Search results matching tags 'Abuse of Process' and 'Jack Straw',Jack+Straw&orTags=0Search results matching tags 'Abuse of Process' and 'Jack Straw'en-USCommunityServer 2007 SP2 (Build: 20611.960) Jury Names of Machine Gun Crown Court Trial Published in Honour, 18 Aug 2010 09:11:04 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1489Maurice<p>Yesterday, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC ordered full MAPPA Level 3 disclosure of meetings for Maurice, between police / prison / probation service and Caswell Clinic and to include all other interested parties represented at their monthly expensive gatherings since 2001. But for what purpose?</p> <p>South Wales Police, the original complainants, relevant to both the RCVS hearing, currently before Their Lordships at the HM Privy Council court and also at Cardiff County Court, for 7th September trial, just entering its nineteenth year hot on the trial of Charles Dickens' 'Jarndyce and Jarndyce' saga in 'Bleak House'.</p> <p>But the bad news is South Wales Police had MAPPA meetings clearly without the statutory committee and have already been tipped off, to shred the truth, as we witnessed in court yesterday, to bury their conspiratrorial 'audit trail', created before Dr Tegwyn Williams, Professor Wood and Barbara Wilding, past Chief Constable, are subpoenaed to give further falsified evidence early next month.</p> <p>THIS DOWNLOAD OF JURY NAMES WAS FOUND IN MY HOUSE, APPARENTLY LEFT BEHIND BY THE POLICE WHEN THEY SMASHED THEIR WAY IN, LAST JANUARY, AS I SMOULDERED in HM PRISON CARDIFF.</p> <p>This info will expand with the front page blog, over the next few weeks, following witness subpoenas to be served on each male member of the jury, until I have traced the apparent 'plant,' eight of the jury told us, directly after the disgraceful 'Machine Gun' trial fiasco, designed purely for my one way ticket to Broadmoor High Security Psychiatric number is 07907937953, if you want payment for information.</p>Leaked HM Internal Memos, 28 Jul 2010 05:54:12 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1467Maurice<p>A sample of just how deceitful Cardiff HM courts can be, when immune to prosecution and getting help from old clients, nameless sympathisers hidden away in numerous police stations and dingy court offices around the Vale of Glamorgan. </p><p>Note the interference, to prejudice my right to go to law, even before the afterthought of  someone in Whitehall getting a Cardiff judge's seal of definite approval.  NOW DOWN LOAD MEMOS.</p>Her Majesty's Prerogative in Action after £50,000 Judgment Awarded, 07 Apr 2010 12:49:54 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1383Maurice<p>Just a current sample, to the uninitiated, on just how sinister our judiciary can be.</p>