It's clearly up to McKenzie Friends to play 'voluntary watchdog' and check what 'professionals' are doing to their victims. Whether it's the Family Court that allows the Musas to be arrested and not to be given bail, or whether it's Maurice who is being prevented from cross examining witnesses: McKenzie Friends know better!

The CPS and Judges are misquoting law to stop cross examination by MJK. CPS and Judge say they decide to stop a defendant cross examining under sections eg 36

  • “where it would enhance the quality of the complainant’s evidence..”

But they leave out the full sentence of the law that actually states:-

  • “where it would enhance the quality of the complainant’s evidence and it will not be contrary to the interests of justice to make such an order.”

In the Musa case, the plan is clearly to get the children adopted, while the parents are in prison and to drop the case to deport the parents.

But, there is case law that states clearly that civil proceedings must stop while criminal ones are pending! Meanwhile, the criminal case is being prolonged as much as possible - without any contact with the children of course! Fairness and justice in the UK - especially towards black foreigners!...