyn Williams, of Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, or the NHS, to  disclose his evidence he gave to His honour Judge Bidder QC, on the 2nd December 2009. He was there, tape recorder switched off, in a so called 'Court of Record', Cardiff Crown Court.falsifying medical record....what a joke!</p> <p>What was he doing there, in the first place, is the first question? I was, as prisoner in Cardiff prison not even under his 'care'!</p> <p>His trying to persuade the judge, on his own, to have me sectioned, for life, without trial, under the Section 41 of 1983 Mental Health Act, to a High Security Prison, was an uphill struggle. But his masonic masters, South Wales Police, had so ordered or he could no longer be allowed to worship the devil.</p> <p>Tomorrow, in Cardiff County Court, be there, these lawyers, barristers, clerks etc, ALL AT TAX PAYER'S EXPENSE,just for a petty debt action for, lost bus fares, will be will enjoy...Case is at 2pm  BUT read the latest Downloads first  </p> <p><b><font size="3">Dr Tegwyn Williams, of Caswell Clinic, Bridgend</font></b> refuses to clarify his opinion and conduct , over such a serious matter as possible brain tumour .</p> <p>How, on 2nd December 09,  he tells the Cardiff Crown Court I have a possible brain tumour and too dangerous to be released when at the 17th December 2009 MAPPA meeting, he tells high ranking officers of the South Wales Police, the prosecutor, social services, probation and prison, all sitting around the same table, in his clinic, a completely opposing medical opinion?</p> <p>This caused  the meeting to rule I was "no longer considered dangerous to the public and  my name was immediately removed from MAPPA level 3 category, [terrorist level].</p> <p>BUT, to this day Dr Tegwyn Williams, South Wales NHS officials, HM Prison and MAPPA have refused to notify the patient of any of this and continue to refuse the information to the  surgeons, waiting to operate,  on either side of the English Channel.</p> <p>It stinks, doesn't it?</p> <p><b><font size="4">Disproportionate Legal Costs: Breach of Human Righ</font></b><b><font size="4">ts</font></b></p> <p>I am possibly about to go into hospital and so email without being too close on detail, save to say that at this time, that I draw the attention of the Court and Defendant's lawyers to the European Court of Human Rights having ruled that the Daily Mirror's freedom of expression was violated by the legal costs it had to pay when it lost a privacy case brought by Naomi Campbell.</p> <p>Although arguments will need to be reversed and translated to other human rights, for a comparison with my claim as the Daily Mirror are journalists and was the Defendant. As we are aware, this thinking of the Court of Human Rights, to limit legal costs is in keeping with some comments in my submission in December 2010, when asking His Honour Seys Llewellyn QC for permission to appeal. </p> <p>As also in my submission in December 2010, the arguments here are also more profound than how much legal costs can the Defendant or Defendant's lawyers claim in my Cardiff case. </p> <p>Drawing from London barrister Mr Challenger's comments, it would seem that public policy on where the Police (or public bodies) can be sued is, in reality very much affected by the cost of employing lawyers. As lawyers may not now be able to charge as much in legal costs, that would seem another reason for public policy to be reviewed to find what incremental changes may occur from restricting lawyers costs.</p> <p> <b><font face="Times-Bold" size="1"><font face="Times-Bold" size="1">page 2</font></font></b><font face="Times-Roman" size="3"><font face="Times-Roman" size="3"></font></font></p><font face="Times-Roman" size="3"><font face="Times-Roman" size="3"></font></font><b><font face="Times-Bold" size="3"><font face="Times-Bold" size="3"> </font></font></b><p align="left"><b><font face="Times-Bold" size="3"><font face="Times-Bold" size="3">2nd December 2009</font></font></b></p> <p align="left"><b><font face="Times-Bold" size="3"><font face="Times-Bold" size="3">ALL PROCEEDINGS</font></font></b></p> <p align="left"><b><font face="Times-Bold" size="3"><font face="Times-Bold" size="3">(11.39)</font></font></b></p><p><b><font face="Times-Bold" size="3"><font face="Times-Bold" size="3">JUDGE BIDDER: </font></font></b><font face="Times-Roman" size="3"><font face="Times-Roman" size="3">... appropriately qualified psychiatrist then the fitness to plead doesn't really</font></font><font size="3"><font face="Times-Roman"> </font></font>arise. I have one report by you reaching a conclusion; I have another report by Dr Silva reaching<font size="3"><font face="Times-Roman"> </font></font>a different conclusion. I can't act on the basis of that issue without there being two such reports<font size="3"><font face="Times-Roman"> </font></font>and there aren't two such reports. In the circumstances I don't think there is a great deal of<font size="3"><font face="Times-Roman"> </font></font>purpose in you remaining in court.</p><p><b><font face="Times-Bold" size="3"><font face="Times-Bold" size="3">MR TWOMLOW: </font></font></b><font face="Times-Roman" size="3"><font face="Times-Roman" size="3">May I just say perhaps, having spoken to Dr Williams this morning, that I</font></font><font size="3"><font face="Times-Roman"> </font></font>think having seen the contents of Dr Silva's report he is also of the view that Mr Kirk would be<font size="3"><font face="Times-Roman"> </font></font>fit to plead subject to the ... it was only the case of whether he has cancer or not I think that Dr<font size="3"><font face="Times-Roman"> </font></font>Williams was concerned about, but I didn't wish to ...<font face="Times-Roman" size="3"><font face="Times-Roman" size="3">  <p><b>Continuing "HM Partnership" Cardiff Conspiracy</b></p> <p>This following eight page submission, with French doctor's request for medical records, took weeks of work to obtain and were e-mailed to the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre at 9.30am on Tuesday, <u>two and a half days</u> before the 2pm hearing but was not given to the presiding judge.</p> <p>Extract of secure e-mail, to Cardiff court, that DID NOT BOUNCE BACK carrying the 'submissions', as an example to the naifve, of the evilness, tax payer funded "HM Partnership" in Cardiff play, every day.</p> <p><i>'please forward asap to the learned judge dealing with the above case<br /> <br />There must surely be another person on another e-maill to deal with this?<br /> <br />All current known Cardiff court e-mails bounce back' <br /></i></p> <p>To the Cardiff County Court</p></font></font> </p> <p><b>BS61459, CF101741, 0CF03922 & 8 Others</b></p> <p><b>Maurice Kirk v Dr Tegwyn Williams</b></p> <p>20th January 2011 Hearing</p> <p><b><font size="3">Application for Adjournment and Disclosure (Request Dr Williams/Defendant make a signed statement)</font></b></p> <p>1) It may help the Court to know that, I am unwell and at my home in Brittany, awaiting a<br />hip operation on 20 January 2011 in France.</p> <p>2) Therefore this reply is worded by lay persons (non lawyers). The opinions show the<br />independent view of a team trying to help because of their concerns.</p> <p>3) In short, there is major concern of this moment is the way the Defendant Dr Tegwyn<br />Williams, shows bad faith and „deliberately fails to deal‟ by trying to "hide behind<br />lawyers" and he will not „personally‟ comment or clarify in issues as serious as brain<br />cancer, brain damage and severe disorders of the mind.</p> <p>4) Furthermore the Defendant‟s refusal to clarify causes the confusion that in turn delays<br />urgent hip operation that with problems with mediation and morphine contributes to<br />keeping the Claimant too unwell to attend court and proceed with this case.</p> <p>5) An update is that the Defendant‟s obstructive behaviour that therefore delays hip<br />operations, may have caused, and may continue to cause permanent medical damage<br />to nerve tissue around the Claimant hip, so to permanently damage the Claimant chance<br />of recovery.</p> <p>Adjournment</p> <p>6) The Court Order of 26 November 2010 point 2 says.</p> <p>"2. Any applications to adjourn the hearing by reason of medical<br />matter must be supported by a medical practitioner's letter or<br />certificate which confirms an inability to attend a Court hearing<br />estimated to last not more than 1 hour."</p> <p>7) It seems to say that a doctor's letter is needed for adjournment. That tells me to<br />expect adjournment if I comply with that Order by the attached letter from Dr Leclerc,<br />Merdrignac, France. The Breton doctor is concerned that the surgeons have not been<br />supplied with Dr Tegwyn Williams' information given to the December 09 Crown Court<br />and to MAPPA meetings. Dr Leclerc is the source of my monthly supply of morphine<br />sulphate.</p> <p>Merit and some reasons why the Court may (if it so wishes) find in the Claimant's<br />favour on all (Claim and Costs).</p> <p>8) This case is over the expenses the Claimant incurred in trying to find out what opinion Dr Tegwyn Williams has being expressing regards the Claimant. The Claimant believes the reason why the Claimant was not handed over the notes and records, when attending, is because either the records never existed or the Defendant wrote final reports not unlike writing fiction. The Claimant believes the defendant has been dishonest in his report by saying that which he knew not to be true. If what the Claimant believes is true, then the claimant believes Dr Williams should reimburse expenses.</p> <p>9) As a part of professional standards and conduct for Psychiatrists, careful notes and<br />records must exist behind the process of any assessment and the final outcome and that notes and records are to be full and copious.</p> <p>10) It may help the Court to know, that in what records or reports that exist the<br />Defendant appears to more determine facts, than explore clinical issues regards being<br />assertion that the Claimant is delusional about very specific facts such as whether or not<br />the Claimant was harassed by Police. (In contrast to what Dr Williams says His Honour<br />Seys Llewellyn QC, however, has decided in a preliminary Judgment, dated 30<br />November 2010, that the sheer volume of incidents of alleged harassment gives merit<br />for the court to investigate).</p> <p>11) It is therefore difficult to see how Dr Williams can claim the Claimant is delusional<br />about quite specific facts.</p> <p>12) One easy comparison is that the Civil Aviation Authority, in 2010 deemed the<br />Claimant fit to fly his aeroplanes.</p> <p>13) To easily support the view of mischievous manipulations there is evidence that<br />Professor Roger Wood re-wrote his report as being seen by reference to the ex-chief<br />constable when the chief constable was in office when the report originally written. Most<br />doctors, possibly as many as nearly twenty, seem not to agree with Dr Tegwyn Williams.<br />There are many other facts to prove this conduct.</p> <p>14) The Claimant believes the defendant, having acted improperly regards expressing<br />opinion he knew to be misleading or knew not to be true, now needed to destroy or hide the notes and records behind any reports.</p> <p>15) Therefore the Claimant requested the Defendant‟s employers arrange disclosure of<br />medical records and notes and the Claimant was invited to Caswell Clinic, Bridgend to<br />collect notes and records. The Claimant had paid for their release and incurred further<br />expense several times travelling to the Clinic.</p> <p>16) The Claimant, by acting lawfully and properly, tried to find out what are the notes and records that were used to help arrive at what hopefully would have been an honest and competent opinion. A Court Claim was filed by the Claimant when the Defendant seemed most unwilling to clarify or disclose essential information that the Claimant had paid for, and where the Claimant had incurred travelling expenses. The Defendant appeared so unhelpful and obstructive to the Claimant, to appear to be acting in bad faith.</p> <p>17) It is entirely normal NHS procedure for a patient to attend to collect confidential<br />medical information, especially larger medical notes and record files as the post can be<br />too problematic and particularly insecure for such sensitive information as psychiatric<br />records.</p> <p>18) The Claimant chose to exercise his right to attend, but also was told by NHS staff at<br />his GP surgery that the Defendant's employer and/or Defendant had said the records<br />are available for collection.</p> <p>19) The Claimant believes he has obvious and compelling reason to be anxious to attend and find out information for which he is lawfully entitled to know, and paid for. The Court transcript 2 December 2009 shows that the Defendant Dr Tegwyn Williams has been saying that the Claimant has brain cancer, (and more).</p> <p>20) The Defendant's professional body helps show reason for justification for the<br />concern that the Defendant shows bad faith and "deliberately failing to deal" by trying to<br />"hide behind lawyers" and will not "personally" comment or clarify in issues as serious as<br />brain cancer, brain damage and severe disorders of the mind.</p> <p>21) To help determine reasonableness, Dr Tegwyn Williams professional body has<br />guidelines. The Royal College of Psychiatrists page 6 (copy attached) says</p> <ul><li>"Give patients the information they ask for or need about their condition, its treatment or prognosis</li><li>Give information to patients in a way they can understand</li><li>Be readily accessible to patients and colleagues when on duty</li></ul> <p>You must not delay treatment........."</p> <p>The Royal College of Psychiatrists (copy attached) page 2 also says of duties of doctor registered with the GMC</p> <ul><li>Give patients information in a way they can understand</li><li>Be honest and trustworthy</li><li>Avoid abusing your position as a doctor</li></ul> <p>22) The Claimant has a hip operation booked for 20 January 2011 in France. Dr Williams bad faith is made worse, because the absence of Dr Tegywn Williams to personally clarify causes operations to be cancelled, when the claimant to be most unwell, insevere pain and suffering increasing irreparable nerve damage by operations not proceeding, because of the uncertainty and confusion caused by Dr Tegwyn Williams still refusing to clarify, even when is lawyers now are starting to acknowledge the issues.</p> <p>23) Regardless of the needed operation, the Claimant quite obviously urgently needs Dr<br />Tegwyn Williams to personally clarify what is meant by and the prognosis of brain<br />cancer, permanent brain damage and severe disorders of the mind, so that the Claimant can plan how to live his life.</p> <p>24) Other Doctors are at a loss to make the needed specific comment, as the Defendant still has failed to provide medical records and notes that would or should occur, if Dr Williams forms an honest and competent opinion as to why he thinks these conditions are relevant to the Claimant.</p> <p>25) The Claimant asks and feels astonished, questions how the UK Courts can allow<br />either doctors and lawyers to act as callously in full gaze of the Courts and professional<br />bodies, and asks for initiatives to redress the balance of power.</p> <p>26) Furthermore the Defendants lawyers threaten the unwell Claimant with cost to go<br />into many thousands of pounds over a claim most minor in monetary terms, as a way to<br />intimidate the Claimant into not learning of such important information when the<br />Claimant has every right to know.</p> <p>27) The Claimants asks the Courts support where the Claimant believes Dr Tegwyn<br />Williams abused his position when the Claimant attended to collect his medical records<br />and now tries to further abuse his position by hiding behind lawyer and their willingness<br />to use cost to intimidate by disproportionate use of lawyers fees.</p> <p>28) The Claimant believes Dr Tegwyn Williams is therefore causing these delays, by not<br />simply clarifying issues himself.</p> <p>29) There is also the issue of the total contempt that Dr Tegwyn Williams showed for the<br />Claimant and the utter unreasonableness when as a patient the Claimant tries to collect<br />medical records for which he has paid.</p> <p>30) Given access to the requested information is entirely reasonable and lawful, (both<br />what was originally requested and also not as yet clarified by Dr Williams) the Claimant<br />raise the question whether both the Defendant and his lawyers Discriminate against the<br />Claimant to impose less favourable treatment, (due to alleged disorders of the mind), in<br />the way the Claimant is denied access to what most people have a right to expect be<br />provided in a way to afford them dignity.</p> <p>31) The Claimant believes the Defendant and his lawyers use the power and financial<br />resources of the state over the Claimant to deny human rights (ECHR Article 3 and<br />Article 8) and access to a fair trial (ECHR Article 6). The Claimant raises whether the<br />Court has a duty to protect the Claimant, so that the UK members state does not breach<br />the human rights of the Claimant.</p> <p>Disproportionate Costs</p> <p>32) Obviously the Claimant believes the Defendant and his lawyers are trying to<br />intimidated the Claimant out of his rights by what many would view as disproportionate<br />legal costs. Disproportionate, because of the small nature of the original claim and all<br />that as required was for Dr Tegwyn Williams to personally clarify, as his professional<br />body expects of him.</p> <p>Can the Defendant (a clinician who writes how unwell the Claimant will be) Object<br />to or Claim Costs for an Adjournment on medical grounds?</p> <p>33) The core papers mentioned by the Defendant's lawyers include in their core<br />correspondence reference to documents where the Defendant Dr Tegwyn Williams is<br />saying there is "clear evidence" of a deterioration from brain damage and/or mental<br />disorder, (even brain cancer) that will mean the Claimant condition will never improve<br />and will mean the Claimant cannot focus to deal with legal proceedings. Can either the<br />Defendant or his lawyer, be honest and competent, and be upholding the high standards of the profession, (or as an Officer of the Court) in asking the Court to press ahead in the absence of the Claimant on medical grounds, when they promote that the Claimant is seriously unwell?</p> <p>34) The Claimant puts to the Defendant and Defendant's lawyers whether such tactics,<br />is conduct becoming of a doctor who instructs lawyers, or a lawyer or law firm who<br />should be allowed to represent any in the caring professions or the NHS.</p> <p>A Challenge to Dr Tegwyn Williams to volunteer by 20 January 2011 or else a<br />Request For Court Order for Dr Williams to make a personal signed statement to<br />the Court.</p> <p>35) One example of the relevance of Dr Williams voluntarily or by Court Order making a<br />personal signed statement is that Dr Williams can show whether or not he is obstructive<br />or shows bad faith, or a poor attitude towards the Claimant while the matter is before the Court, where if such occurs, the Court opportunity to, if it so wishes, determined whether it is reasonable to believe Dr Tegwyn Williams has also acted in bad faith so to causes the Claimant expense, when the Claimant attended to collect records.</p> <p>a) Brain Cancer: On the Issue of the Claimant, and brain cancer, taking into account the<br />court transcript 2 December 2009 and for Dr Williams to also explain the prognosis of his concerns.</p> <p>b) Brain damage: What records, notes and evidence exists to support Dr Williams<br />claims. Explain point 32 of his final 2009 report of the "Clear evidence" in the clear<br />evidence of brain damage and the prognosis. What exactly does Dr Tegwyn Williams<br />know of the evidence of physical brain damage, and if any indication and what level of<br />certainty of physical brain damage existing, and how does Dr Tegwyn Williams see this<br />as clear evidence as opposed to a potential, regards any physical condition affecting specific behaviour. How does Dr Williams judge behaviour the Claimant's behaviour compared to a leading Welsh Court Judge as below?</p> <p>c) Paranoid Delusional Disorder: This issue can be a determination of facts. Did Dr<br />Williams have information to determine facts to decide the Claimant was delusional<br />about facts. Dr Williams is asked to explain notes, records, evidence facts. How and<br />what evidence there is that the Claimant has any such severe disorder of the mind and<br />particularly the prognosis taking into account that that His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn<br />QC says there is an unusual case with a sheer volume of incidents that require<br />investigation by the Court</p> <p>Defendant's Lawyer's Conduct</p> <p>36) The conduct of the Defendant‟s lawyer is of concern, by her repeatedly merely<br />asserting she gives answer, when in reality she des not. For example the Defendant's<br />lawyer frequently uses arguments like the Defendant is not responsible for the third<br />parties (organisations or people) who receive what Dr Tegwyn Williams says. When the<br />issue that needs to be addressed is for Dr Tegwyn Williams to clarify exactly what he<br />says, why and how his expressed opinion emerged or is sourced in medical records,<br />notes and medical evidence.</p> <p>37) The Claimant's concern of whether there is bad faith by the Defendant, continues<br />because the Defendant's lawyers letter of 6th January 2011 not only fails to deal with<br />issues, but seems to the Claimant to deliberately avoid issues. Above all, whether or not<br />the Claimant has Brain Cancer, and if any records exist relevant to such as (but not only)<br />the comment in the 2 December 2009 court transcript as below, of Dr Williams saying of the Claimant's brain cancer.</p> <p>The Court Transcript and Brain Cancer</p> <p>38) According to Dr Tegwyn Williams' Professional body, Dr Williams should give<br />information to the Claimant and in a way that the Claimant can understand. That has not<br />been occurring ever since the Claimant was in his "care" between August and October<br />2009.</p> <p>39) At Court on 2 December 2009, the Claimant was not present and what happens here is an odd intrusion by Dr Williams who needs to explain why he is speaking in that Court room about Mr Kirk, with Mr Kirk not there or having opportunity to rebut what he says?</p> <p>40) The Claimant emphasises Dr Williams has been speaking at Court and Mr Twomlow<br />summarises what Dr Williams says in Dr Williams presence. Dr Williams hears the<br />extract below, and so stands there at Court to agree it to be true</p> <p>41) The issues raised here are to ask Dr Williams to clarify what he meant by what he said to Mr Twomlow and the Court, where Dr Williams does not make small talk here but intend his professional comments about the Claimant to be taken very seriously.</p> <p>42) The Court Transcript 2 December 2009 11.39am (page two) starts as if someone<br />inadvertently switches on the machine, saying:</p> <p>i. JUDGE BIDDER:...........: ..appropriately qualified psychiatrist then the fitness to plead doesn't really arise. I have one report by you reaching a onclusion: I have another report by Dr Silva reaching a different onclusion. I can't act on the basis of that issue without there being two such reports and there aren't two such reports. In the circumstances I don't think there is a great deal of purpose in you remaining in Court.</p> <p>ii. Mr TWOMLOW (CPS): May I perhaps, having spoken to Dr Williams this morning, that I think having seen the contents of Dr Silva's report he is also of the view that Mr Kirk would be fit to plead subject to was only the case of whether he has cancer or not I think that Dr Williams was concerned about, but I didn't wish to.....</p> <p>43) As previously stated the Claimant believes that the Royal College of Psychiatrist<br />guidelines on how to deal with this kind of situation can show how reasonable or<br />unreasonable Dr Tegwyn Williams has acted, relevant to this claim, and so whether or<br />not the Court should find in favour of Claimant. Does Dr Williams now "give patients the<br />information they ask for or need about their condition, its treatment or prognosis" and<br />"give information to patients in a way they can understand"?</p> <p>Give patients information in a way they can understand?</p> <p>44) How is the Claimant to understand his prognosis about brain cancer or the other<br />condition of the brain or mind, when Dr Williams will not clarify, or disclose about<br />something as serious as his formally expressed comments about brain cancer?</p> <p>Difficult to find a doctor who agrees With Dr Tegwyn Williams</p> <p>45) As explained in more detail latter in this document, please note most doctors<br />(potentially nearly twenty doctors) do not seem to agree with Dr Williams on his<br />generally prejudicial if not defamatory tone and psychiatric diagnosis about the Claimant being mentally ill to the point of delusional about based on specific factual issue, so to question whether Dr Williams abuses his position, in giving opinion he knows (or should know) not to be true.</p> <p>Additional Difficulties, Expenses and Costs</p> <p>46) The Claimant wishes the Court to know that many other important Court cases have<br />been delayed by the defendants not clarifying the information required regards my<br />application for disclosure about brain cancer. The delay is also from the delay to<br />operations on my hip caused by non disclosure of the same information, that has I turn<br />caused me to remain most unwell, immobile, in fluctuating severe pain to affect<br />concentration, and use of morphine for an unwise duration.</p> <p>47) The Claimant alleges malicious intent behind the complications from delays and<br />adjournments in this claim before the Court are caused from the harm and difficulties<br />caused by the Defendant. This includes him to block the Claimant's operation by, what<br />seems to the Claimant as Dr Williams unprofessional, if not dishonest opinions in Court<br />and in communication with his superiors, besides the non-communication with the<br />Claimant.</p> <p>Claimant Being Absent 20 January 2011 Confirms Wish to Appeal if becomes<br />relevant.</p> <p>48) In matters as serious as the Defendant and his lawyers acting in bad faith over brain cancer, brain damage and disorder of the mind, the Claimant who is unable to attend on 20 January 2011 is ready to go to appeal, if necessary and asks for permission, should it become relevant.</p> <p>Enclosed Both UK and Breton GP letters requesting clarification</p> <p>Maurice J Kirk BVSc</p> <p>18th January 2011</p> <p> </p> <p>South Wales Police Authority<br />Bridgend<br />South Wales<br /> <br />19th Jan 2011<br /> <br />Dear Sir, <br /> <br /><b><font size="3">Complaint against South Wales Police attempting to have me shot</font></b><br /> <br />1. Further to advice from the Home Office, see enclosed, I make complaint of the threat to my life caused following the erroneous information considered  in the 8th June 2009 MAPPA meeting  in Barry Police Station when members of South Wales Police forensic hospital. Caswell clinic attended.  An internal memo, in your posession, indicationg I may be shot by police. But there was a deliberate delay of several weeks in order to obtain that opportunity before arresting a catagory MAPPA 3, terrorist level, believed to be in the possesion of one or machine guns and live ammunition..<br /> <br />2. I further complain of subsequent actions by Dr Tegyn Williams of Caswell Clinic and police, who, once I was arrested, had me sectioned under the 35 legislation of 1983 Mental Health Act, without even his  examination, on the 22nd June2009. Their intention with the changed view of the ridiculous charges, of trading in machine guns, now unlikely to obtaining a conviction switched to some other way they interfere with the now, 19 year running damges claim for malicious prosecutions and false imprisonment.caused by the same force..<br /> <br />3. I further complain, following that failing, only by luck, the police attempt, on 2nd December 2009, to obtain for me a section 41 to Broadmoor , for life, without trial reliant on known fabricated evidence..<br /> <br />4. I further complain of ther continuing harassment and fabricated arrests ,since my release, unconvicted, since 9th February 2010 and refusal to properly investigate serious acts of criminal damage on my property and an assault on myserlf deliberately avoiding interviewing the only independant witness present<br /> <br />This list is not exhaustive....<br /> <br />yours</p>'HM Partnership' overturn Maurice's £50,000 Judgment, against the HM Prison Governor, Awarded by Trial Judge, 09 Oct 2010 07:38:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1627Maurice<p>1. In a well thought out judgment the HM District judge, Master Phillips, ruled Maurice had lost his compensation and was to pay, instead, HM £2,200 in costs but, at least, 'stayed' proceedings for three months due to the claimant's medical problems. Problems that may continue, sine die, until HM hands over his medical records for surgeon and anaesthetist.</p> <p>2. The whole case had rested on HM Treasury Solicitor's barrister, today, stating no Particulars of Claim for damages, for his 2008 false imprisonment, were ever received by Cardiff prison from the HM Cardiff County Court manager, Neil Pring. Mr Pring is the very same one currently refusing Maurice the right to process his fourteen ongoing directly related court cases, at the public counter, whilst also deliberately bouncing any 'due process' via court e-mail addresses. Remember, Mr Pring, instigated by HM Attorney-General [see leaked HM internal memos], back in 2002/3, had gathered up, now under the HM Treasury Solicitor's specific orders, all of Maurice's past and present court files for Whitehall scrutiny, despite a success rate of 80% in the fifty odd cases. HM judges wanted to ban him from any civil court, either in England or Wales unless he was represented by a lawyer. A rare move purely to certify him as a <b>Vexatious Litigant</b>. Obtaining the services of a trustworthy lawyer had always been the heart of the problem.</p> <p>3. Maurice insisted he had paid HM, on 20th April 2009, for service on both Defendants, Ms West, the then Governor of Cardiff prison, just days before their 8th June, MAPPA meeting where her probation/prison representative(s) were then sitting around the table, at their cosy Bridgend police HQ with other MAPPA key players, such as senior police and NHS doctor, Tegwyn Williams and Social Services, Elizabeth Paul, both of special South Wales Police forensic unit, Caswell Psychiatric Prison. </p> <p>4. The 1st Defendant, in this, the 5th Action against police, was the Chief Constable. She had always admitted court service, on 20th April and had immediately proceeded with voluminous defence, by Dolman's solitors, both in court and directly to Maurice, now detained in HM Cardiff prison. He remained there until his 11th February 2010 acquittal for trading in 'prohibited weapons and ammunition' whilst attempting, Dolmans, solicitors, would say, by 'mutual exchange' of witness statements through their front window. Maurice was still a little upset, apparently, as to the way the Chief Constable had continued to deny, by sworn affidavit, any knowledge of some of his successful Barry magistrates cases and of her officers having broken into his surgery, all matters within some hundred or so incident numbered conflicts with the South Wales police.</p> <p>5. In June 09 Maurice had applied for a Default Judgment, by letter and had the completed HM form returned from prison to the court. Maurice also raised the whole issue before His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC, in July, following HM Prison having refused his presence at an earlier court and earlier, still, before HHJ N Cooke QC on a routine bail application. Both these judges would have known, of course, about Maurice's MAPPA terrorist level 3 status with HM prison monitoring all of Maurice's visitors, telephone calls and letters to and from the County Court and opening his solicitors.</p> <p>6. At the 8th June MAPPA meeting HM considered it likely that Maurice would be shot when next attempting to 'exchange' witness statements. It was now his seventeenth year in this long running civil action, repeatedly being refused a Trial by Jury originally promised, originating from when Barry police, on 27th November 1992, had first refused to apprehend or even interview the named likely arsonists who had burnt out his garage at his home in Barry.</p> <p>7. The garage had hangared his WW2 piper cub (not insured) and also full of his and his father's extensive collection of rare veterinary antique books and equipment (see exhibit, in 4th Action and ITV News video). Maurice was, instead, grilled at the police station by the officer in command, as if he had burnt out his cub to claim on insurance. Police harassment, originating from the 70s, in Somerset, was clearly, again, rearing its ugly head.</p> <p>8. This time, Maurice was not going to just 'move out of the area', as he had always done before, this time he was going to take a stand and fight them, legally represented, through the civil courts. </p> <p>9. In the 2009 MAPPA minutes, under the control of Nigel Rees, MAPPA Co-ordinator, reveal Maurice received a majority consent for 'special treatment' with Dr Tegwyn Williams allocated the task, by whatever means, to obtain Barbara Wilding's desire for a 'final solution', Maurice's Broadmoor imprisonment, of 'indeterminate length', IPP, having failed in her opportunity, when deliberately delaying Maurice's arrest for a few weeks, in having him shot. </p>10<b>. Quotes from 8th Oct 2010 County Court Judgment </b><b> </b><p><b>P 5 para 23</b> 'The evidence of the 2nd Defendant is that they have no record of having received any correspondence from the court for the period April until October 09 in relation to the proceedings issued by Mr Kirk'....... </p><b> </b><p><b>P5 para 26</b> 'I accept the evidence of Mr Booty (current HM Governor) that the prison had no record of the prison having received any correspondence from the court for the relevant period. I cannot accept that if the proceedings had been served they would simply have been ignored'. </p><b> </b><p><b>P 5 para 27 </b>'I do not suggest it is necessary (as Mr Kirk suggests) for there to be an affidavit sworn by the previous governor. He or she will simply repeat the procedures in place in dealing and processing of incoming mail at the prison and that aspect is dealt with in detail in Mr Booty's statement'. </p> <p>11. In around November 09, when Maurice received the £50,000 Judgment pushed under his prison cell door, immediately arranged, by application to HM Governor's representatives for the distribution of tobacco for all hundred odd inmates on his prison wing.</p> <p>12. While Maurice cannot commence Court of Appeal proceedings, owing to the Order to 'stay' proceedings, he was just been contacted by the court, mid English Channel, too far out to jump off and swim back to Brittany, where he had gone in search of ten year old police custody videos and tapes. These included the one of police smashing their way into his daughter's car to arrest him, whilst stuck in stationary Cardiff traffic and, later, knocking him about in the cell of the police station.</p> <p>13. Cardiff court told him that the anxiously awaited judgment, scheduled for Monday, 11th October, as to whether MAPPA meetings summaries will be disclosed or not, was now adjourned to possibly, Friday, 15th October.</p>Edwina Hart AM Welsh Assembly Health Minister Steps In, 19 Sep 2010 08:04:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1555Maurice<p><b>Edwina Hart AM </b>delegates NHS officials to also try and obtain withheld medical evidence used in Cardiff  Crown Court for an IPP attempt.<br /><br />Her letter to me is <a href="">here</a>.<br /><br />[The following three letters are just SAMPLES from one hundred of Maurice's letters on the delicate subject]<br /></p><ol><li>on September 15 to David Sissling, the Chief Executive of the Local Health Board <br /></li><li>on September 18 to David Sissling</li><li>on September 19 to HM Treasury Solicitor Stephen Jones<br /></li></ol><p>Mr David Sissling<br />Chief Executive of Abertawe Morgannwg University Local Health Board<br />South Wales<br /><br />18th Sept 2010<br /><br />This week the trial judge adjourned the evidence from being heard from near a hundred police officers for about six months, in order that I may have my hip replacement and suggested I had another brain scan, thus avoiding the criminal weighted proof of NHS and private doctors having to disclose their incriminating evidence.<br /><br />The considerable expense, thus incurred, was due to the NHS not overriding the false medical evidence that blocked my planned July operation to have been carried out in order that I might be ready for ten weeks of very enjoyable cross examination of those that caused my name being removed from the veterinary register, effectively, for life.<br /><br />The learned judge was informed that my new Barry GP, my Cowbridge lot, for eighteen years, refusing to lift a finger to help, could not obtain a brain scan appointment for his patient as the Hospital maintained there was 'no evidence' I needed one.<br /><br />Both Dr Williams and Professor Wood, witnessed, in total, by around sixteen psychiatrists and psychologists, called in to examine me and /or my medical records, following the September 09 findings by SPECT scan, decided I had 'significant brain damage' and a paranoid delusional disorder, the latter based on my fixated belief I was suffering persecution by his joint employers, with the NHS, the South Wales Police.<br /><br />South Wales Police Forensic Psychiatric Service, in early September 09, required I had a second scan after three months that they have now quietly 'buried'. Why, because my expensive but privately arranged 1st December 09 Dr Kemp report, via lawyer 'extraordinaire', Mr Walter Sweeney and Consultant radiologist wife, Nuala.<br /><br />Dr Kemp's report castigated the quite unnecessary intrusive procedure, an infusion of radioactive nuclear isotopes into my brain, ordered by Williams insisting the prisoner, under his personally concocted three month incarceration in his 'Gulag style' laboratory, reliant on CPS inspired Section 35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act, writing his 3rd August psychiatric report without even a physical examination!<br /><br />Today I have caused further disclosure of, as yet, withheld medical records, some of which I enclose, further giving support that a police investigation take place from outside South Wales.<br /><br />If you do not expedite your duties to allow me my operation to go ahead, in safety, very soon, to relieve both pain and avoid the obvious side effects of morphine that could now affect my flying licences, I may be forced to take the law into my own hands, once again witnessing tyranny in our midst and to personally obtain those records from the named culprits, records under YOUR CONTROL, used on 2nd December 2009 in the CPS/police last ditch attempt to stop both the 'machine gun trial' and my seventeen year running damages trial against them from going ahead.<br /><br />Yours faithfully<br /><br /> <br /><br />Mr David Sissling<br />Chief Executive of Abertawe Morgannwg University Local Health Board<br />South Wales<br /><br />15th September 2010<br /><br />Dear Sir,<br /><br /><b>Redacted Medical Records and Caswell Clinic Psychiatric Prison<br /><br />Dr Ruth Bagshaw</b><br /><br />This lady is yet to disclose any record, whatsoever, of her involvement with me in Caswell Clinic Psychiatric Prison last year. She has failed even to send to me a signed certified true copy of her letters to and from Professor Roger Wood, purportedly reporting on my 'significant brain damage' and 'possible brain tumour' later to be referred to by Dr Tegwyn Williams and the South Wales Police MAPPA and Crown Prosecution Service when successfully opposing my release from Cardiff Prison over seven months.<br /><br />Judge Bidder QC states in his 13th inst. e-mail that Judge Cooke QC, on 1st October 09, ruled I was 'fit to plead' meaning the trial should have gone ahead in mid November, NOT LATE JANUARY 2010.<br /><br />I request copy of all the medical evidence, as the patient, procured for MAPPA meetings and in particular just who employed Williams to attend 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court and divulge my personal details to CPS police barrister, Thomolow when I was no longer under his appalling so called 'care'?<br /><br />Information requested in my December 09 solicitor's letter to the MAPPA police HQ Co-ordinator was blocked by Barbara Wilding and again by Peter Vaughan, the current Chief Constable of South Wales Police.<br /><br />The South Wales Police even blocked the trial commencing and arranged for Dr Williams to address Judge Bidder, supported by Wood's report, as an 'expert' on interpreting brain scans and that he considered I had 'significant brain damage' and possible cancer and far too dangerous to start defending the 'machine gun trial'. Dr Tegwyn Williams' earlier psychiatric report recommended I be sectioned and sent to Ashworth High Security Prison, IPP, for a term of imprisonment, whilst unconvicted, of an 'indeterminate length'.<br /><br /><b>Dr Gaynor Jones</b><br /><br />This lady attended MAPPA meetings prior to my arrest in June 09, as disclosed in the Executive Summary of seven monthly meetings, some of which having been disclosed, this late, by the Order of His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC, yesterday. HM Prison Cardiff attended these meetings but as with other authorities running away as with Barbara Wilding, refusing to answer to my witness summons, in order to withhold incriminating evidence relating to this MAPPA scandal.<br /><br />MAPPA was set up by the then Chief Constable purely to defend herself, at tax payer's expense, in an ongoing civil action for numerous malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments.<br /><br />The HM prison, today, deny any aspect of their involvement of my MAPPA surveillance between June 09 to December 09 because they are currently using HM Treasury Solicitor, again at vast tax payers' expense, trying to overturn a £50,000 judgment, in my favour, on the pretext 'no one' in the prison ever received the Particulars of Claim, in April 09, put before MAPPA meetings or receive my 'Application for Judgment', around July 09 and dealt with by this current trial judge.<br /><br />The fact I was in prison for all of July 09 and the trial judge ordered 'specific disclosure' of prison and Justice Ministry record of their respective 'audit trails', eventually to Whitehall, which has been refused, is but a small sample of the wide spread deceit I and my family have suffered under since my 1992 arrival to live in the Principality.<br /><br />It all stinks, doesn't it, but who cares? Do you?<br /></p><p>Dr Jones attended prison to examine me and received my copy letters to Drs Bagshaw, Joseph Sylvester and Tegwyn Williams to disclose that to which I am entitled, under the law, having paid my £30, last summer, with my FOI Act application, repeated an application around January2010 and redacted, again, this week, despite the 10th September 2010 letter of request by trial judge this week.<br /><br />None of the above doctors, no hospital, no NHS department, no prison has released any matter identifying or supporting the alarming material 'walk on water Williams' laid before Judge Bidder QC so, please, where is it?<br /><br />Try looking in the MAPPA filing cabinet first, I suggest, as it was discussed at length in October, November and December MAPPA monthly meetings chaired by senior police officers and, no doubt NHS MAPPA representative Dr Ruth Bagshaw and/or Dr Williams, both of Bridgend Gulag.<br /><br />Trusting no one, any more, in Cardiff courts I took the precaution of obtaining three specific independent medical reports from outside Wales, but Dolmans have been 'lying through their back teeth', all week,, trying to fool the judge they are 'unable' to trace their 'true identity', meaning 'veracity' or 'whereabouts' of two of the three doctors, unless they wish to blame their client, the Chief Constable for failing to disclose?<br /><br />All three doctors, a Consultant Radiologist, Psychiatrist and Occupational Health Physician featured heavily in MAPPA shared information during my unlawful incarceration, last year.<br /><br />Many others, blogging on my web site from all around the world, were equally appalled at the 'ring fence' mentality, here in South Wales, not just within your highly lucrative 'judicial industry' but in their own chosen vocation, the medical profession.<br /><br />Dolmans, police solicitors, today, are again dipping into their bottomless pockets of government resources frantic to 'sting it all out', this irritating issue of a prisoner's welfare. A swift conclusion, on these urgent medical issues, would mean the immediate cessation of easy cash, of course, for their entourage of bewigged attorneys knowing, as with their client, they are all immune to any form of criminal prosecution, whilst under the protection of 'Her Majesty's Prerogative' as 'HM officers of the court' outdated by the 1998 Human Rights Act and 1948 European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.<br /><br />My total hip replacement operation will not go ahead, until I have had more disclosure of relevant medical evidence, needed by my surgical team, under the responsibility of you, Alun Cairns MP, Edwina Hart AM, Jane Hutt AM and the South Wales Police, the latter having hatched the idea of my 'trading in machine guns', in the first place, for my eventual resting place in Broadmoor, to prevent incriminating evidence ever being disclosed.<br /><br />NO MAN SHOULD PROFIT FROM HIS OWN WRONG.<br /><br />Yours sincerely,<br /><br />Maurice J Kirk BVSc<br /><br /> <br /><br />FAO Stephen Jones, HM Treasury Solicitor,<br />to forward to Cardiff Civil Justice Centre District Judges Mr Phillips and Mr North Cardiff County Court<br /></p><p> </p><p> </p><p><b>Another letter to HM Treasury Solicitor</b> <br /></p><p>19th September 2010<br /><br />Maurice Kirk v Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons   9CF04115<br /><br /><b>re DAMAGES CLAIM<br /></b><br />Maurice Kirk v HM Governor, Cardiff Prison   9CF02983<br /><br /><b>re FALSE IMPRISONMENT</b><br /><br />Dear Sirs,<br /><br />On Friday before 4pm, I understand, your court received the 'Executive Summaries' of seven months of MAPPA meetings, held at police HQ, Bridgend, when, during most of that time I was under the custody of the Defendant, the HM Governor while the prison, police and Caswell forensic psychiatric prison were all around the same table considering, in depth, my current and future welfare.<br /><br />The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons enjoyed complaint from the South Wales Police containing MAPPA/1968 Terrorism Act surveillance material, withheld from both the 2001 college hearing and subsequent 2004 HM Privy Council Appeal, yet to be disclosed.<br /><br />The Criminal Justice and Court Services Act (2000) established the MAPPA and placed them on a statutory basis. The Criminal Justice Act (2003) re-enacted and strengthened those provisions. The legislation requires the Police, Prison and Probation Services (acting jointly as the 'Responsible Authority') in each of the 42 areas of England and Wales:<br /><br />Cardiff Civil Justice Centre should also have received, on Friday before 4pm dead line, the 1st July 2010 HM Cardiff Prison form, signed on behalf of the current HM governor, denying any prior knowledge of MAPPA involvement with me and who's current affidavit, also before you, appears to portray gross variance as well as to the true situation to be proved by the previous governor, Ms West, on oath, my main witness, yet to give evidence in this case as prison staff appeared reluctant to disclose the appropriate address for witness summons service.<br /><br />The HM Treasury Solicitor, in the circumstances, has agreed to 'stay' proceedings, for the recovery of my successful £50,000 Judgment for false imprisonment, following the ruling by His Honour Judge Seys LLewlyn QC that I am unfit to stand trial for a few months but fit to fight a second police 'strike out' application tomorrow that eighteen years of litigation discloses 'no cause of action'.<br /><br />Interesting, isn't it, when just one click of the dreaded 'HM' fingers can order Cardiff Justice Centre, HM Prison and HM Crown Court to hand over the audit trail of my Particulars of Claim, in question, denied receiving by the prison and the medical records held by the Prison Health Centre, denied in the HM manager's recent letter and clearly referred to in the HM Court logs before most of the ten Cardiff Crown Court Judges that refused me bail knowing, full well or should have known, my full MAPPA level 3 surveillance records quoted 'chapter and verse' the HM conspiracy by the aforementioned trying to lock me away for life.<br /><br />I have to forward this letter via Whitehall's HM Treasury Solicitor, to e-mail it to you all, as Mr Pring , your HM court manager, continues to ' spam block' my correspondence, on my lawful 'due process' of court papers, all part of the day to day party games, here in Cardiff courts. Mr Pring, incidentally, continues to refuse to tell me if he has now stopped sending all my court files, including other cases, to the Ministry of Justice.<br /><br />Please confirm receipt needed for web site, the Court of Appeal and European Court of Human Rights.<br /><br />Thank you,<br /><br /> <br /></p>