First Time Visitors 2007 SP2 (Build: 20611.960)Dam it - We are Far Too Late for Brexit, 17 Aug 2016 20:28:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:4129Maurice Kirk0<p> Two world wars fighting for principles has almost bancrupted us and now a bunch of lies and we have 47% of our community distraught for the long term future</p><img src="" width="1" height="1">2011 Welcome to My Website, 02 Jan 2011 11:14:00 GMTc7306cf9-8c9b-4f2c-8f21-f8b2637dc339:1846Maurice Kirk14 <p><img src="" align="left" alt="" /></p> <p>I am currently in asylum in Brittany, France due to the proven South Wales Welsh Police <a href="">threat on my life</a>, leaked from a <a href="">MAPPA</a> (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement) meeting and a real risk of my being returned to a psychiatric prison, should I dare set foot back in Wales.</p> <p>I invite you, therefore, to 'surf and click', to find the underlying stories of a life ruined by people in positions of privilege, apparently answerable to no one.</p> <p>For a one page summary, please click <a href="">here</a> or a 10 min video <a href=""><i>here</i></a><i>. Machine Gun Newspaper report see </i><a href="">here</a> our online petition is <a href="">here;</a> but for something 'completely different', An Adventure of a Life Time, click <a href=""> here.</a></p> <p>Now you have been either suitably amused or annoyed enough, please put your mind to the 25th January <a href="">House of Commons meeting of like minds</a> and <a href="">Public Enquiry into White Collar Crime</a>, shortly to be launched but only with your help!</p> <p>The complexity of harassment of individual police officers, collusion between three Police forces and other agencies over some 30 years, has resulted in LOTS of legal actions that are currently being put together as Volume 2 of <a href="">The Forensics of Legal Fraud</a>. </p> <p>The epitome of South Wales Police stupidity is the <a href="">machine gun case</a>. Unfortunately, organisational paranoia resorted to finding help from a psychiatrist who nearly succeeded in locking me up for life. <a href="">My</a> version is <a href="">here</a> and <a href="">Sabine</a>'s analysis of reports is <a href="">here</a>.</p> <img src="" width="1" height="1">machine gunHM Abuse of ProcessSouth Wales Police