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These people were linked in with Stonewall, the Gay Rights movement and the Pro Paedophile movement were in unity in the 70s.</i> <br /></p> <p><i>"You ought to have a look at this as well, bearing in mind that Michelle Collins is actively fundraising for this man's organisation Stonewall""</i></p> <p><br /><i>"I think it would be a very good idea to look very carefully at Michelle Collins's overseas trips, to do some FOI requests on these charities that she is working for, and some FOI on the BBC to see why they are shoving gay rights down every ones throats and neglecting to cover anything negative about Peter Tatchell and his cronies". <br /></i><br /></p> <p>But, pointing her finger at F's father in the car, she said that she was being harassed, knew no such children and would call the police besides using other foul language.</p> <p>Maurice was then followed by one staff who gave up after a while. </p> <p>He asked neighbours where the nearest police station was to report new evidence but it was too far for his schedule. </p> <p>However, he did tape the conversation and overheard her saying to her maid a lot, including "somebody is looking for those f...ing kids"...</p> <p>Well, the parents are looking and waiting, too!!!  For 13 months Haringey Council have snatched them on the trumped up pretext the mother is a sex worker and doses her one year old on opium, neither issue with a shred of evidence!<br /></p> <p>So he returned with them and a witness and had a variation of replies as to the childrens' whereabouts and had they already been adopted or shipped out of the country.....all very worrying, meaning a visit to the police station, what a joke and Haringey DSS in Station Road .....the planned venue for a large demo coming soon, loud halers, banners and 500+ lying down in the middle of the road road, if not right outside her house.</p> <p>Barnardos need a visit next and the Continental papers need contacting re child trafficking info. Here's the <a href="http://mauricejohnkirk.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/11-08-03-sunday-telegraph.pdf">list of 10 articles</a> written by Christopher Booker for The Telegraph so far.<a href="http://mauricejohnkirk.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/11-09-01-musas-statement.pdf"> <br /></a></p> <p><a href="http://mauricejohnkirk.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/10-08-16-sierra-leone.jpg"><img src="http://mauricejohnkirk.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/10-08-16-sierra-leone-e1315894838437.jpg" align="left" height="335" width="250" alt="" /></a><a href="http://mauricejohnkirk.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/11-09-01-musas-statement.pdf">This document</a> is a 105-page statement prepared by the parents in August 2010 for the courts, with all details regarding contact with Haringey Council.  </p> <p>This letter is a recommendation by the Deputy High Commissioner of Sierra Leone who had visited their home on several occasions and observed their stable family life. He says that he even bonded with their children and was especially fond of two of them.  </p> <p><b>"It is unfortunate that such people of an amenable character have fallen victims of injustice, harassment and persecution." </b></p> <p>This is a <a href="http://mauricejohnkirk.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/11-07-23-complaint-houghton.pdf">letter of complaint</a> about the Children's Solicitor who certainly has not acted in the interests of the children, but has nicely collected taxpayers' money...And here's the usual <a href="http://mauricejohnkirk.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/11-08-08-pol-1014821-2011_20110808140516-houghton.pdf">fobb off answer</a>.<br /></p> <p>Wednesday 1pm 14th September, London, on the way to the police station to demand disclosure of kids and long overdue drug laboratory results </p> <p>I am getting pretty cheesed off by the usual number of people complaining that I have become involved in this case. I definitely do not have the time but on getting a phone call from Germany asking for my help as there was serious risk no one would attend the family court of the Musas, I travelled from afar.</p> <p>To my horror, Sabine was correct and the same applied: for no McKenzie Friend,  in the Thursday even more farcical hearing with only Janet, a family friend from Nigeria, again offering vitally needed moral support.</p> <p>After this morning's tirade from three more, to mind my own busiiness, I will reluctantly publish the relevance of learning about all UK courts and their devious practices to steal UK tax payers' money.</p> <p>This, below,  is part of a letter to a lawyer helping me over a Judicial Review application to try and  prevent the South Wales Police having me shot:  </p> <p align="center"><b>Re Kirk v South Wales Police</b></p> <p align="center"><b>Court of Appeal Hearings on 28<sup>th</sup> September 2011 [First Three Actions] & MAPPA Disclosure</b></p> <ul> <li>1. Consolidation of cases, including Machine Gun, Dr Tegwyn Williams and 4<sup>th</sup> Action are the subject matter of the hearing to indicate <i>unusual, extreme and indefinite </i>bullying by the South Wales Police since 1992.</li></ul> <ul> <li>2. 2009 Machine gun Case and Dr Tegwyn Williams case, particulars already served, need consolidation with a new pleadings drafted by a barrister for joining to Actions 1, 2 and 3.  </li></ul> <ul> <li>3. Last month the police interviewed me on ‘possessing a firearm' which they knew, this time, was true. My subsequent four voluntary but frustrating visits to the police station, to obtain clarification, led to my arrest and custody for ‘threats to kill'.</li></ul> <ul> <li>4. My computer, scanner memory sticks and electrical paraphernalia were immediately confiscated, deliberate, of course, to further frustrate my civil actions against them. <b>I was promised their return at the conclusion of the case.</b>  </li></ul> <ul> <li>5. Following my 22<sup>nd</sup> June 09 arrest, for possession of a machine gun, it took nearly eight months for my seized computer to be returned with other property, such as my other guns, still being unlawfully withheld by the police, purely out of spite.</li></ul> <ul> <li>6. At around 3am, this August, the police documented a long list of reasons to oppose my release and bail for a charge now changed to a Section 4 of the Public Order, also carrying the risk of a custodial sentence.  </li></ul> <ul> <li>7. Just minutes before this a female custody sergeant had granted me unconditional police bail I only founding it out when I eventually obtained my unlawfully delayed custody records. </li></ul> <ul> <li>8. In the Cardiff Magistrates, the same day, the purported duty solicitor, a complete stranger to me, informed me that if I pleaded ‘not guilty' to the Section 4 allegation then the CPS would offer ‘no evidence'. Was I expected to run the risk, again, of months in custody with no compensation?  </li></ul> <ul> <li>9. In court, the same day, the allegation was changed yet again, as I stood in the dock. I now understand, an even more minor infringement, a Section 5 of Public Order Act was now before the judge but I saw refused any sight of it. </li></ul> <ul> <li>10. The return of my computer and papers, as the police very well knew, was urgent for the records to prepare this new JR and the rapidly approaching 28<sup>th</sup> September 2011 hearings in the High Court of nineteen years of the cases in court.  </li></ul> <ul> <li>11. With the 24<sup>th</sup> June 2009 Barry magistrates having granted me unconditional bail on ‘possessing a machine gun', only to be overturned on 25th June by Cardiff Crown Court, following a long list of spurious and false police allegations that I would not attend, could I risk pleading, again, a not guilty plea?</li></ul> <ul> <li>12. Similarly, 2<sup>nd</sup> November 2010 Cardiff Magistrates, also subject to a Judicial Review Application, ignored considerable medical evidence of my being unable to attend for a common assault allegation by an ex South Wales Police officer, now an HMCS official. An arrest warrant was issued and as my life was at risk, documented in MAPPA leaked memos, I applied for asylum in France.  </li></ul> <ul> <li>13. This HMCS(Wales) complainant, Derrick Hassan, in July 09, had provided false forensic history to Dr Tegwyn Williams and the Crown Court, about me, to keep me further locked up under a Section 35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act. I was to be further incarcerated in the South Wales Police forensic prison hospital, Bridgend of which Dr Williams was the clinical director. </li></ul> <ul> <li>14. Research since has established the HM Court Service (Wales), from whom I have had years of well documented abuse, delayed putting my GP's most up to date medical report before the November10 judge, until after the hearing.  </li></ul> <ul> <li>15. In my latest Cardiff case, following a Section 4 changed to 5, that caused a conviction of a mere £50, I had little choice but to plead ‘guilty' for fear of a potential repeat of another eight months on remand , as in the machine gun case when we all knew it was doomed for failure from the start.</li></ul> <ul> <li>16. To have pleaded guilty meant my computer would be immediately returned for the civil actions. The police lied.  </li></ul> <ul> <li>17. On the day after my release from court the officer in charge of my case promised the immediate return of my computer and memory sticks etc but on arrival at Cardiff Bay police station a fight broke out involving eleven police officers (see video) attempting to snatch back my computer bag.</li></ul> <ul> <li>18. It was eventually returned completely empty, including my cheque books, credit card, private and current court papers, with the excuse I was now being prosecuted for <u>harassing Dr Tegwyn Williams</u> . Williams had falsified psychiatric reports, unqualified, to have me transferred to his private clinics before going onto Ashworth High Security Prison, recommended to HHJ Bidder QC, on 2<sup>nd</sup> December 2009, potentially for life.  </li></ul> <ul> <li>19. Needless to say I lodged a JR for the High Court to seize this equally similar ongoing example of police bullying but, as with previous JRs, I am not holding my breath.</li></ul> <ul> <li>20. With the recent imprisonment of other frustrated litigants, Patrick Cullinane Esq and Norman Scarth RN Rtd , also unable to easy access to official inexpensive court record, I, only last week, was also jailed to Holborn police station, London, for tape recording in the Principle Registry of Family Courts.  </li></ul> <ul> <li>21. The Haringey barrister and so called appointed children's solicitor, yet to raise one finger to properly intervene on their behalf, reported to the presiding judge, after the solicitor was arrested, information that they very well knew was false to have me barred as a Mackenzie Friend.</li></ul> <ul> <li>22. HMCS and those also on this unregulated ‘gravy train' knew it would further frustrate my preparation for the Cardiff civil Justice Centre 28<sup>th</sup> September 2011 appeals.  </li></ul> <ul> <li>23. I am seeing a number of MPs, today, on the current state of our law courts and intend to include this current ‘Haringey Council/drugs/ Michelle Collins' children case before the criminal courts , for long overdue public scrutiny.</li></ul> <ul> <li>24. Unchecked ‘sharp practices', I have witnessed each time I go to these secret family courts, are designed in order to steal vast amounts of tax payer's money and it has to stop.  </li></ul> <p> </p><img src="http://kirkflyingvet.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=2125" width="1" height="1">hm partnershipHaringey CouncilMichelle CollinsDr Barnardoschild trafficking